Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection, Subgroup D: Winder PapersRichard B. Russell, Jr. Collection, Subgroup D: Winder Papers

Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection, Subgroup D: Winder Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection, Subgroup D: Winder Papers
Creator: Russell, Richard B., (Richard Brevard), 1897-1971
Dates: 1897-1971
Extent: 133.0 boxes (68.25 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL/001/RBR
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection Subgroup D: Winder Papers were gathered at the request of the Russell Estate executors in the early 1980s, Russell Library staff appraised materials at the Russell family home place in Winder, Georgia, for the purpose of identifying those items which should be added to the collection at the Library. Staff members had full access to search the house and property to locate materials. This addendum to the original conveyance of the Senator's collection documents his personal life and early career and fills gaps in documentation provided by materials already at the Library. The Winder Materials are divided into five series: Early Years, School Years, Georgia Legislative and Pre-Gubernatorial Years, Georgia Gubernatorial Years, and United States Senatorial Years. Any additional non-textual materials originally filed with papers were removed for preservation purposes and improved access. These materials include photographs, audiovisual items, scrapbooks, vertical files, memorabilia, and books.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Richard Brevard Russell, Jr. held public office for fifty years as a state legislator, governor, and U.S. senator. The highlights of his legislative career included support of non-interventionist foreign policy, passage of the National School Lunch Program, securing funding for military installations and research facilities—including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—and his opposition to equal rights for African Americans, most evident in the filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Russell was born in Winder, GA on November 2, 1897, to Judge Richard B. Russell, Sr. and Ina Dillard Russell, a teacher. He was the fourth of thirteen children and the first son. He earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Georgia in 1918. After a brief period practicing law, Russell ran for and won a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives in 1920. In 1927, he was elected Speaker of the House, a position he held until 1931. In 1930, Russell ran for governor against a crowded field of seasoned candidates, but he was victorious thanks to a grassroots campaign and his skill in door-to-door canvassing. He took the oath of office in June 1931 but only spent eighteen months as governor before the death of Senator William J. Harris presented him with the opportunity to run for the United States Senate.

Russell entered the U.S. Senate in 1933 and served until his death in 1971. He became one of the Senate's most influential members. During his tenure, he served sixteen years as chair of the Armed Services Committee and held a seat on the Appropriation Committee that spanned his tenure in the Senate. Additionally, Russell held positions on the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, the Committee on Immigration, the Aeronautical and Space Sciences Committee, and the Democratic Policy and Democratic Steering Committees.

Although he wielded considerable power through these committee appointments, Russell did not seek a position in the Senate leadership. Instead, he supported the ambitions of his protégé, Senator Lyndon Johnson from Texas for majority whip and later for majority leader. Russell ended his career as president pro tempore of the Senate—a post reserved for the member with the longest tenure in the Senate—making him third in the line of presidential succession.

Russell was known for his support of national defense, non-interventionist foreign policy, and his advocacy for agricultural interests (particularly those in Georgia). Russell opposed the United States entangling itself in international conflicts, especially in Vietnam and the Congo. In agricultural policy, the creation of the National School Lunch Program in 1946 was his most significant achievement for the nation's farmers. The program had the double effect of providing nutritious meals for schoolchildren while avoiding an economic crash by giving farmers a way to sell their surplus produce.

Russell's opposition to civil rights legislation overshadowed his many legislative achievements. He began contesting civil rights legislation as early as 1935 when he joined the other 17 senators in the Southern Bloc in voting against the Costigan-Wagner anti-lynching bill. Over three decades, Russell developed a reputation as a defender of “white traditions” and white supremacy.

During the Senate’s debate of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Russell led the Southern Bloc in a sixty-day filibuster in an attempt to prevent the bill’s passage, vowing to “resist to the bitter end any measure or any movement which would have a tendency to bring about social equality and intermingling and amalgamation of the races.” The filibuster came to an end only after a partnership of moderate Republicans and northern Democrats introduced a compromise bill that garnered the sixty-seven votes needed to invoke cloture and end the filibuster. The substitute civil rights bill passed on June 19 by a margin of 73-27.

