Charles F. Hatcher CollectionCharles F. Hatcher Collection

Charles F. Hatcher Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Charles F. Hatcher Collection
Creator: Hatcher, Charles F. (Charles Floyd), 1939-
Dates: 1981-1992
Extent: 173.0 boxes (84.25 linear feet and 1 audiovisual item)
Collection Number: RBRL/044/CFH
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The collection consists of congressional papers of Charles F. Hatcher from 1981-1992. Includes legislative files containing correspondence, clippings, reports, speeches, printed materials, newsletters, memoranda, voting records, and subject files relating to abortion, the Clarence Thomas nomination, national health care, the Persian Gulf War, wetlands, and the 1990 Farm Bill; press files containing clippings, press releases, speeches, and event files; constituent services containing correspondence documenting public interest on topics before Congress; and personal files containing correspondence, invitations, thank-yous, guest and appointment books.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Charles Floyd Hatcher was born in Doerun, Georgia on July 1, 1939. After serving in the United States Air Force from 1958-1962, he earned his B.S. at Georgia Southern College in 1965 and his J.D. at the University of Georgia in 1969. Afterwards, Hatcher began practicing law in Albany.

From 1973-1980, Hatcher served in the Georgia House of Representatives. In 1980, Hatcher was elected from the 2nd District to the U. S. House of Representatives as a Democrat.

While serving in Congress, he was a member of various committees and subcommittees, including agriculture and small business. He was chairman of the Peanut and Tobacco, Energy and Agriculture, and Domestic Marketing subcommittees.

Hatcher's highly publicized involvement in the House bank scandal, coupled with the fact that reapportionment changed his district may have lead to his defeat in the Democratic primary in 1992. In 1993, he was cleared by the Justice Department of any criminal wrongdoing in connection with the House bank scandal.

Scope and Content

The Charles F. Hatcher Collection consists of papers from Hatcher's career as United States Congressman. The years represented are 1981 to 1992 and activities documented are political (local, state and national). During his twelve years as U.S. Congressman, Hatcher was most proud of his work on the Farm Bill of 1990.

The types of materials in this collection include correspondence, clippings, press releases, speeches, printed materials and photographs. Original order of the collection was maintained. Newspaper clippings have been copied onto bond paper for protection of content. Photographs have been inventoried and placed in the photo file for preservation.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is organized into five series: Legislative, Press, Constituent Services, Personal, and Photographs.

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Finding aid prepared by Russell staff, 2000.

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Iraq-Kuwait Crisis, 1990-1991.
Medical care--Law and legislation.
Thomas, Clarence, 1948-
Wetlands--Law and legislation.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


I. Legislative, 1981-1992

Extent: 100.0 boxes (50 linear feet)
Scope and Content: The Legislative series includes materials that assisted Hatcher with monitoring legislative issues, researching and writing legislation, developing legislative initiatives and policy positions, as well as maintain voting reports.
This series is divided into five subseries: Legislative Assistant files, Subject files, Committee files, Voting Records, and Printed Materials. The overall arrangement of this series is chronological, followed by alphabetical arrangement.

A. Legislative Assistant files

Scope and Contents note: The Legislative Assistant files consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, and memorandums. These files document Hatcher's general legislative interests, impact and influence. Krysta Harden's legislative files are located in the Constituent Services Series under Administrative Assistant files.
1. Joel Bush
11Correspondence, 1988
12Correspondence, January 1989
13Correspondence, March 1989
14-5Correspondence, April 1989
16Correspondence, May 1989
17Correspondence, June 1989
18Correspondence, July 1989
19Correspondence, August 1989
110Correspondence, September 1989
111Correspondence, October 1989
21Correspondence, December 1989
22-3Correspondence, January 1990
24Correspondence, February 1990
25-7Correspondence, March 1990
28Correspondence, April 1990
31-2Correspondence, April 1990
33-5Correspondence, May 1990
36Correspondence, June 1-7, 1990
37Correspondence, June 12, 1990
38Correspondence, June 13, 1990
39Correspondence, June 18-19, 1990
310Correspondence, June 20-27, 1990
41Correspondence, June 28, 1990
42Correspondence, June 29, 1990
43Correspondence, July 3, 1990
44Correspondence, July 10, 1990
45Correspondence, July 11, 1990
46Correspondence, July 12-18, 1990
47Correspondence, July 19, 1990
48Correspondence, July 20, 1990
49Correspondence, July 21-31, 1990
410Correspondence, August 1990
411Capital Gains
412Estate Freeze
413Federal Spending Freeze, 1985
414Flag Desecration
415Gun Control - General
52Small Business Development Center Program
53Survivor Benefit Plan
54HR21901 Universal Voter Registration
55Welfare Reform
56HR830 Petroleum Marketing
57Anthony Commission/bonds
58Small Business/100th Congress, 1987-1988
59-10Legislation Co-sponsored 101st Congress 1st Session, 1989
61Air Force Speech
62Alpha Phi Alpha Speech
63American Legion Speech
64Georgia EMC Speech, December 12, 1988
65Health Issues Speeches
66Retired Enlisted Association Speech
67Tifton High School Graduation Speech
68Westwood Graduation Speech
69Budget letters
610-12Budget Summit, 1990
71Legislation Co-Sponsored 101st Congress 1st Session, 1989
72-3Letters signed 101st Congress 1st Session, 1989
74Small Business Co-Sponsored
75School Prayer/Mail
76Beer/excise tax
77Savings and loan legislation
81HR1278 Savings ampersand Loan Bailout
82Small Issue Industrial Development Revenue Bonds
84Reports, 1989
85SIDB Background clippings
86Industrial Revenue Bonds: Issues
87Small Issue Manufacturing bonds
88Rural Referral Centers
89Civil Service legislation
810Housing/Georgia Housing Authority
91Credit Unions/Savings ampersand Loan Plan
92Rural Development hearing
93Capital Gains and Timber
94Rural Rehabilitation/Kunian
2. Brenda O'Conner
101Master List - letters
102Water - correspondence 97th Congress, 1981-1982
103-4Handgun Registration - letters
105Banking deregulation - letters
106Banking moratorium
107Revenue sharing, 1983
108Trade bill - letters, 1988
109Petroleum overcharge restitution, 1984
111Taxation of Life Insurance Withdrawals - HR3441
112Civil Rights (S557) Pro letters from district
113Civil Rights (S557) General information
114Mortgage Revenue Bonds, 1984
115Natural Gas correspondence, 1983
116HR3565 Federal EMP Garnish
117Tobacco - dear colleague
118Teamsters - Rico letter
119Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area
1110Coal Slurry Pipeline letters, 1983
1111Coal Pipeline Act of 1983 (HR1010), 1983
1112EPA - lead in gasoline, 1981
121Energy and Water Development Appropriations FY1983, 1983
122INSLAW, Inc.
123Mortgage Revenue Bonds
124Antitrust subcommittee
125Activity Report Subcommittee
126Antitrust Newsclippings
127Antitrust Hearing - 97th Congress, 1981-1982
128National Retail Tobacco Dealers
129Small Business Act
1210HR2808 Rural Area Entrepreneurs
1211HR464 Small Business Judicial Access Act, 1985
1212FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act) Amendment
1213FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act)
3. Canter Brown, Jr.
131-2Correspondence, 1984
133Subchapter 5 Corporations
134Valdosta Annexation (Civil Rights Division)
135Moore, Mrs. Berite
136Lake Seminole Hydrilla Problem
137Industrial Development Bonds
138Mortgage Subsidy Bonds
139Letters - Misc. signed by CH, 1984
1310Letters - Misc. signed by CH, 1982
1311Letters - Misc. signed by CH, 1981
1312Sponsored and co-sponsored bills - 97th Congress, 1981-1982
1313-14Sponsored and co-sponsored bills - 98th Congress, 1st Session, 1983
1315Sponsored and co-sponsored bills - 98th Congress, 2nd Session, 1984