Though Russell advised against attempts to resist the Civil Rights Act at the state level, he remained unapologetic in his criticism of it. In a speech given in the Senate on June 18, 1964, Russell sought to encourage the other members of the Southern Bloc, saying “…there will never come a time when it will be necessary for any one of us to apologize for his conduct or his courage.”

Russell left behind a list of political and legislative achievements and a reputation for mastery of legislative strategy. Despite his other distinctions, racial animus and obstructionism would become the most remembered aspects of his legacy. As biographer Gilbert Fite noted, Russell might well have achieved more, were it not for his racial views.

Scope and Content

Subgroup D. Winder Papers were gathered at the request of the Russell Estate executors in the early 1980s, Russell Library staff appraised materials at the Russell family home place in Winder, Georgia, for the purpose of identifying those items which should be added to the collection at the Library. Staff members had full access to search the house and property to locate materials. This addendum to the original conveyance of the Senator's collection documents his personal life and early career and fills gaps in documentation provided by materials already at the Library.

Organization and Arrangement

Subgroup D. Winder Papers are organized into five series: Early Years, School Years, Georgia Legislative and Pre-Gubernatorial Years, Georgia Gubernatorial Years, and United States Senatorial Years.

Administrative Information and Restrictions

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Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, The University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia.

Processing Notes

Clippings have been copied onto bond paper for protection of content. Artifacts, photographs, books, and audiovisual materials have been separated for preservation purposes and inventoried.

User Restrictions

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Copyright Information

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Finding aid prepared by Russell staff, 2008.

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United States. Congress. Senate--Cloture.
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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Subgroup D. Winder Papers, 1897-1971

Extent: 133.0 boxes (68.25 linear feet)
Scope and Content: At the request of the Russell Estate executors in the early 1980s, Russell Library staff appraised materials at the Russell family home place in Winder, Georgia, for the purpose of identifying those items which should be added to the collection at the Library. Staff members had full access to search the house and property to locate materials. This addendum to the original conveyance of the Senator's collection documents his personal life and early career and fills gaps in documentation provided by materials already at the Library. The Winder Materials are divided into five series: Early Years, School Years, Georgia Legislative and Pre-Gubernatorial Years, Georgia Gubernatorial Years, and United States Senatorial Years.

I. Early Years

Extent: 1.0 box (.5 linear feet)
Scope and Contents note: Family letters to the senator and his family reveal a biographical text, tracing the intellectual development of the future senator from Georgia. The letters were written while Russell was growing up in Winder, Georgia. In fact, the first letter ever written to the senator was from one of his maternal uncles, Miles Hill Dillard, two days after his birth. Miles provided baby Russell advice on how to live a good life and why he should not go into politics, but into public service. This series also includes diaries, school notes, printed materials, and postcards.
I.1 1Personal, Family, 1897-1898
I.1 2Personal, Family, 1906-1910
I.1 3Personal Family, Parents, 1908-1909
I.1 4Personal Correspondence, 1905-1908
I.1 5Personal, Correspondence, 1909-1910
I.1 6Personal, Correspondence, 1908-1910
I.1 7Personal, Diaries, School Notes, 1901, 1908-1911
I.1 8Personal, Diaries and School Notes, 1908-1911
I.1 9Personal, Diaries and School Notes, 1908-1911
I.1 10Personal, Postcards [blank]
I.1 11Personal, Printed Materials, 1908-1910