B. Subject files

Scope and Contents note: The Subject files contain correspondence, printed materials, news releases, newspaper clippings, newsletters, speeches and reports. These files pertain to legislation being considered by the 100th, 101st, and 102nd Congresses. Topics include abortion, Persian Gulf War, Clarence Thomas nomination, wetlands, and national health care. The majority of these files date from 1987 to 1992. Arrangement is chronological.
1. 100th Congress, 1987-1988
142-3Brady Amendment (gun contol)
144Business and Trade
145Child Care [Act for Better Child Care]
146Defense Spending
147Drug bill [Omnibus Anti-Drug Abuse Act]
148Federal Aviation Administration
149Federal Employees [benefits and taxes]
1410Federal Issues
1411Fire Safety [fire prevention and control]
151Foreign Relations
153International Business
154Internal Revenue Service
155Iran Airline Incident
157Minimum Wage
158Minimum Wage - Con
159Miscellaneous Tax Issues
1510Motor Fuel Tax
1511-12Omnibus Competitiveness Act
161-2Pay Raise
163Pentagon Issues
166Savings and Loan
167Social Security
168Tax Exempt Bonds
169Taxpayers Bill of Rights
1610User Fees
2. 101st Congress, 1989-1990
174Albany Economic Issues
175Animal Welfare Act
176American Disabilities Act - Pro
177American Disabilities Act - Small Business - Con
178Atlanta Airport
179Auto Safety
1710Balanced Budget Amendment
1711Bank Deregulation - House bill
1712Bicentennial/ U. S. House of Representatives
1713Bilingual education
1715Budget/Bush Proposal
1716Budget/Democratic Meetings
1717Brady Amendment - Pro
1718Brady Amendment
1719Budget Summit Agreement
181Campaign Finance Reform
182Car - Tariffs
183CDBG/Target Job Tax
184Census/Georgia, 1990
185Child Care
186Citizen Corps bill
187Civil Rights Act, 1990
188Close-Up Program
189COLA/Military Retirees
1810Competitiveness Issues
1811Corps - Clay County Water Resources Development
1813Congressional Research Service Seminars
1814Defense Issues
1815Democratic Platform
1816Economic Development/Rural
1817Economic Issues/general
1819Equal Rights Amendment
1820Essential Air Service
191Export Task Force
192Federal Aviation Administration
193FCC - "RM 2493"
194Farmers Home Administration
195Foreign Affairs Committee
196Formaldehyde Regulations
197Forestry 2000 Task Force
198FSLIC Crisis
1910HR709 Gay Rights
1911Gun Control
1912Harris 3M issue
1913House Legislative Assistants Association
1914Homosexual Rights
1915Housing Issues
1916Howden-Colony Corporation
1917Illegal Aliens
202Internal Revenue Service/Employee Benefits
203Job Training Partnership Act
204Korean Airline Flight 007
205Government Pension Offset
206Labor Issues
207Georgia Department of Labor, 1990
208Legislative Memos to CH, (1987-1990)
209-10Letters signed - 101st Congress 2nd Session, 1990
2011Leveraged buyouts
2012Life Insurance
2013Lumber Tax - Ways ampersand Means
211Major legislation of 100th, 1987-1988
212Major legislation of 101st, 1989-1990
213Martin Luther King Memorial
214Math Science Engineering Act/Scholarship
215Medical Leave
216-7Military Base closing
218Military base closing/Georgia
2110Military retirees/user fees
2111Minimum Wage - recent information
2112Minimum Wage - vote
2113Mode C Transponders
2114Monroney Amendment (HR4145)
2115Mortgage Interest Deduction
2116Motor Fuel Tax
222National Rifle Association
224Notch Information for letters
225Social Security Notch
226Nuclear Safety
227Oil-Dri (Malaysia)
228H. Con Res. 47 Panama Treaty Repeal
229Parental Leave
2210-12Pay Raise
2213Pertains Vocational Education Act
2214Pharmacy Issues, 1991-1992
2215Pledge of Alliance
2217Price Fixing Act
2218Public Works/Transportation
2219Reallocation, 1989-1990
231Reallocation, 1989-1990
232Reservoir Management/Georgia
233Revenue Proposal
234Rural Health Issues
235SDB Program for DOD Contracts
236Section 89 - Employee Health Benefits
237Securities/Glass - Steagall
238Small Business Issues
239Social Security Issues
2310Social Security Notch
2311Sample Speeches
2312State Government Affairs
241Stock Market Reform
242Subcommittee Information
243Sunbelt Caucus
244Tax Reform Issues
245Taxpayer Bill of Rights
246Technical Corrections - HR4333
247Textile Issues
248Textile Trade Act
249Torrington (Ball Bearings)
2410Trade Deficit
2411Transportation, Department of A/D fee
2412Transportation of Trident II fuel
2413Voting Record
2414Ways and Means
2415Youth Issues
2416501 (c) (3) organizations
3. 102nd Congress, 1991-1992
252Accomplishments - 102nd Congress
254Agenda, 1992
255Albany Marine Base Inquiry
256Albany MCLB Realignment
257Americus Sumter County Chamber of Commerce
258AMTRAK - Floridian
259American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand
2510American Federation of Government Employees
2511Ancient Forests
2512Animal Welfare
2513Ayres Corp. Iranian Airlines
2514Acquisitions and Life Cycle Support
2515Appropriations Project
2516Aviation Reauthorization
261-3Balanced Budget Amendment
264Ball Bearing/Torrington
266-8Banking Reform
271Banking Bill Floor Consideration
272Banking Bill - take two
273Banking Bill - take three
274Bankruptcy Judgeship
275Barnard Securities Bill
276Base closure
277Blind Rehabilitation
278Bluefin Tuna
279Georgia Beer Wholesale
2710Beer Drinkers of America Membership list
2711Bennett St. John's Estuary bill
2713Blind, National Federation of the
2714Block Grant - Bush proposal
281Bottle bill
282Boxer "Early Out" bill
283Budget FY92, 1992
284Budget FY93, 1993
285Budget, FY93 - Firewalls
286Budget, 1993-1997
287Budget Process, 1991
288Budget Resolution, FY92
2810Cagle chicken - growing project
2811Campaign Finance Reform
291Campaign Act - HR3750
292Canadian Insurance
293Canadian Lumber
294Capital gains
295Conservative Democratic Forum
296Census 1992
297Check Kiting
298China Most Favored Nation
299Central Intelligence Agency
2910Civil Justice Reform
2911Civil Rights Act of 1991
2912Coin Redesign/Commemorative Coin
2914Competitiveness Council
2915Congress/Congressional Reform
2916Congressional Exemption
2917Cosponsored bills - 102nd Congress, 2nd Session
2918Cosponsored bills - 102nd Congress
301-2Cosponsored bills, 102nd Congress
303-4Cosponsored bills, statutory language
305Cosponsored bills 97th-99th Congress, CH Floor Statements
306Credit Bureaus - Glenn Bailey
307Credit Crunch - Small Business Hearing
308Credit Crunch Relief Act
309Crime bill
311Crime bill
312Crime bill 2
313Davis-Bacon Reform
314Dear Colleagues, Rejected by CH
315D. C. Statehood
316Department of Defense Appropriations Military Construction, 1991
317Defense Authorization bill, 1991
318Defense bill
321Defense budget
322-3Defense budget publications
324Delayl Tallon Tax bill - HR960
325Delegation letters signed
326Delta/Hartfield transfer - John Elliot
327Desert Shield Clips
328Dingell-Gonzalez Compromise on Bank Powers
329Department of Defense Pay Centers
3210DSG Daily Report, 1991
3211Earnings Limit, Social Security
333Economy 2
335El Salvador
336Election Workers - Social Security Taxes (HR1771)
337Emory University
338Employee Educational Assistance - Section 127
339Endangered Species Act
3310-11Energy bill
3312Energy Policy
341English as U. S. Official language
342Enterprise Zones
344ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)
345Estate and gift taxes
346Export Administration Reauthorization
347Export Finance
348Exports hearing in Albany
349-10Export - International
351Flipper, Henry O.
352Exports Oversight Hearing - OIT Office
353Floor Statement, Persian Gulf, January 11, 1991
354Foreign Affairs
355-6Foreign Aid Authorization Amendments
357Foundry Industry
359GATT - Negotiations
3510GBC Pre-legislative forum
361Georgia Residential Finance Authority
362GMA Meeting: Toxicity Standards/Wetlands, January 9, 1991
363Gephardt Competitiveness Bill (HR1790)
364Global Warming
365Glynn County Foundation, Inc.
366Government Operations
367Grand Canyon
368-9Griffin Corp./ Duty Suspended
3610GSE (Government Sponsored Enterprises) Amendments
3611Gun Control bill
3612HR3035 - Internal Revenue Service/UFCW
3614Ham Radio Bill
371Hibbs, George
372Information Service
373Indian legislation
375Intangible Assets
376Interior Committee
378Israel Votes
379Interaty Rail - HR4414
3710Intelligence Committee
3712Jobs/Exports Act
3713Judge project
3714Juvenile Justice and Prevention Act
3715Kuwait Reconstruction - Exports Subcommittee hearing
3716Legal Services
381Legal Services Reauthorization
383Legislative Forum - Georgia Business Council
384Legislative Profile 102nd Congress
385Legislator's Per Diem Expenses
386Lender Liability
388Lower Muscogee Creek recognition
389Luxury tax
3810Madison, Florida Connector
3811Management Reform
393Memos for CH
394Merck duty suspensions
395Mexico Federal Trade Administration
396Milcon Projects - FY93
397Military Construction
398Minimum Wage
399Miscellaneous Tariff Act of 1992
3910Miscellaneous Tariff Act
11Motor Voter
3912Minimum Wage Small Business Exemption
3913Martin Luther King Commission Reauthorization
3914Moody Air Force Base
401Base Closure Update
402-6Moody Air Force Base
411Moody Update
412Mortgage Reform
413Motor Voter Bill
414-5NASA Space Station
416National Federation of Independent Business
417-9National Rifle Association
421Notch Bill
422-7No Response Needed [NRN]
431-2No Response Needed
433Nuclear Power
434Nuclear Test Ban
435Old language
437Pay Raise
438Pay Raise Repeal
439Public Grounds
4310Pension Simplification
4311Persian Gulf legislation
4312Perks bill
4313Peterson Water Quality bill
4316Port Authority - 1992 legislation
4317Postal issues
441Price Fixing Prevention Act
445River Basins
446Recession legislation
447Recession legislation 2
448Recession studies
451Religious Freedom
453Rescission bill (Fawell)
454-5Reviewed by CH
456RICO Amendment
457Royalty Music
458Resolution Trust Corporation Fund
459RTC Funding -, 1993
4510Rural Caucus
4511Rural Development Investment Zone Act
4512Savings and Loan
461Saudi F-15's/Israel
462Small Business Innovation Research Program
463Scorekeeping - CBO vs. OMB
464SDI Patriots - GPALS [Global Protection Against Limited Strikes]
465Section 1207 - Minority Set asides
466Shipbuilding Trade Reform - Boat user fees
467Small Business Administration
468SBA - General
469SBA - Minority Business Development Program
4610-11Small Business
471-3Small Business Committee
474South Africa
475Soviet Aid
476South Georgia Regional Development
477Sports Lottery bill (HR74)
478Sportsmen's Caucus
479Superconducting Super Collider (SSC)
4710State Department
4711Strike Replacement Workers (HR5)
4712Swift Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
4713Subcommittee on Exports
4714Supplemental Appropriations -, March 1990
4715"Takings" bill
4716Tax - general
4717Tax Fairness
481Tax Treatment of Bowl Games
482Telephone Privacy
483Term limitations
485Thomas Nomination
489Unemployment Compensation
4810Unemployment Extension
4811Unemployment - Downey '92 bill
4812VA medication
4814Value Added Tax
4815Volunteer Protection Act
4816-17Vote Summaries
491Voting Rights Act
492Water Management Georgia, Florida, Alabama
493Wetlands - Walter Stephens
497Wetlands 2
501Wetlands 2
502Wetlands - Small Business hearing
503Woodpreserving Regulation, (December 6, 1990)
504World Hunger
505Zone Whip
4. Resource Papers
511-2Abortion, January 22, 1991
514Americans with Disabilities Act PL-101-336
515Information on AIDS
517American Cancer Society
518American School Food Service Association
519Arctic Islands Issue (Maritime Boundary Agreement)
5110Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, January 1991
5111Amtrak/Conrail Strike
5112America 2000
5113Breast Cancer
5114Breast Implants
5115Budget FY1992
521Baby Bells - HR1527
522AT& T - Information Services/Manufacturing, March 4, 1992
523Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE), May 6, 1991
524Cancer Information Service
525Civil Rights, 1991
526Civil Rights/correspondence
527Child Care, November 19, 1990
528Child Support
529Civil Rights, 1991
5210Clean Air
5211Clear Air/HR3030
5212Clean Water Act
531Coca Cola
532Congressional Arts Caucus
533Corps of Engineer - Reservoir Project Operations
534Credit Union
535Cytology Testing
536D. C. Statehood
537Dear Colleagues
538Delegation letters
5310Displaced homemakers
5313Education HR996/7PL101-589
5314Egypt Debt Forgiveness - Foreign Affair
5315Emory University/Dr. Silberman
5316National Energy Strategy
5317Energy legislation, 1991
5318Endangered Species Act
5320Environment and Energy Study Conference
5321Excise tax
5322Exxon Valdez
541Food and Drug Administration
542Family and Medical Leave
543FDA - Conjugated Estrogens
545HR14 - Flight Attendants
546Forest Protection
547Forests and Family Protection Act, 1991
548Free Trade Agreement of Mexico
549Georgia Association from Primary Health Care
5410Georgia Health Care Association
5411Georgia Hospital Association
5412Gag Rule
5413Georgia Industry for the Blind
5414Georgia Pharmaceutical Association
5415Global Climate Protection
5416Green Thumb
5417GTE - HR2546
551Hatch Act
552-3National Health Insurance
554Primary Health Care
555Rural Health Care Coalition
556HCTA Hospital Regulations
557Letters from Doctors re:HCTA (Cytology)
558Health Talking Points
559CH - Talking Points
5510Holified Facility (Tennessee)
5513Junior League
5515Labor-Senior Citizens
5516HR3129 - Labor (State and Federal Employees Exempted from furlough)
561Legislation - letters
562Federal Assistance to Libraries
563Maria's letters
565Medical Association of Georgia
566Medicare, 1991
567Medicaid Provider Donation Program
569Medigap - OBMA '90
5610HR4840 Medicare
5611Budget for FY92 Medicare
5613Military Child Care
5614Minimum Wage
5615NEW - Information
5616NCR - ATampersandT
5617National Recreation and Park Association - American Heritage Trust
5618National School Board Association
5619National Institute of Health Reauthorization
5620Out-of-District/No Response
571National Youth Sports Program
573Nurse Anesthetists
574OBRA (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), 1990
578Parental Leave
579Pepper Commission
5710Proctor and Gamble
5711Short Railroad lines
5712Railroad/Presidential Emergency Board
5713Recycling Initiative and Incentive Act
5714Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
5715Right to Strike HR 3936
5716Rural-Urban Differential
5717Safety belts
5718Sex education
5719Singletary, George
5720Lawrence Welk Museum
5721Social Security
5722Social Security HR 201
5723Social Security HR 2460 (end discrimination against senior citizens)
5724Social Security HR 4797
581Strikes HR 5
582Strike Replacement
583Turtle Excluder Devises
584Textiles, Apparel and Footwear HR4496
585TRIO (Students from Disadvantaged backgrounds)
586Lewis Highway Beautification bill
587102nd Tax Proposals
589-10Reauthorization of Transportation

C. Committee files

Scope and Contents note: The Committee files for the 97th, 100th, 101st, and 102nd Congresses include correspondence, printed materials, reports, newspaper clippings, and news releases related to various committees or subcommittees. Arrangement is alphabetical.
1. Subject
591[Agriculture]- Miscellaneous
592[Appropriations] Rescission Bill, FY91 (HR2643)
593-4Gag Rule (Abortion)
595Appropriations - Miscellaneous
596[Armed Services] Guard
598-9Moody Closure Recommendation
5910Save Moody
601-2Northrop F-15
603Armed Services - miscellaneous
604[Banking] Banking bill - floor consideration
605Banking reform
606Credit Unions
607Interstate Banking
611Interstate Banking
612Savings and Loan
613Banking - Miscellaneous
614[Budget] Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) 90 - medigap
615OBRA - Home Health
616OBRA, 1990
617Postal Budget issues FY94
618-9Budget - Miscellaneous
621[Budget] Budget - Miscellaneous
622[Education] National Endowment for the Arts - 102nd Congress
623Minorities Scholarships (Education)
624Reauthorization of Higher Education Act
625-6Education - Miscellaneous
627[Energy and Commerce] Bells/Information Service
628Lender Liability
629Health, 1992
633Cable Regulation
634Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
635National Emergency Strategy
637Energy and Commerce - Miscellaneous
641Energy and Commerce - Miscellaneous
642Ethics Reform Act, 1989
643Ethics - Miscellaneous
644[Foreign Affairs] Ayres
645Foreign Aid
646F-15 Sale to Saudi Arabia
648October Surprise
649Persian Gulf Aftermath
6410-12Persian Gulf
6413Soviet Union
6414Foreign Affairs - Miscellaneous
6415[Government Operations] Firewalls
6416Government Operations - Miscellaneous
651[House Administration]Campaign Finance Reform
652House Administration - Miscellaneous
653[Interior] Interior - Miscellaneous
654[Judiciary]Antitrust bill
655Antitrust Reform Act
656Balanced Budget Amendment
661Brady Bill
662Gun Control - Crime bill
663Brady Bill - Handgun Waiting Period
664-5Brady Bill
666Civil Rights
671Civil Rights and Women Equity, 1991
672Crime Bill [Omnibus Crime bill and Police Officers' Bill of Rights]
673Balanced Budget Constitution Amendment
674Design Protection bill (Gephardt) [Design Innovation and Technology Act]
675English as Official Language
677Line Item Veto
678Prayer in Schools
679-10Judiciary - Miscellaneous
6711[Labor] Labor Strike [striker replacement bill]
681-2Labor Strike
683Family and Medical Leave Act
684Term Limitations
685S767 Senator Kennedy
686Federal Employees Liability Act
687Labor - Miscellaneous
688[Medicare] Medicare - Miscellaneous
689-10[Merchant Marine] Boat Tax
691Boat Tax
692Boat Use Fee (bill cosponsored)
693Merchant Marine - Miscellaneous
694[Post Office and Civil Service] Boxer "Early Out" bill
695Post Office and Civil Service - Miscellaneous
696[Public Works] United parcel Service
697Trucking Regulations
698Railroad Strike
6910-11Wetlands - Englehard Corporation
701-2Wetlands - Englehard Corporation
703Reauthorization of Transportation
704Georgia Highway Trust Fund
705-6Public Works - Miscellaneous
711-2[Miscellaneous] Miscellaneous
713Family Issues
715[Rules] Rules - Miscellaneous
716[Small Business] Small Business - Miscellaneous
717-9[Social Security] Notch
723HR967 Social Security
724Offset (HR53)
725Social Security - Miscellaneous
726[Trade] Free Trade Agreement
727[Veterans Affairs] Veterans Affairs - Miscellaneous
728-10[Ways and Means].Annuity Tax
7211China Most Favored Nation
7212Economy (capital gains, tax cut)
731Extenders Targeted Jobs Tax Credit
732Industrial Development Bonds
733Intangible Assets (HR1456)
734IRA's (Pickle's Super IRA bill)
735Low Income Housing Credit
736Luxury Tax
737Rusty Pension Access bill (HR2730)
738Source tax
739Tax Charity (3% Floor)
7310Tax Family (Frank Wolf's bill)
7312Unemployment Extension
7313-14Ways and Means - Miscellaneous
2. 97th Congress, 1981-1982
741Agriculture Exposition
742Agriculture - General
743Agriculture - Farm bill
744Agriculture - Milk
745-6Agriculture - Peanuts
747Agriculture - Peanuts #2
748FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
749Contracts for Haul
7410Debt Limit
7411Edwards, Major Ralph (HR2625)
7412Elberta Crossing (Bainbridge) DOT
7413Ethics - Congressional
7414Bob's Candies
7415Agriculture Committee - Tobacco and Peanuts Subcommittee
7416Agriculture Department
7417Appropriations Committees Assignment 99th
7418Appropriations Committee Assignment 98th
751-2Banks Lake - Grand Bay
753Agriculture Committee - Tobacco bill
754Agriculture Committee - General
755Agriculture Committee - Cotton, Rice and Sugar
756Agriculture Committee - Livestock, Dairy and Poultry
761Wood Preserving Industry, 1987
762Liability Insurance on Petro Tanks, 1987
763Small Business Development Center, 1987
764Pesticide Registration Fees, November 3, 5 1987
765Diesel Fuel tax
766HR4275 Fuel tax
767Set Aside Program - Small Business Timber
768Rural Development legislation
769S1993 Minority Business Development Program Reform Act
7610HR4090 Solid Waste Disposal
7611Underground Storage Tanks Hearings, 1987
7612HR3865 Diesel Fuel Excise Tax Collection Process
3. 100th Congress, 1987-1988
771HR1807 Reply
772Small Business Export Innovation Act
773National Federation of Independent Business
774Information on Subcommittee assignments
775HR2569 Colleague
776Georgia Delegation, Small Business Committee
777Field Hearing
778Organizational Meeting - Energy and Agriculture Committee, April 22, 1987
779Trade Bill HR1928
7710HR1807 Reforms Capital Ownership Development Program
7711Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
77128(a) Firms in Georgia
7713HR2569 Pesticide Price Competition Act of, 1987
7714Federal Procurement Conference
7715Small Business Prompt Payment Act Amendments of, 1987
7716Debt Crisis - Latin American
7717Procurement Conference Follow-up
7718Energy and Agriculture Subcommittee
7719Georgia Peanut Producers Association
7720Peanut Commission
7721John Pinson
7722International Trade and Trade Barriers
7723Preproductive Expense rule
7724Georgia Pork Producers
7725Georgia Poultry Federation
7726Poultry Producers
7727General letter on Pesticides
7728Pippin Pecans
7729Carlton Powell
7730Thomas Sapp
7731Seaboard Farms
7732Andrea Sheffield
7733Ronny R. Shingler
7734George Shiver
7735N. C. Single
781-2Constituent Concerns
783U. S. - Canada Trade
784Soybean Letter to European Community Ambassadors
4. 101st Congress, 1989-1990
791-2Farm bill, 1990
793Title VII - Peanuts
794Peanut Program
795Senate Agriculture Committee
796Peanut Calls
797Farm bill
801Farm bill
802Farm bill
803Peanut legislation
804-5Farm bill
806Title VII - Peanuts
807Peanuts APPMI Issue Paper
811Peanut Title of the Farm bill, 1990
812Federal Peanut Program
813-4Farm bill Agreement
815Food and Agricultural Resources Act, 1990
816Comparison of Senate and House Trade Provisions
817Peanut Thank Yous
818Peanut letters from District
5. 102nd Congress, 1991-1992
821Veterans Dignity Health Cart Act HR3198
822Methyl Bromide
823Market Promotion Program - Tobacco
824Tobacco - Miscellaneous
825Tobacco Quota - Assessments
826Sale of quota across counties - Georgia
827Cost of Tobacco
828Smoking letters
829North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFRA)- Tobacco
8210Pending legislation on Tobacco/Smoking
8211Tobacco Deed and Plant Exploration Act
8213PL76-543 [Repeal of the Tobacco Seed and Plant Exploration Act]
8214Subcommittee on Peanuts and Tobacco
8215Peanuts and Tobacco -July 25 Tobacco Seed and Plant Export
832Burley Amendment - Virginia
833Burley and Dark Leak Association
834Cigar and Pipe Tobacco - Tobacco Exporting Requirements
835Egypt - GSM Tobacco
836Flue - Cured Tobacco Board
837Leaf Exporters
838NC Farm Bureau Asheville Meeting, December 1991
839NC Tobacco Growers
8310Philip Morris/Burley Meeting Nashville, TN
8311Seed Repeal
8312Questions for Witnesses - Seeds
8313Smokeless Tobacco (General)
8314Standard Commercial Tobacco
8315Tobacco Associates
8316Tobacco Legislation
8317Tobacco letters
8318Trip to Raleigh, March 25, 1991
8319Transfer - Dark Air Cured
8321Veterans Tobacco legislation
8322Tobacco 101st Congress
8323Tobacco Members
8324Articles on Tobacco
841Tobacco and the 102nd Congress
842 Congressional Record Tobacco, June 30, 199[?]
843GAO - Tobacco Exports
844Tobacco Issue letters
845Delegation - ASCS on disaster and peanuts
846Disaster Assistance Program - Full Committee Hearing, March 3
847Canada - Mexico Regulations
848Chemical Testing/Peanuts
849APPMI - General
8410Peanuts Program - Miscellaneous
8411Poundage Quota, 1992
8412Peanut Coop insurance
8413Crop insurance
8414Peanut Nutrition
8415EPA Pursuit
8416Chlorothalonil - Bravo on peanuts
852Malathion Reregistration for Peanuts
853Peanuts - Zorial Registration (Nonflurozan)
854FDA Seizure of Imported Peanuts, October 1991
855TEFAP Peanut letter soup kitchen purchases
856Peanut Importation
857Peanut and Tobacco Hearing on Peanut Regulations for 1992
858Regulations for Peanuts
859Peanuts - Marketing of undermarketing
8510September 23 Hearing on North American Free Trade Agreement
8511NAFTA - Section 22
861Section 22 - Mexico - NAFTA
862All GATT (Generalized Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)
863Section 22
864Section 22 - GATT/Peanuts
872Philip Morris Tobacco Dinner in Moultrie 1989
873Miller Reception
874President Bush Peanuts
875-6International Trade Commission
881International Trade Commission
882International Trade Commission hearing
883Section 22
884Peanut letter
885Georgia Farmers Association
887Peanut letters
888National Peanut Growers Group
889New Mexico Bill Richardson Peanut SCS
8810PL480 Peanuts
8811Peanut Purchase by Government
8812Peanut Butter prices
8813Peanut Quota, 1992
8814Peanut Regulations, 1992
8815-16Peanut Regulations
891Texas Regulation, 1992
892Southwest Shellers
893Southwestern Peanut Growers
894Farm bill - Tech Amendments Peanuts
895Peanut Thank You Letters
896Southeastern Peanut
899Agriculture Research Service
8910CH Comments in Committee
8911CH In the Press
8912CH Press Releases
8913Cosigned letters and cosponsored bills
8915General correspondence
8916Department Operations, Research and Foreign Agriculture hearing/Iraq, March 14, 1991
8917Kiwi fruit 8(e) regulation
8918Letters/memos from Chairman De La Garza
8919Letters to Chairman De La Garza
901Market Promotion Program
902Memos to subcommittee
903Memos to CH from Rob Wight
904Miscellaneous letters
906Thank You/sent
907Agriculture Updates - CH
908FmHA Emergency loans
9010Peanut letters
9011102nd Agriculture Committee
9012Georgia Peanut Producers Association
9014Fall Leasing - Peanut regulations
9015Export Deadline - Shellers
9016Aid to CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Peanuts
911Department Operations, Research and Foreign Agriculture (DORFA)
912DORFA HR3742, March 19, 1992
913HR3850 Correspondence
914HR3850 Background information
915Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
916Local Preemption of Pesticide
921Local preemption of pesticides
923Copper sulfate
924Propazile- grain sorghum
925Minor Use
926Pesticide record keeping
927MFX-MS-9558 Buffalo Gourd root
929Ethylene Bisdithiocarboamate fungicides
9210American Food Security Coalition
9211Pesticides Containers
9212Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
9213Ethyl Parathion
9214Danitol on cotton
9215New disaster money, September 1992
9216Disaster payments for Hay (ASCS), 1988
9217Disaster correspondence
9218Approval of HJRes 157 request to expedite funds for phase II, 1990-1992
9219Phase I - Disaster payments program implementation
9220Disaster assistance information
931HR3543 Dire emergency supplement appropriations (agriculture disaster)
932Efforts for disaster compensation, 1991
933April hail storm, 1991
934Disaster FmHA Emergency loans, 1990-1991
935Disaster, 1990
936Hatcher and Georgia delegation
937Legislation - Miscellaneous
938Center for International Agriculture Marketing - UGA
939Atlanta State Farmers Market Renovation
9310FDA labeling - small business
9311Private property rights
9312USDA moratorium on regulations
9313USDA restructuring
9314HR1516 commercial drivers license waiver for custom harvesting
9315Poultry facilities and egg (federal safety inspecting service)
941Poultry facilities and egg
942crop insurance (general)
943Valdosta FCIC-R50, May 1992
944FCIC Restructuring - Valdosta office
945Commodity Credit Corporation Rule on malt barley exemption
946Farm Credit Administration
947Nutrition Labeling of Meat and Poultry - FSIS
948pork issues, 1991
949Pork Importations from Canada
9410Rural Electrification Administration regulations
9411HR5237-REA Georgia Electric Membership on prepayment
9412Animal medical drug use - Stenholm
9413UGA Study - Southern Black belt
9414HR4452 First time Farmer tax credit
9415Grazing fees - beef industry
9416HR5198 Minority Farmers Rights Act, 1990
9417HR3270 Farm Animals and Research; HR2407 Facility Protection Act
9418Compensation exclusions for migrant workers
9419Farmer Mac
9420Dairy Issue
951-2Dairy Issues
953Forestry Provisions
954Section 2501 - Socially disadvantaged Farmers
955Joe Marshall Emerging new democracies
956Section 1816-FmHA debt restructuring and loan serving
957Farm bill - miscellaneous
958Technical corrections
959Pecan Marketing orders - crop insurance
9510Funding for Pecan research
9511Pecan imports
9512Tolerance levels ASCS
9513ASCS Recoupment of LDP - cotton payments
9514Timber and Wood Products trade
9515Forestry bills
961Forestry bills
962Timber and environment (RCW)
963U. S. Forest Service - Appeals process
964FmHA loan Programs
965Olympics - equestrian study
966FY92 Agriculture Appropriations
967FY93 Budget - USDA
9612GATT Hearing
9613US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement
971North American Free Trade Agreement
972Fast Track- negotiating authority
973Export Promotion programs
974Children's Initiative HR5600 CH cosponsor
975HR5439 Food Stamp Quality Control Reform
976Welfare simplification
977Welfare - Food stamp letters
978HR1202 Mickey Leland Childhood Hunger Relief Act
979Food and Nutrition Service - School Lunch Regulations
9710"Unified Review Effort" of School Lunch Programs

D. Voting Records, 1989-1991

Scope and Contents note: The Voting Records contain the individual voting records of Congressman Hatcher from 1989 to 1991. Arrangement is chronological.
981-2Legislative Activity Guide, 1989
983-5Legislative Activity Guide, 1990
986Legislative Activity Guide, 1991
991Legislative Activity Guide, 1991

E. Printed Materials

Scope and Contents note: This subseries contains information on various bills of concern to Congressman Hatcher. There is a compilation of legislative speeches on the Farm Bill of 1990, which was of particular interest to him.
99A1Proposed Jimmy Carter National Historical Site Hearings
99A2Review of the Use of Food Stamps in Farmer's Markets, September 18, 1990
99A3Minnesota Investment Plan, July 11, 1989
99A4Review of the Marketing Mechanisms of the Fruit and Vegetable Industries, May 2, 1990
99A5Produce Safety and Nutrition, June 21, 1989
99A6Hunger in Rural America, May 17, 1989
99A7Nutrition Monitoring, September 21, 1989
99A8Miscellaneous (Research, Promotion and Consumer Information Programs), 1989
99A9Formulation of the 1990 Farm Bill

II. Press, 1981-1992

Extent: 14.0 boxes (6.75 linear feet)
Scope and Content: The Press series include the files of activities of communicating information about Hatcher's view on various issues and positions through newsletters, press releases, and speeches.
This series is divided into four subseries: newspaper clippings, press releases, speeches and background information. The overall arrangement of Press series is chronological.

A. Newspaper clippings

Scope and Contents note: The clippings are about Congressman Hatcher, including events in which he participated, campaigns and political opponents. Arrangement is chronological.
1001Pending News Releases
1002Hatcher Clippings
1003-5District News, 1981
1006-7Hatcher Clippings, February 1981
1008-10Clippings, 1981
1011-3Clippings, 1981-1982
1014-5Clippings, 1982
1016Speeches - Others, 1981-1982
1021Speeches Others, 1981-1982
1022Speeches REA, October 15, 1982
1023Speechwriting and Delivery
1024Clippings, 1982
1025Small Business Administration
1026Appellate Process
1027Crime bills
1028 The Camilla Enterprise
1029 Miller County Liberal (Colquitt)
10210 The Cordele Dispatch
10211 Cuthbert Times/News Record
10212 The Southern Tribune (Cuthbert)
10213 The Dawson News
10214 Donalsonville News
10215 The Fitzgerald Herald and Leader
10216 Lanier County News (Lakeland)
10217 Lee County Ledger (Leesburg)
10218 The Moultrie Observer
10219 The Berrien Press (Nashville)
10220 The Ocilla Star
1031 The Omega News Leader
1032 The Pelham Journal
1033 The Quitman Free Press
1034 The Steward-Webster Journal (Richland)
1035 Sylvester Local
1036 The Courier (Thomasville)
1037 Thomasville Times-Enterprise
1038 The Tifton Gazette
1039 The Adel News - Tribune
10310 The Albany Herald
10311 The Albany Journal
10312 The Albany Times
10313 The Wiregrass Farmer (Ashburn)
10314 Atlanta Journal Constitution
10315 The Post Searchlight (Bainbridge)
10316 Early County News (Blakely)
10317 The Cairo Messenger
10318 The Valdosta Daily Times
10319Miscellaneous and Sundry News Articles, 1983-1985
1041Print Media Log Legislative Issues, January-June 1984
1042Print Media Log District Work, January-June 1984
1043Print Media Log Legislative Issues, July-December 1984
1044Print Media Log District Work, July-December 1984
1045Print Media Log District Work, January-June 1985
1046Print Media Log Legislative Issues, January-June 1985
1047Print Media Log District Work, July-December 1985
1048Print Media Log Legislative Issues, July-December 1985
1049Print Media Log District Work, January-June 1986
10410Print Media Log Legislative Issues, January-June 1986
1051Print Media Log District Work, July-December 1986
1052Print Media Log Legislative Issues, July-December 1986
1053-5Print Media Log, 1987
1056-9Print Media Log, 1988
1061-2Print Media Log, 1989
1063-7Print Media Log, 1990
1068Print Media Log, 1991
1071-2Print Media Log, 1991
1073-7Print Media Log, 1992
1078Magazine Articles, 1982-1983

B. Press Releases

Scope and Contents note: The releases were sent to local newspapers in Hatcher's home district, as well as Atlanta. These are very similar to the newspaper clippings subseries. Arrangement is chronological.
1081Press Releases, 1981
1082Press Releases, 1982
1083-4Press Releases, 1984
1085Press Releases, 1985
1086Press Releases, 1986
1087Press Releases, 1987
1088Press Releases, 1988
1089Press Releases, 1989
10810Press Releases, 1990
10811Press Releases, 1991
10812Press Releases, 1992
10813Special Reports, 1982-1983

C. Speeches

Scope and Contents note: These are the final version of speeches that Hatcher delivered to various civic organizations, local governments, farm and church groups and school organizations in Georgia and elsewhere. Arrangement is chronological.
1091Speeches, 1981
1092-3Speeches, 1982
1094Speeches, 1982-1983
1095Speeches, 1984
1096-7Speeches, 1985
1098-9Speeches, 1986
1101-2Speeches, 1987
1103-4Speeches, 1988
1105Speeches, 1989
1106Speeches, 1990
1107Speeches, 1991
1111Speeches, 1992

D. Event files

Scope and Contents note: The Background information subseries was essentially the working files of Hatcher's speaking engagements, containing copies of correspondence with the groups he addressed. This also includes drafts of newsletters, public service announcements and Hatcher's Persian Gulf War Floor Statement.
1121Counties - Constituents
1123Newsletters, 1983-88
1124Rough Draft Newsletters
1125Newsletters - others
1126Newsletters, 1987-89
1127Newsletters Information, November 1991
1128Moody AFB Newsletter, Summer 1991
1129Bills - legislative
11210-11Corridor Z
11212GAE PSA's (Georgia Association of Educators)
11213Radio Spots Constitution/Congress, July 1987
11214National Dairy Board PSA
11215Albany Office
11216Valdosta Office
1131Black History Month/Minority Lists
1132Extensions of Remarks
1133Cordele Airport
1134Federal Crop Insurance Meeting Pecans
1135Fly Around, July 12, 1991
1136History of Judgeships - Federal Georgia
1137Irvin Woods / Maule Air
1138Miller Brewing Company/Albany
1139Small Business Caucus/101st Congress
11310Moody AFB Closing
11311Peanut Imports
11312Highway 19 Task Force, 1989
11313Volunteer Fire Department
11314Administration Miscellaneous
11315CH War Statement Floor, January 11, 1991

III. Constituent Services, 1981-1991

Extent: 23.0 boxes (11.5 linear feet)
Scope and Content: The Constituent Services series includes a high volume of single issue mail, which documents the concerns of the public on various events and issues. This series also contains the files of Administrative Assistant Krysta Harden. Arrangement is chronological.

A. Administrative Assistant files

Scope and Contents note: The Administrative Assistant files consist of correspondence, clippings, reports, schedules and printed materials. There are a number of records pertaining to International Trade. It should be noted that Ms. Harden's files include her service as legislative assistant/director from 1984 to 1987.
1141Correspondence, December 1984
1142Correspondence, February 1985
1143Correspondence, March 28, 1985
1144Correspondence, May 15, 1985
1145Correspondence, June 1985
1146Correspondence, July 1985
1147Correspondence, August 1985
1148Correspondence, September 1985
1149Correspondence, November 1985
11410Correspondence, January 1986
11411Correspondence, February 1986
11412Correspondence, March 1986
11413-14Correspondence, April 1986
11415Correspondence, May 1986
1151Correspondence, June 1986
1152Correspondence, July 1986
1153Correspondence, August 1986
1154Correspondence, November 1986
1155Correspondence, December 1986
1156Correspondence, January 1987
1157Correspondence, February 1987
1158Correspondence, March 1987
1159101st Nutrition Committee
11510Alday Case
11511Hearing - Peanut Summer Albany
11512Airport Tour, March 1989
11513Special Orders/Pesticides
11514-15Thank Yous
11516CH's notes and letters
11517Democratic Convention - NY, 1992
11518Atlanta Fundraiser, 1991
11519Atlanta Olympic Committee
11520Washington Fundraiser (Spring/Summer), 1991
11521Fundraiser, 1991 Fall
1161Volunteer Party, 1987
1162Prelegislative Forum, November 11-14, 19-21, 1991
1163Town Meetings, 1987
1164Recess, August 1990
1165Art Museum Reception (honoring 2nd District Artists)
1166Albany Symphony
1167-8Reapportionment, 1990-1991
1171International Business Forum - Albany, January 1991
1172-3International Trade Forum
1174International Infrastructure Conference
1175Trade Trip

B. Issue Mail

Scope and Contents note: The Issue Mail subseries contains correspondence, incoming and outgoing replies. The material includes information on constituent's views and questions about current events or public issues. The file is arranged by computer-assigned numbers. Arrangement is numerical.
1181Document Numbers 251-300
1182Document Numbers 551-600
1183Document Numbers 1601-1650
1184Document Numbers 1634-1700
1185Document Numbers 1751-1800
1186Document Numbers 1851-1900
1187Document Numbers 1983-2000
1188Document Numbers 2001-2050
1189Document Numbers 2051-2100
1191Document Numbers 2101-2150 [topics include Reagan budget and Gramm-Latta amendment]
1192Document Numbers 2151-2200 [topics include Reagan budget and taxation]
1193Document Numbers 2147-2250
1194Document Numbers 2301-2350 [topics include budget, taxation, and social security]
1195Document Numbers 2251-2300
1196Document Numbers 2751-2800 [topics include taxation and teachers' unions]
1197Document Numbers 2801-2850 [topics include Reagan's budget, regional legal service offices
1198Document Numbers 2851-2900
1199Document Numbers 3051-3100 [topics include Reagan budget and selling planes to Saudi Arabia]
11910Document Numbers 3145-3200 [topics include agriculture, price support for peanuts and dairy]
1201Document Numbers 3977-3999
1202Document Numbers 4287-4300
1203Document Numbers 4301-4350
1204Document Numbers 4351-4400
1205Document Numbers 4401-4450
1206Document Numbers 4451-4500
1207-8Document Numbers 4501-4600
1211Document Numbers 4601-4650
1212Document Numbers 4660-4700
1213Document Numbers 4701-4710
1214Document Numbers 4801-4850
1215Document Numbers 4948-4966
1216Document Numbers 8401-8450
1217Document Numbers 8451-8500
1218Document Numbers 8501-8550
1219Document Numbers 8551-8600
12110Document Numbers 9651-9700
12111Document Numbers 9701-9750
1221Document Numbers 9751-9800
1222Document Numbers 9851-9900
1223Document Numbers 9901-9950
1224Document Numbers 10,001-10050
1225Document Numbers 10051-10100
1226Document Numbers 10101-10150
1227Document Numbers 10201-10250
1228Document Numbers 10301-10350
1229Document Numbers 10351-10400
1231-2Document Numbers 10651-10700
1233Document Numbers 10701-10750
1234Document Numbers 10551-10600
1235Document Numbers 10601-10650
1236Document Numbers 10851-10900
1237Document Numbers 10901-10950
1241Document Numbers 10951-11000
1242Document Numbers 11001-11050
1243Document Numbers 11051-11100
1244Document Numbers 11101-11150
1245Document Numbers 11151-11200
1246Document Numbers 11201-11250
1251-2Document Numbers 1701-1725
1253-4Document Numbers 1726-1750
1255Document Numbers 5210-5250
1256Document Numbers 5451-5550
1257Document Numbers 5601-5650
1261Document Numbers 5651-5700
1262Document Numbers 5950-6000
1263Document Numbers 7700-7750
1264Document Numbers 7751-7800
1265Document Numbers 7800-7850
1266Document Numbers 7900-7950
1267Document Numbers 7951-8000
1268Document Numbers 8001-8050
1269Document Numbers 8350-8400
12610Document Numbers 11350-11400
12611Document Numbers 11401-11450
1271Document Numbers 11151-11160
1272Document Numbers 11601-11650
1273Document Numbers 11651-11700
1274Document Numbers 12951-13000
1275Document Numbers 13051-13100
1276Document Numbers 13151-13200
1277Document Numbers 13201-13250
1278Document Numbers 14101-14150
1279Document Numbers 14151-14200
12710Document Numbers 14251-14300
12711Document Numbers 14351-14400
12712Document Numbers 14401-14450
12713Document Numbers 15500-15650
1281Document Numbers 13601-13650
1282Document Numbers 13651-13700
1283Document Numbers 13901-13950
1284Document Numbers 15550-15600
1285Document Numbers 15651-15700
1286Document Numbers 15901-15950
1287Document Numbers 16100-16150
1288Document Numbers 16251-16300
1289Document Numbers 1751-1775
1291Document Numbers 1776-1800
1292Document Numbers 1801-1825
1293Document Numbers 1826-1850
1294Document Numbers 1851-1875
1295Document Numbers 1876-1900
1296Document Numbers 1901-1920
1297Document Numbers 1921-1935
1301-2Document Numbers 1936-1950
1303Document Numbers 1951-1960
1304Document Numbers 1961-1990
1305Document Numbers 1991-2010
1311Document Numbers 2011-2020
1312Document Numbers 2021-2030
1313Document Numbers 11751-11800
1314Document Numbers 11801-11850
1315Document Numbers 11901-11950
1316Document Numbers 11951-12000
1317Document Numbers 12001-12050
1318Document Numbers 12301-12350
1319Document Numbers 12351-12400
1321Document Numbers 12401-12450
1322Document Numbers 12451-12500
1323Document Numbers 12501-12550
1324Document Numbers 16300-16350
1325Document Numbers 16600-16650
1326Document Numbers 16651-16700
1327Document Numbers 16800-16850
1328Document Numbers 16851-16900
1329Document Numbers 17050-17100
13210Document Numbers 17400-17450
13211Document Numbers 17500-17550
13212Document Numbers 17651-17700
13213Document Numbers 17701-17750
1331Document Numbers 17751-17800
1332Document Numbers 17801-17850
1333Document Numbers 18001-18050
1334Document Numbers 18051-18100
1335Document Numbers 18101-18150
1336Document Numbers 18251-18300
1337Document Numbers 18351-18400
1338Document Numbers 18601-18650
1339Document Numbers 19051-19100
13310Document Numbers 19151-19200
13311Document Numbers 19201-19250
13312Document Numbers 19251-19300
1341Document Numbers 19301-19350
1342Document Numbers 19351-19400
1343Document Numbers 19401-19450
1344Document Numbers 19451-19500
1345Document Numbers 19501-19550
1346Document Numbers 19551-19600
1347Document Numbers 19601-19650
1348Document Numbers 19651-19700
1349Document Numbers 19701-19750
13410Document Numbers 35551-35600
13411Document Numbers 35601-35650
13412Document Numbers 35901-35950
13413Document Numbers 35951-36000
13414Document Numbers 36700-36750
13415Document Numbers 36851-36900
13416Document Numbers 37451-37500
13417Document Numbers 38301-38350
13418Document Numbers 38351-38400
13419Document Numbers 38851-38900
1351Document Numbers 39601-39650
1352Document Numbers 39651-39700
1353Document Numbers 39701-39750
1354Document Numbers 39751-39800
1355Document Numbers 39951-40000
1356Document Numbers 1-50
1357Document Numbers 51-100
1358Document Numbers 201-250
1359Document Numbers 251-300
13510Document Numbers 451-500
13511Document Numbers 501-500
13512Document Numbers 551-600
13513Document Numbers 601-650
13514Document Numbers 751-800
13515Document Numbers 801-850
13516Document Numbers 851-900
13517Document Numbers 901-950
13518Document Numbers 1001-1050
1361Document Numbers 1151-1200
1362Document Numbers 1201-1250
1363Document Numbers 1251-1300
1364Document Numbers 1301-1350
1365Document Numbers 1351-1400
1366Document Numbers 1401-1450
1367Document Numbers 1451-1500
1368Document Numbers 1501-1550
1369Document Numbers 1651-1700
13610Document Numbers 3700-3800
13611Document Numbers 3801-3850
13612Document Numbers 4201-4250
13613Document Numbers 4901-4950
13614Document Numbers 4951-5000
13615Document Numbers 5001-5050
13616Miscellaneous, 1985

IV. Personal, 1981-1992

Extent: 32.0 boxes (16 linear feet)
Scope and Content: This series consists of those activities that are not directly associated with "legislating" or providing constituent services but are nevertheless part of the routine of every officeholder.
Personal is divided into four subseries: invitations, appointment books, guest book, and social correspondence. Arrangement is chronological.

A. Invitations

Scope and Contents note: These files include requests for Hatcher's appearance at various events or meetings, other than official Congressional activities such as presiding over a committee meeting. There are a large number of invitations regarding activities during the National Democratic Conventions in 1988 and 1992.
1371Invitations, January-February 1987
1372-3Invitations, March 1987
1374-5Invitations, April 1987
1376Invitations, June 1987
1381-2Invitations, June 1987
1383-4Invitations, January 1988
1385-6Invitations, February 1988
1391-5Invitations, March 1988
1396Invitations, April 1988
1401-2Invitations, April 1988
1403-5Invitations, May 1988
1406Invitations, June 1-7, 1988
1411Invitations, June 1-7, 1988
1412-3Invitations, June 18-30, 1988
1414Invitations, July 1988
1415-6National Democratic Convention, July 17-21, 1988
1421Invitations, July 21-31, 1988
1422Invitations, August 1988
1423-5Invitations, September 1988
1431-3Invitations, October 1988
1434Invitations, November 1988
1435Invitations, December 1988
1436Invitations, January 1989
1441Invitations, January 1989
1442-3Invitations, February 1989
1444-5Invitations, March 1989
1451Invitations, March 1989
1452-4Invitations, April 1989
1455Invitations, May 1989
1461-3Invitations, May 1989
1464High School Graduation Invitations Received
1465Invitations, August 1989
1466Invitations, September 1989
1471Invitations, September 1989
1472-3Invitations, October 1989
1474-5Invitations, November 1989
1481-2Invitations, February 1990
1483-5Invitations, March 1990
1491-2Invitations, April 1990
1493-5Invitations, May 1990
1501-2Invitations, June 1990
1503Invitations, July 1990
1504Invitations, August 1990
1505Invitations, September 1990
1511Invitations, September 1990
1512-4Invitations, October 1990
1515Invitations, November 1990
1516Invitations, December 1990
1521-2Invitations, January 1991
1523-4Invitations, February 1991
1525Invitations, March 1991
1531Invitations, March 1991
1532-4Invitations, April 1991
1535Invitations, May 1991
1541-2Invitations, May 1991
1543-5Invitations, June 1991
1551Invitations, July 1991
1552Regrets, August 1991
1553Accepts, August 1991
1554Accepts, September 1991
1555-6Regrets, September 1991
1557Accepts, October 1991
1561Accepts, October 1991
1562-4Regrets, October 1991
1565Accepts, November 1991
1566-7Regrets, November 1991
1568Accepts, December 1991
1571Regrets, December 1991
1572Southwestern Shelters, 1991
1573Southern Peanuts, 1991
1574Southeastern Peanuts, 1991
1575Leaf Tobacco Trip, 1991
1576Flue Cured Tobacco, 1991
1577Burley Tobacco Trip - Kentucky, 1991
1578Burley and Dark Leaf Trip - Williamsburg, 1991
1579Bright Belt Warehouse, 1991
15710Past Monthly Schedules
15711-12Monthly Schedules, 1990-1991
15713Accepts, January 1992
15714Regrets, January 1992
1581Accepts, February 1992
1582-3Regrets, February 1992
1584Accepts, March 1992
1585-6Regrets, March 1992
1591-3Regrets, April 1992
1594Accepts, April 1992
1595-7Regrets, May 1992
1601Accepts, May 1992
1602Accepts, June 1992
1603-4Regrets, June 1992
1605Accepts, July 1992
1606Regrets, July 1992
1607Democratic Convention
1611Accept, August 1992
1612Regrets, August 1992
1613-4Regrets, September 1992
1615Accept, September 1992
1616Regrets, October 1992
1617Accept, October 1992
1618Invitations, November 1992
1619Invitations, December 1992

B. Appointment Books

Scope and Contents note: These books maintained the schedules of meetings and appointments of Congressman Hatcher. They were kept for each year from 1986 to 1992.
1621Monthly Schedules, 1992
1622Appointment Books, 1986
1623Appointment Books, 1987
1624Appointment Books, 1988
1625Appointment Books, 1989
1631Appointment Books, 1990
1632Appointment Books, 1991
1633Appointment Books, 1992

C. Guest Book

Scope and Contents note: This is a log of individuals who visited Congressman Hatcher's office in Washington, D. C. from 1986 to 1992.
1634Guest Book, 1986-1992

D. Social Correspondence

Scope and Contents note: This subseries consists of correspondence and newspaper clippings. These files are thank you notes, wedding/anniversary congratulations, sympathy notices and recommendations. Arrangement is chronological.
1641Thank Yous Received, 1981-1982
1642Thank Yous Received, 1982-1984
1643Correspondence Reviewed, July 1983-1984
1644Correspondence Initiated, 1984
1645Congratulations, 1984 and earlier
1646-7Correspondence Reviewed, 1984
1648Correspondence Reviewed, 1985
1651-2Correspondence Reviewed, 1985
1653Congratulations, 1985
1654Correspondence Initiated, 1985
1655Sympathy/Illness, 1985
1656-7Correspondence Reviewed, 1986
1658Legislators Per Diem
1659Special Letters
1661Requests, 1987
1662-4Thank You Letters, 1988
1665Congratulations on Election, 1988
1666Thank Yous, 1989
1667Christmas Gifts, 1989
1668Sympathy/Illness, 1989
1669Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1989
16610Thank You Letters, 1989
16611Congratulations, 1989
16612Wedding, 1989
16613Retirement, 1989
16614Steph's Letters to Constituents
1671Steph's Letters to Constituents
1672Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1990
1673Sympathy/Illness, 1990
1674High School Graduation Invitations Received, 1990
1675Weddings and Anniversaries, 1990
1676Thank You, 1990
1677Retirement, 1990
1678Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1991
1679Illness, 1991
16710Christmas Thank Yous, 1991
16711Retirement, 1991
16712Congratulations, 1991
16713Thank You letters, 1991
16714Weddings and Anniversaries, 1991
16716Thank Yous, 1991
1681-2Thank Yous, 1991
1683Congratulations, 1992
1684Weddings and Anniversaries, 1992
1685Recommendations, 1992
1686Retirement, 1992
1687Post Election letters
1688General Thank Yous
1689-10Thank Yous, 1992

V. Photographs, 1981-1992

Extent: 826.0 items
Scope and Content: This series consists mainly of Hatcher posed with constituents, staff members, and fellow congressmen, in Washington, D.C. and throughout the 2nd Congressional District of Georgia. There are also pictures of of Hatcher at various political functions, town meeetings and congressional hearings. Among the more prominent figures pictured with Hatcher are Atlanta columnist Lewis Grizzard, professional golfer Nancy Lopez, actor Anthony Quinn, future Vice-President Al Gore, Jr., and former President Ronald Reagan.
Arrangement note: Photographs are arranged in three groups: 1) 01-347 chronological file of photos kept by the congressional office; 2) 348-414 photos removed from albums; and 3) 415-440 loose images removed from correspondence for preservation. Within each group, photographs are filed chronologically, latest date first; undated filed at the end of each.
169CFH-PF-01Charles Hatcher with staff: Quinton Robinson, Nathan Rogers (intern), Michelle McGuill, Tonya Phipps, Krysta Harden, Ted Saddler, Cassie Malone, Randy Kozuch, Jolie Sams, Rob Wright, Teresa McLean Erwin, Dean Mitchell, 1992.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 8 1/2")
169CFH-PF-02Charles Hatcher with interns Brad Harford and Valle Burns on steps of U. S. Capital building, 1992.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 8 1/2")
169CFH-PF-03Charles Hatcher and Shiver Elementary on steps of U. S. Capital building, 1992.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 7 1/4")
169CFH-PF-04Charles Hatcher with Mitchell County School children on steps of U. S. Capital building, 1992.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-05Charles Hatcher with staff at top of U. S. Capital building, 1992.
Extent: (color, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-06Charles Hatcher on Hospital Tour. Set of 4., 1992.
Extent: (color, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-07Charles Hatcher with staff: Ted Saddler, Matt Dillard, Anne Whidden, Tonya Phipps, Teresa McLean, Randy Kozuch, 1991.
Extent: (color, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-08Charles Hatcher with Tifares School on steps of U. S. Capital building, 1991.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-09Charles Hatcher with Central Middle School of Thomasville, GA, May 1991.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9 1/4")
169CFH-PF-10Charles Hatcher with Tifton Girl Scouts on steps of U. S. Capital Building, 1991.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9 1/4")
169CFH-PF-11Charles Hatcher with Mitchell City ASCS Officers of Camilla, GA, 1991.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-12Charles Hatcher with Colquitt County Jr. High School of Moultrie, GA on steps of U. S. Capital building, 1991.
Extent: (b/w, 711 x 9")
169CFH-PF-13Charles Hatcher with United Methodist Church of Valdosta, GA on steps of U. S. Capital building, 1991.
Extent: (b/w, 711 x 9")
169CFH-PF-14Charles Hatcher with Westword School of Camilla, GA, 1991.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-15Charles Hatcher with Central Middle School on steps of U. S. Capital building, 1990.
Extent: (b/w 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-16Charles Hatcher at Town Meeting, undated.
Extent: (color, 811 x 1011)
169CFH-PF-17Charles Hatcher at Golden Kiwanis Club, Albany, GA, circa 1989-1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-18Charles Hatcher at Albany Office, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-19Charles Hatcher at desk, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-20Charles Hatcher with Peanut Commission, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-21Charles Hatcher with ABAC Tifton Students. Set of 2, 1990.
Extent: (color, 4" x 6")
169CFH-PF-22Charles Hatcher with Douglas County Democratic Committee Chair, 1990.
Extent: (color, 4" x 6")
169CFH-PF-23Portrait of Charles Hatcher, circa 1990-1991.
Extent: (color, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-24Portrait of Charles Hatcher, circa 1990-1991.
Extent: (color, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-25Charles Hatcher with students. Autographed, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-26Charles Hatcher with students. Autographed, circa 1990-1991.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-27Charles Hatcher with student, circa 1990-1991.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-28Charles Hatcher receiving Development Award, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-29Charles Hatcher with student Bobby Jackson, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-30Charles Hatcher with constituent, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-31Charles Hatcher with staff of Albany chamber, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 711 x 9")
169CFH-PF-32Charles Hatcher with Dwight Cook Sparks. Set of 2. Autographed, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-33Charles Hatcher with staff members Krysta Harden & Eddie Ackridge of Camilla, GA, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-34Charles Hatcher with Fred Deeb and family, circa 1989-1990.
169CFH-PF-35Charles Hatcher with Bainbridge School. Signed: "To my friend Jean Simmons", 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7 x 9)
169CFH-PF-36Charles Hatcher with unidentified man, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8 " x 10")
169CFH-PF-37Charles Hatcher with school group. Autographed, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/2" x 9")
169CFH-PF-38Charles Hatcher with unidentified woman, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-39Charles Hatcher with John Bell, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-40Charles Hatcher with intern Jennifer Runge, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-41Charles Hatcher at town meeting with mayor of Arlington, Freddie Gleston, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-42Charles Hatcher with "W. C." and Joyce Popell Whigham, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-43Charles Hatcher with Sarah Lee Parker, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-44Charles Hatcher with Brookwood School of Thomasville, GA, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-45Charles Hatcher with Solomon Griffin, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9 1/4")
169CFH-PF-46Charles Hatcher with Mark Sanders & Jimmy Rhodes Newton, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-47Charles Hatcher with Spencer Lee & Juanita Cribbs of Albany, GA, 1990
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-48Charles Hatcher with constituents, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7 x 11)
169CFH-PF-49Charles Hatcher with constituents, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-50Charles Hatcher with constituents, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-51Charles Hatcher with Ed Duskin of Dawson, GA, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-52Charles Hatcher with constituents, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-53Charles Hatcher with Grace Singletary from Dawson, GA, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-54Charles Hatcher with Ronnie Rintz and family of Colquitt, GA, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-55Charles Hatcher with Albany Exchange Club Members, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 711 x 9")
169CFH-PF-56Charles Hatcher with intern Marsha Parker of Sylvester, GA, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-57Charles Hatcher with constituent, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-58Charles Hatcher at Damascus, GA town meeting, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-59Charles Hatcher with intern Angel Lightsey of Valdosta, GA, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-60Charles Hatcher with intern Jamie Hornsby, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10 1/4")
169CFH-PF-61Charles Hatcher with Pat Colson of Valdosta School of West Gordon, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-62Charles Hatcher with George and Lloyd Balkely, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-63Charles Hatcher with Buddy Craver & family, 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9 1/4")
169CFH-PF-64Charles Hatcher with school group, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-65Charles Hatcher with Iva Adams Camilla, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-66Charles Hatcher with Gil Camp from Albany, GA and man from Augusta, GA, both of Proctor & Gamble in front of U. S. Capital building, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-67Charles Hatcher with Adel Chamber (from Commerce, GA) and State Representative Hanson Carter, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-68Charles Hatcher with 2nd District EMC, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/2" x 9")
169CFH-PF-69Charles Hatcher with Dick Sinclair of Albany, GA, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/2" x 9")
169CFH-PF-70Charles Hatcher with Dan Teams & Miller Brewing winners, undated
169CFH-PF-71Charles Hatcher with Larry Luis, C.P.A. of Albany Georgia and unidentified C.P.A., 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-72Charles Hatcher with Rick Ivey of Thomasville, GA, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-73Charles with staff: Joel Bush, Betty Willis, Julie Paralis, Dean Mitchell, Teresa McLean, Krysta Harden, Alan West, Maria Archibald, Stephanie Lear, Selena Cumbee, circa 1989-1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-74Charles Hatcher with Bucky Geer of Albany, GA & unidentified man at Agricultural Hearing on Pecans, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-75Charles Hatcher with Marine Corp General at Albany Base receiving National Resources Award, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10 1/4")
169CFH-PF-76Charles Hatcher with intern Brad Lastinger of Valdosta, GA, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-77Charles Hatcher with unidentified men. Set of 2., November 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 3 1/2" x 4 1/4")
169CFH-PF-78Charles Hatcher at Thomasville Flag Day, June 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 8")
169CFH-PF-79Charles Hatcher at Georgia Auto Dealers Association, Left to Right: GADA Chairman Roy Campbell, NADA Director for Georgia Frank Jackson, GADA Chairman elect Jim Ellis & GADA President Bill Morie, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-80Charles Hatcher with unidentified couple outside U. S. Capital Building, 1989.
Extent: (color, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-81Charles Hatcher with Carlton Watkins. Autographed, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8'1 x 10")
169CFH-PF-82Charles Hatcher at town meeting, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-83Charles Hatcher with man and woman. Autographed, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-84Charles Hatcher with student. Autographed, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10 1/4")
169CFH-PF-85Charles Hatcher with student. Autographed, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-86Charles Hatcher with Tony Smith. Autographed, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-87Charles Hatcher with Adolph Mclenda, Mayor of Richland, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10 1/4")
169CFH-PF-88Charles Hatcher with Moultrie tobacco workers, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10 1/4")
169CFH-PF-89Charles Hatcher with Randy Smith of Pelham, GA, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-90Charles Hatcher at Morven town meeting and Charles Hatcher with Morven Mayor Lawson. 2 photos., 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-91Charles Hatcher with war veterans, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-92Charles Hatcher with interns Paul Carlson of Valdosta, GA, and Sally Chambers of Gainesville, GA, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-93Charles Hatcher with Frank Resnik, President of Phillip Morris. Set of 2 photos, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-94Charles Hatcher at Tifton luncheon, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-95Charles Hatcher at Whigham town meeting, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x to”)
169CFH-PF-96Charles Hatcher with mayor of Climax, GA at town meeting, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-97Charles Hatcher with Brian Browning of Adel, GA, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-98Charles Hatcher with State Senator Harold Regan of Cairo, GA & unidentified man. Autographed. Set of 2, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-99Charles Hatcher at Kiwanis Club, Cairo, GA, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-100Charles Hatcher with "Teacher of the Year", 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-101Charles Hatcher with Valdosta homebuilder, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-102Charles Hatcher with man, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-103Charles Hatcher with John Hatcher & Bobby Kilkenny of Albany, GA, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-104Charles Hatcher with constituents, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-105Charles Hatcher with school group, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-106Charles Hatcher with Westbrook School group on steps of U. S. Capital building, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-107Charles Hatcher with Lowndes County Middle School, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/2" x 9")
169CFH-PF-108Charles Hatcher with Robert Culpeper, Jr. and son of Cairo, GA, [circa 1989]
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-109Charles Hatcher with staff: Joel Bush, Krysta Harden, Anne Whidden, Alan West, Maria Archibald, Betty Willis, Randy Kozuch, Teresa McLean, Candace Campbell, Harriet James, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-110Charles Hatcher with intern William Camilla, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-111Charles Hatcher with constituents. Autographed, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-112Charles Hatcher with constituents, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/2" x 9")
169CFH-PF-113Charles Hatcher with Carolyn Smiley, campaign worker for Walter Stephens, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/2" x 9")
169CFH-PF-114Charles Hatcher with Mrs. Pat Stephens (wife of Walter Stephens) and sons of Tifton, GA, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-115Charles Hatcher with Bob McConnick and family, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-116Charles Hatcher with Olan Faulk, 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10 1/4")
169CFH-PF-117Charles Hatcher with intern Lisa Pickney of Dawson, GA, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10 1/4")
169CFH-PF-118Charles Hatcher with staff: Joel Bush, Betty Willis, Selena Cumbee, Teresa Mclean, Alan West, Brenda O'Connor, Krysta Harden, Dean Mitchell, Robyn Reiser, Randy Kozuch, Maria Archibald, 1988.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-119Charles Hatcher with members of 4 H, May 1988.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-120Charles Hatcher with Carol Walker, nominee to Air Force Academy. Set of 2, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-121Charles Hatcher with school group, 1988.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-122Charles Hatcher with realtors Joyce Walker and Sue Storm from 2nd District, Valdosta, GA, May 1988.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-123Charles Hatcher with 2nd District homebuilders, including Irma & Bo Johnson, May 1988.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-124Charles Hatcher with "Georgia Small Business People of the Year," Alvin and Mary Grace of Ashburn, GA, 1988.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-125Charles Hatcher with Reynolds family of Albany, GA, May 1988.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-126Charles Hatcher with Judy Bowles, Lynn Isler and staff member Krysta Harden. Autographed, April 1988.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-127Charles Hatcher with Tifton American Legion. Set of 3, February 1988.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-128Charles Hatcher at Peanut Luncheon with Jimmy Blitch of Statesboro, GA, Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irviin, and Wilber Gamble of Dawson, GA, 1988.
Extent: (b/w, 71' x 9")
169CFH-PF-129Charles Hatcher with constituent, 1988.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9)
169CFH-PF-130Charles Hatcher with Ellen and Polly Hatcher and friends, 1988.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9)
169CFH-PF-131Charles Hatcher as member of House Committee on Small Business during Diesel Fuel Hearing, Includes Dave Jagle, Jim Reidy, Bob Nash and Charma de la Garza. Set of 7, Mar 1988.
Extent: (4 b/w, 7" x 9"/ 3 color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-132Charles Hatcher with reporter for WAIB TV in Valdosta, GA, 1988.
Extent: (color, 5 3/4" x 4")
169CFH-PF-133Charles Hatcher accepting award, December 1988.
Extent: (color, 5" x 3 1/2")
169CFH-PF-134Charles Hatcher with Valdosta constituent, 1987.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10 1/4")
169CFH-PF-135Charles Hatcher at Edgar Roberts fund raiser, Valdosta, GA. Set of 4, August 1987.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-136Charles Hatcher with Phil Phillips and other cadets of Naval Academy from 2nd District. Set of 4, 1987.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-137Charles Hatcher with members of the Daughters of the American Revolution from Georgia's 2nd District, 1987.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10 1/4")
169CFH-PF-138Charles Hatcher with Lewis Grizzard, 1987.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-139Charles Hatcher with Sonny and Paula Stapleton of Weston, GA, 1987.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-140Charles Hatcher accepting National Federation of Independent Business Guardian Award, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-141Charles Hatcher with intern Steve Newman Adel, 1987.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-142Charles Hatcher with intern Tommy Sullivan of Albany, GA, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-143Charles Hatcher with Kent Sanders and family, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-144Charles Hatcher with Saxby and Bo Chambless of Moultrie, GA, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-145Charles Hatcher with Polly Hatcher, staff member Krysta Harden and friends, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-146Charles Hatcher with Carter Mortons of Cairo, GA in front of U. S. Capital building, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-147Charles Hatcher with Bill and Shirley Brooks of Albany, GA, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-148Charles Hatcher with May and Mark McCure of Albany, GA, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9 1/8")
169CFH-PF-149Charles Hatcher with Harris Blackwood, 1987.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-150Charles Hatcher with T. Marshall Jones of Albany, 1987.
Extent: (color, 8" x l0")
169CFH-PF-151Charles Hatcher with interns Blake Hamrock of Edison, GA, Ashley Wall, and Misty Watins of Albany, GA in front of U. S. Capital building, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-152Charles Hatcher with interns Michelle Harris of Camilla, GA and Holly Abel of Albany, GA, June 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-153Charles Hatcher with Nunally family of Thomasville, GA, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-154Charles Hatcher with Jubra Harden & Becky Booth of Valdosta, GA, in front of U. S. Capital Building, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-155Charles Hatcher with Mark and Marie Koze and family, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-156Charles Hatcher with staff: Robyn Rieser, Brenda O'Connor, Stan Turner, Beth Browning, Maria Archibald, Dean Mitchell, Tim Golden, Teresa McLean, Randy Kozuch, Betty Willis, Krysta Harden, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-157Hansel and Melissa Morris of Warner Robbins, GA, September 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4 x 9")
169CFH-PF-158Charles Hatcher and Chip Atkens and friend, June 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-159Charles Hatcher with 7th & 8th grades, Westword School, Photo includes John Hatcher, 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/2" x 9")
169CFH-PF-160Charles Hatcher with Hugh Broome Jr. and family of Donalsonville, GA, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-161Charles Hatcher with Home Health careworkers, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-162Charles Hatcher on subcommittee of House Committee on Small Business, including 1986 1987 with Representative Richard Ray (GA), staff member Tim Golden and Representative David Drier (CA), circa 1986-1987
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-163Charles Hatcher with Renee Matucor, 1986.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-164Charles Hatcher and Zack Derring, April 1986.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-165Charles Hatcher with intern Billy Tidwell of Albany, GA, 1986.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-166Charles Hatcher with intern Margie Hodges, 1986.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-167Charles Hatcher with intern, 1986.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-168Charles Hatcher with Albany Chamber of Commerce and staff, April 1986.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-169Charles Hatcher with intern Kim Tidwell, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-170Charles Hatcher with intern, Dal Morgeson, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-171Charles Hatcher with intern Stephanie Broome of Donalsonville, GA. Set of 3, 1986.
Extent: (2 color, 8" x 10"/ 1 b/w, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-172Charles Hatcher with intern Linda Bradley, 1986.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-173Charles Hatcher with intern Ashley Campbell, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-174Charles Hatcher with Peanut Commissioners, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-175Charles Hatcher with Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irwin, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-176Charles Hatcher with Gene Caruso of Albany, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-177Charles Hatcher with intern Dean Mitchell, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-178Charles Hatcher with intern Leigh Hattaway of Albany, GA, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-179Charles Hatcher with constituents, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-180Charles Hatcher with intern Lisa Strickland, 1986.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-181Charles Hatcher with Albany constituents, 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-182Charles Hatcher with intern Glena Thomas Adel, July 1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-183Charles Hatcher with intern, 1986.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-184Charles Hatcher with civilian technicians, 1986.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-185Charles Hatcher at Peanut Hearings with Representative Lindsay Thomas (GA) and staff member Heidi Pender. Set of 6, 1985.
Extent: (1 color, 8" x 10") (5 b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-186HUD Awards with staff member Patty Sellars and Roy Lane (of Albany), 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-187Charles Hatcher with three unidentified people, 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-188Charles Hatcher with First Methodist Church of Albany, GA, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-189Charles Hatcher with intern Joel Bush. Set of 2., 1985.
Extent: (1 b/w, 8" x 10") (1 color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-190Charles Hatcher with intern Chris Clarke of Moultrie, GA, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-191Charles Hatcher with intern Mike Matague of Albany, GA, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-192Charles Hatcher with Lori Singer of Lumpkin, GA, March 1985.
Extent: (color, 3 1/5" x 5")
169CFH-PF-193Charles Hatcher with intern Weathaly Love from Albany, GA, summer 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-194Charles Hatcher examining peanut tally in Farm Bill, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-195Charles Hatcher with Representative Jim Cooper (TN), Senator A1 Gore, Jr. (TN) and Representative Charlie Rose (NC), 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-196Charles Hatcher receiving "Peace through Strength Award," Also pictured, Helen Gardiner. 2 copies, 1985.
Extent: (1 b/w, 8" x 10") (1 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-197Charles Hatcher with student, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-198Charles Hatcher with constituents, 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-199Charles Hatcher on South American trip. Set of 2, Spring 1985.
Extent: (color, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-200Charles Hatcher with President Ronald Reagan, 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-201Charles Hatcher at town meeting, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-202Charles Hatcher at excise tax press conference, Al. Gore, Jr. (TN). Set of 3, including 1 with Senator Gore, 1985.
Extent: (1 b/w, 8" x 10") (2 color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-203Charles Hatcher with woman, 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-204Charles Hatcher with Don Strickland of Albany, GA and Carolyn Cook of Albany & Atlanta, January 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-205Charles Hatcher with Georgia Auto Dealers, 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 12")
169CFH-PF-206Charles Hatcher speaking at Lockheed Georgia Corporation, November 18, 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-207Charles Hatcher at American Institute of Certified Public Accountants breakfast with Charles Jenkins of Albany, GA, and Gelon Wasdin of Bremen, GA, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-208Charles Hatcher speaking at Alimenta Processing Corp., Camilla, GA, circa 1985-1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-209Portrait of Charles Hatcher, circa 1985-1986.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-210Charles Hatcher with intern Day Joiner, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-211Charles Hatcher with Marion Singer, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-212Charles Hatcher with Mitchell County Jr. High School, March 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-213Charles Hatcher with intern Monica Bennett, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-214Charles Hatcher at ceremony, October 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-215Charles Hatcher with intern Loretta West and staff members Anne Crowell and Teresa McLean, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-216Charles Hatcher at town meeting, May 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-217Charles Hatcher with intern Monte Richardson, 1985.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-218Charles Hatcher with intern Willis Duvall, May 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-219Charles Hatcher at town meeting, May 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-220Charles Hatcher with intern Beth Browning of Adel, GA, 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-221Charles Hatcher at desk. Set of 2, May 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-222Charles Hatcher on House Committee on Agriculture, May 1985.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-223Hatcher family, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-223ACharles Hatcher with constituents, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-224Charles Hatcher with constituents, 1984.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-225Charles Hatcher with members of Albany Chamber of Commerce, Nancy Chambless, and Temp Darns. Set of 3, 1984.
Extent: (1 color, 8" x 10") (2 b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-226Charles Hatcher at Thomasville office opening, including staff member Wendy Mays, City Commissioner Mary Scott, Mayor Tom Faircloth and M. H. Allen. Set of 5, April 2, 1984.
Extent: (1 color, 8" x 10") (4 b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-227Charles Hatcher with Congressman Richard Ray greeting Jose Napoleon Duarto, President of Mexico, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-228Charles Hatcher with staff members Lynn Jones, Randy Kozuch, Glenn Dowling, Tim Golden, and Mayor Nizem, at Moody Air Force Base, Valdosta, GA. Set of 3, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-229Charles Hatcher with staff member Wendy Mays, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-230Charles Hatcher with Anthony Quinn, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-231Charles Hatcher with Brown and Susan Moseley of Bainbridge, GA and staff member Jim Reese, August 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-232Charles Hatcher with Norman Hudgins and family of Ocilla, GA, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9)
169CFH-PF-233Charles Hatcher at Peanut Day, Includes photos with Peanut Princess, Georgia Congressmen Richard Ray, Buddy Darden and Senator Mack Mattingly, and peanut commissioners. Set of 7, 1984.
Extent: (6 color, 8" x 10") (1 b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-234Charles Hatcher with Curtis James, art competition winner of 2nd District, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-235Charles Hatcher with intern Greg Daniels, June 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-236Charles Hatcher with Roberta Fleck and Sonny Stapleton, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-237Charles Hatcher with Georgia Congressman Richard Ray and Scott Shepard, 1984.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-238Charles Hatcher addressing school group on steps of the U.S. Capital, 1984.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-239Charles Hatcher receiving "Peace Through Strength Award," with Mrs. Helen Adams, April 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9 1/4")
169CFH-PF-240Charles Hatcher with staff: Randy Kozuch, Betty Willis, Krysta Harden, Nancy Rogers, Bob Redding, Carter Brown, Brenda O'Connor, Glenn Dowling, Jim Reese, 1984.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-241Charles Hatcher with intern Maria Archibald and staff member Brenda O'Connor, 1984.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-242Portrait of Charles Hatcher. 2 copies, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-243Portrait of Charles Hatcher. 2 copies, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-244Charles Hatcher with constituents, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-245Charles Hatcher with Mr. and Mrs. Paulk of Ocilla, GA, 1984.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-246Charles Hatcher with youth club, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-247Charles Hatcher with Bob Redding and staff, circa 1982-1983.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-248Photo collage of Charles Hatcher at Turner Job Corps graduation. Includes set of 3 photos, and two patches, May 20, 1983.
Extent: (1 color, 3 1/2" x 5") (1 b/w, 3 1/2" x 4 1/2") (1 3" x 3)
169CFH-PF-249Charles Hatcher with Scott Shepard, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-250Charles Hatcher in candid shot, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-251Charles Hatcher with Young Farmers, Photo includes Tommy Ackridge of Camilla, GA and Reggie Bostick, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-252Charles Hatcher receiving award, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-253Portrait of Charles Hatcher, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-254Charles Hatcher with House Committee on Small Business, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-255Charles Hatcher with. House Committee on Agriculture, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-256Portrait of Charles Hatcher, 1983.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-257Portrait of Charles Hatcher. 3 copies, 1983.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-258Portrait of Charles Hatcher, 1983.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-259Charles Hatcher on Committee on Agriculture's Subcommittee on Peanuts and Tobacco, circa 1981-1983.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-260Charles Hatcher with Tobey Garrison, 1983.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-261Charles Hatcher with James Beck, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-262U.S. News and World Report photo and article, April 11, 1983.
Extent: (b/w, 8 1/2" x 11")
169CFH-PF-263Charles Hatcher with Young Farmer group on steps of U.S. Capital building, 1983.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-264Charles Hatcher at dinner in Donalsonville, GA honoring Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, Summer 1983.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
169CFH-PF-265Charles Hatcher on House Committee on Agriculture. Set of 2, Fall 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-266Charles Hatcher receiving "Peace Through Strength Award", Spring 1983.
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/4" x 9")
169CFH-PF-267Charles Hatcher with Georgia Supreme Court Justice George Smith. Autographed, 1983.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-268Charles Hatcher on "SCSI" tour in Columbus, GA, March 31, 1983.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 4 3/4")
169CFH-PF-269Charles Hatcher with Bob Harden, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-270Charles Hatcher with Albany constituents, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-271Charles Hatcher in classroom, 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-272Charles Hatcher with Tommy and Nancy Chambless, June 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-273Charles Hatcher with Richard and Freda Dudley. Autographed, July 1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-274Charles Hatcher with J. Roy Rowland and Wayne Dowdy, circa 1983-1984.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-275Charles Hatcher with Valdosta students, circa 1983-1984.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-275ACharles Hatcher with student, circa 1982-1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-276Charles Hatcher with Albany Chamber of Commerce, circa 1982-1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-277Charles Hatcher with Edith Ellis of Albany, GA, circa 1982-1983.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-278Charles Hatcher with State Representative Henry Reeves, circa 1982-1983.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-279Charles Hatcher with Rents family of Bainbridge, GA, circa 1982-1983.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-280Charles Hatcher with woman, 1982.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-281Charles Hatcher with man, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10)
169CFH-PF-282Charles Hatcher with woman, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-283Charles Hatcher with Russ Ramey, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-284Charles Hatcher with Mark Sanders, 1982.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-285Charles Hatcher, 1982.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-286Charles Hatcher with Dr. Chappell, Joyce Collins and staff member Krysta Harden, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-287Charles Hatcher with Ken Sistrunk, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-288Charles Hatcher with woman, [circa 1982]
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-289Charles Hatcher with student, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-290Charles Hatcher with FAA student, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-291Charles Hatcher with Representative Charlie Rose (NC). Set of 2, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-292Charles Hatcher with Cathy Brown, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-293Charles Hatcher with. Earl Nichols and Morris Rentz of Bainbridge, GA, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-294Charles Hatcher with Gene Caruso and wife, of Albany, GA, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-295Charles Hatcher with constituents, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-296Charles Hatcher with staff: Harry McDougald, Diane Adams, Brenda O'Connor, Carter Brown, Bill Adams, Jim Reese, Rose Cathings, Jan Baggett, Krysta Harden, January 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-297Charles Hatcher with James Lee Adams, Jr. of Camilla, GA, 1982.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-298Charles Hatcher with student, 1982.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-299Charles Hatcher with Kathy and David Prisant, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-300Charles Hatcher with Jenny and Mary Gray, Polly and Ellen Hatcher. Set of 3, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-301Charles Hatcher senior citizen interns "Mac" McLendon and Wilhelmina A. Dennis of Albany, GA. Autographed, 1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-302Charles Hatcher at desk, 1982.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5 1/8")
169CFH-PF-303Charles Hatcher with Sheriff Carter, Ivey Plair and James Black, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (b/w, 4 3/4" x 5 3/4")
169CFH-PF-304Charles Hatcher at meeting. 2 copies, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-305Charles Hatcher with Wes Watkins and Glenn English, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-306Charles Hatcher on House Committee on Agriculture, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-307Charles Hatcher with B. Bedell on House Committee on Small Business, [circa 1981-1982]
Extent: (b/w, 7 1/8" x 9")
169CFH-PF-308Charles Hatcher with Representative Ike Skelton (MO), circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-309Charles Hatcher with Carlton Watkins, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-310Charles Hatcher on House Committee on Agriculture. Set of 2, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (1 b/w, 8" x 10") (1 color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-311Charles Hatcher with student intern, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-312Charles Hatcher with Sam Davis and wife of Albany, GA, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-313Charles Hatcher with constituents, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-314Charles Hatcher at Weather Radio Dedication, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (b/w, 5 1/4" x 6")
169CFH-PF-315Portrait of Charles Hatcher, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-316Charles Hatcher with student, circa 1981-1982.
Extent: (color, 8"x 10")
169CFH-PF-317Charles Hatcher at town meeting, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-318Charles Hatcher at Farm Bill conference, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-319Photos of Charles Hatcher from article in U.S. News and World Report, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-320Charles Hatcher at meeting. Set of 3, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 3 1/2" x 5")
169CFH-PF-321Charles Hatcher testifying at Committee on Agriculture. 3 copies, 1981.
Extent: (5" x 7")
169CFH-PF-322Charles Hatcher with President Ronald Reagan, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-323Charles Hatcher at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Set of 10, April 13, 1981.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-324Charles Hatcher at podium. Set of 3, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-325Charles Hatcher at desk. Set of 6, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-326Charles Hatcher with student, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
169CFH-PF-327Charles Hatcher at Farm Bill interview, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-328Charles Hatcher at function. Set of 2, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-329Charles Hatcher choosing first office, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
169CFH-PF-330Charles Hatcher at office opening, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 6 3/4" x 8")
169CFH-PF-331Charles Hatcher with staff: Bill Adams, Brenda O'Connor, Harry MacDougald, Jan Baggett, Mark Sanders, Carter Brown, Diane Adams, Krysta Harden, Bob Redding, Tim Golden, 1981.
Extent: (color, 7 1/8" x 9")
170CFH-PF-332Charles Hatcher at construction site, 1981.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-333Charles Hatcher with Valdosta Mayor Nizem and wife and Fred Del, [early 1980s]
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7 1/4")
170CFH-PF-334Charles Hatcher, [circa 1979-1980]
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-335Charles Hatcher, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-336Charles Hatcher with man, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-337Charles Hatcher with Henry Mims, of Advisory Board of the Georgia Peanut Commission outside U.S. Capital building, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-338Charles Hatcher with Claude Pepper, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-339Charles Hatcher with NFIB President Wilson Johnson, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-340Charles Hatcher with "Mr. Robinson" and unidentified man, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-341Charles Hatcher with cousin Ronnie Hatcher. Autographed, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-342Charles Hatcher with Jim Reese, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-343Charles Hatcher with school group on steps of U.S. Capital building, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
170CFH-PF-344Charles Hatcher with group, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-345Charles Hatcher at Brother Harris Day with Judge Herb Phipps of Albany, GA, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-346Charles Hatcher with two men on city street, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-347Charles Hatcher with Georgia state legislators. Set of 11, [circa late 1970's or early 1980's]
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-348Charles Hatcher with Harris Day & Ersany Dent during, 1992.
Extent: (b/w, 4" x 5")
170CFH-PF-349Charles Hatcher with C.M. Stripling & Jimmy Rhodes during, 1992.
Extent: (color, 4" x 6")
170CFH-PF-350Charles Hatcher at Archibald Hospital, Thomasville, GA. Set of 6, 1992.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-351"A Day to Remember," Charles Hatcher's visit to Nash County, NC. Set of 68, March 25, 1991.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-352Charles Hatcher with Mort Ewing, President of Georgia Farm Bureau. Set of 3, 1991.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-353Charles Hatcher at ABAC Experiment Station. Set of 2, 1991.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-354Charles Hatcher at fund raiser, Photo includes T. Marshall Jones on keyboards. Autographed, 1991.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-355Charles Hatcher with Tifton, GA award winners. Set of 5, 1991.
Extent: (3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-356Charles Hatcher at Valdosta, GA High School half time celebration in his honor, Includes photo of Valdosta mayor Jimmy Rairwaken. Set of 3, 1991.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-357Charles Hatcher with Zell Miller, 1991.
Extent: (color, 4" x 6")
170CFH-PF-358Charles Hatcher in Valdosta, GA with Major Rairwaken. Set of 8, 1991.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-359Charles Hatcher receiving "Peace Through Strength Victory Award," Photo includes ASC President Steve Ritchie, Congressman Buddy Darden, Duncan Hunter, and Dr. Robert H. Spiro, December 2, 1991.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-360Charles Hatcher at Barwick, GA town meeting. Set of 15, 1991.
Extent: (color, 11 3 1/2" x 5") (4 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-361Charles Hatcher at North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture, James Graham Roast. Set of 8, June 27, 1991.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-362Charles Hatcher with staff member Tim Golden and Speaker of the Georgia House, Tom Murphy. Set of 2, January 1991.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-363Charles Hatcher with Helen Butler and Krysta Harden, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-364Charles Hatcher at Richard Ray Day. Set of 5, 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-365Charles Hatcher at Lenox, GA town meeting. Set of 6, 1990.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-366Charles Hatcher at "Hunt for Industry," in Seminole County, GA, Includes Bill Taylor, Clark Fain, Jr., Ray Roberts and Jack Mills. Set of 2, December 14, 1990.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-367Charles Hatcher, June 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-368Charles Hatcher with Eagle Scouts. Set of 3, June 1990.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-369Charles Hatcher with Georgia Congressmen commemorating American Disabilities Act, Includes John Lewis, Roy Roland, Ben Jones, Buddy Darden, Lindsay Thomas and Carol Waldrop, May 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
170CFH-PF-370Charles Hatcher with American Security Council. 3 copies, May 1990.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-371Charles Hatcher with Southwest Georgia Academy students, Damascus, GA. Set of 4, February 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-372Charles Hatcher with Political Science Club, Albany State [College], February 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-373Charles Hatcher with "Coach" Jones and Hugh Bailey, February 1990.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-374Charles Hatcher with Albany/ Dougherty Clean Community mascot. Set of 4. 2 letters included, December 1989.
Extent: (2 color/ 2 b/w, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-375Charles Hatcher visiting unidentified office with Rosemary Weston, August 1989.
Extent: (color, 8"x 10")
170CFH-PF-376Charles Hatcher with Georgia State Representatives Ray Holland and Jack Cornell, February 1989.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-377Charles Hatcher at Marine Ball. Set of 3., November 1988.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-378Charles Hatcher accepting NADCO Award for promoting Small Business, June 1978.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
170CFH-PF-379Charles Hatcher meeting President Mobuto of Zaire, June 1988.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-380Charles Hatcher at Sunny Dale Training Center. Set of 4, April 1988.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-381Charles Hatcher with Georgia Automobile Association, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 12")
170CFH-PF-382Charles Hatcher receiving "Guardian of Small Business" Award from the National Federation of Independent Business, [Oct 1988]
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-383Charles Hatcher receiving "Watchdog of Treasury" Award from Watchdog Chairman John Bryan. Set of 2, September 22, 1988.
Extent: (color, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-384Charles Hatcher with Georgia State Representative Thomas B. Buck at "Ichauway". Set of 4, [circa Winter 1987-1988]
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 4 1/2")
170CFH-PF-385Charles Hatcher receiving 1987 National Security Leadership Award, October 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
170CFH-PF-386Charles Hatcher at Small Business Committee Hearings. Set of 8, September-October 1987
Extent: (b/w, 4 7"x9") (4 5"x7")
170CFH-PF-387Charles Hatcher at Morgan, GA town meeting. Set of 2, August 1987.
Extent: (color, 4" x 6")
170CFH-PF-388Charles Hatcher at Pike's Pike, August 1987.
Extent: (color, 4" x 6")
170CFH-PF-389Charles Hatcher at Albany, GA office. Set of 2, August 1987.
Extent: (color, 4" x 6")
170CFH-PF-390Charles Hatcher at desk, July 1987.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-391Charles Hatcher at Pesticide Subcommittee hearing, June 1987.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
170CFH-PF-392Charles Hatcher's visit to Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA. Set of 23, August 28, 1981.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-393Charles Hatcher with Congressman Ray Mitchell and Jimmy Davis. Set of 4, undated.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-394Charles Hatcher with Manford Riley, Gil Camp and staff member Krysta Harden. Autographed, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-395Charles Hatcher with unidentified man, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
170CFH-PF-396Charles Hatcher at Thomasville, GA Chamber of Commerce, "Highway 19" inscribed under photo in album, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 8")
170CFH-PF-397Charles Hatcher at ground breaking ceremony, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-398Charles Hatcher at Spencer School, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-399Charles Hatcher at 2nd District ACCG, Blakely, GA, [August 19]
Extent: (b/w, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-400Charles Hatcher at Bainbridge, GA High School. Set of 4, undated.
Extent: (color, 4" x 6")
170CFH-PF-401Charles Hatcher with unidentified men, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-402Charles Hatcher with "Yogi Bear," Photo by Roll Call photographer, Andrea Mohin, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 6 3/4" x 9 1/2")
170CFH-PF-403Charles Hatcher in Quitman, GA. Set of 4, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 1 3 1/4" x 4 1/3") (1 4 1/4" x 6 1/2") (1 4 1/4 x 6 1/4") (1 3" x 4 1/4")
170CFH-PF-405Charles Hatcher at Valdosta, GA Regional Airport. Set of 4, [July 20, 19[?]
Extent: (b/w 1 4 1/2" x 6 1/2") (3 4 3/4 x 6 3/4)
170CFH-PF-406Charles Hatcher, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-407Charles Hatcher at retirement home. Set of 5, undated.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-408Charles Hatcher at meeting, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-409Charles Hatcher receiving "Spirit of Enterprise" Award. 3 copies, undated.
Extent: (color, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-410Charles Hatcher at warehouse. Set of 3, undated.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-411Charles Hatcher. Set of 3, undated.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-412Charles Hatcher, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
170CFH-PF-413Charles Hatcher in Valdosta, GA. Set of 6, undated.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-414Charles Hatcher visiting factory. Set of 19, undated.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-415Charles Hatcher with U. S. Air Force Thunderbirds, Warner Robbins, GA. Set of 2, June 1992.
Extent: (color, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-416Charles Hatcher at National Read Aloud Day, Isabella Elementary School, April 16, 1992.
Extent: (color, 3" x 5")
170CFH-PF-417Charles Hatcher with Ray Knight and Nancy Lopez, February 1992.
Extent: (color, 5" x 7")
170CFH-PF-418Charles Hatcher on Hong Kong tour. Set of 20, January 6-11, 1992.
Extent: (color, 4" x 6")
170CFH-PF-419Charles Hatcher at Tobacco Growers Association meeting. Set of 4, 1992.
Extent: (color, 3 3 1/2" x 5") (1 4" x 6")
170CFH-PF-420Royal Air Force Memorial honoring British cadets who trained in Albany, GA, 1941-1943, October 19, 1991.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-421Charles Hatcher with Lee Culpepper, June 15, 1991.
Extent: (color, 3 1/2" x 5")
170CFH-PF-422Charles Hatcher at U.S. Mint First Strike ceremony, June 14, 1989.
Extent: (b/w, 8"x 10")
170CFH-PF-423Albany Housing Authority. Set of 13, March 1989
Extent: (color, 4" x 6")
170CFH-PF-424Portrait of Charles Hatcher, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
171CFH-PF-425AGM 129A Air Launched Cruise Missile carried on B 52 H, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
171CFH-PF-426Charles Hatcher speaking to group, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
171CFH-PF-427Charles Hatcher with man, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
171CFH-PF-428Charles Hatcher with group of men. 5 copies, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
171CFH-PF-429Charles Hatcher with woman, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
171CFH-PF-430Charles Hatcher with constituents. 2 copies, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
171CFH-PF-431Charles Hatcher with 2 women. 3 copies, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
171CFH-PF-432Charles Hatcher with woman, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
171CFH-PF-433Charles Hatcher with family outside U.S. Capital building. 3 copies, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
171CFH-PF-434Charles Hatcher with family outside U.S. Capital building. 4 copies, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
171CFH-PF-435Charles Hatcher at Veterans Administration Medical Center, Includes photo with Homer Hewitt of Adel, GA and negative strips. Set of 5, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10)
171CFH-PF-436Photo of framed sketch, undated.
Extent: (color, 8" x 10")
171CFH-PF-437Scenes from Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD. Set of 3, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 8" x 10")
171CFH-PF-438Charles Hatcher with Anothy Ferriero of Moultrie, GA, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 7" x 9")
171CFH-PF-439Charles Hatcher at congressional hearing, undated.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")
171CFH-PF-440Vietnam Memorial, Washington, D.C., undated.
Extent: (b/w, 5" x 7")

VI. Audiovisual Materials

Extent: 1.0 items
Conditions Governing Access note: Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.
UC RBRL/044/CFH/VHS_93-19FMR Group, Hatcher for Congress, "New District," "Reform," "Old District," "Education", 1992 June 17
Extent: 1.0 moving image