II. School Years

Extent: 5.0 boxes (2.5 linear feet)
Scope and Contents note: Richard B. Russell, Jr. began his educational experience at home where a governess taught him and his siblings until 1910. He then attended the Gordon Institute at Barnesville, Georgia, from 1911 to 1913 and again in 1915, and graduated from the Seventh District Agricultural and Mechanical School at Powder Springs, Georgia, in 1914. In 1915 Russell entered the University of Georgia and was active in various social clubs and societies, including the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Social Fraternity, the Gridiron Club, the Jeffersonian Law Society and the Phi Kappa Literary Society. He graduated in 1918 with a Bachelor of Laws degree.
Included in this series are notes, class work, diaries, postcards, printed materials, and correspondence. The correspondence includes letters from his family, especially his parents, encouraging Russell to work hard and do well in his studies. Judge Russell reveals especially his hopes for his namesake's political future.
A. Correspondence
II.1 1Family, 1911
II.1 2Family, 1912 January-May
II.1 3Family, 1912 September-December
II.1 4Family, 1913 January-May
II.1 5Family, 1913 September-December
II.1 6Family, 1914
II.1 7Family, 1915
II.1 8Family, 1916
II.1 9Family, 1917
II.2 1Parents, 1911 November-December
II.2 2Parents, 1912 January-March
II.2 3Parents, Sept.-Oct., 1911
II.2 4Parents, Apr.-June, 1912
II.2 5Parents, Sept.-Dec., 1912
II.2 6Parents, Jan.-May, 1913
II.2 7Parents, Sept.-Dec., 1913
II.3 1Parents, Jan.-March, 1914
II.3 2Parents, Apr.-July, 1914
II.3 3Parents, Jan.-Mar., 1914, 1915
II.3 4Parents, Apr.-May, Jul., 1915
II.3 5Parents, Sept.-Dec., 1915
II.3 6Parents, Feb.-May, 1916
II.3 7Parents, 1917
II.3 8Parents, May, 1918
II.4 1Personal, 1911
II.4 2Personal, 1912
II.4 3Personal, Feb.-Aug., 1913
II.4 4Personal, Sept.-Dec., 1913
II.4 5Personal, Jan.-May, 1914
II.4 6Personal, June-Dec., 1914
II.4 7Personal, 1915
II.4 8Personal, Jan.-March, 1916
II.4 9Personal, Apr.-Dec., 1916
II.4 10Personal, 1917
II.4 11Personal, Jan.-May, 1918
B. Subject Files
II.5 1Illness, 1915-1916
II.5 2Notebooks and Diaries
II.5 3Printed Materials
II.5 4Notes
II.5 5Bound Notes and Ledgers
II.5 6Receipts
II.5 7Invitations and Dance Cards, 1911-1918
II.5 8Invitations and Dance Cards
II.5 9Social Programs, 1913-1918, undated

III. Georgia Legislative and Pre-Gubernatorial Years

Extent: 15.0 boxes
Extent: (6.5 linear feet)
Scope and Contents note: This series complements Subgroup A. Georgia Legislative/Speaker of the House Papers and documents Russell's beginnings as a politician and his work in the state legislature. Divided into legislative and political, personal, subject, 1930 campaign, and general files spanning the 1920s, this series illustrates issues central to that decade's politics on the state level. The series also includes files relating to Russell's father's unsuccessful campaign for the United States Senate in 1926, which the younger Russell managed.
A. Legislative and Political
1. Correspondence
III.11Correspondence, 1920
III.12Correspondence, Jan.-May 1921
III.13Correspondence, June 14-15, 1921
III.14Correspondence, June 16-30, 1921
III.15Correspondence, Jan.-June, 1922
III.16Correspondence, Jan.-June, 1922
III.17Correspondence, July, 1932
III.18Correspondence, Aug., 1922
III.19Correspondence, Sept., 1922
III.110Correspondence, Oct., 1922
III.21Correspondence, 1923
III.22Correspondence, 1924
III.23Correspondence, 1925
III.24Correspondence, 1926
III.25Correspondence, Feb.-May 1927
III.26Correspondence, June 1-17, 1927
III.27Correspondence, June 18-20, 1927
III.28Correspondence, June 21-30, 1927
III.29Correspondence, Jul.-Dec. 1927
III.210Correspondence, 1928
III.211Correspondence, June 1929
III.212Correspondence, July-Dec. 1929
III.213Correspondence, 1930
2. Subject Files
III.35Richard B. Russell, Jr., Camp. #2
III.36Campaigns, Richard B. Russell, Sr., Chief Justice, 1922
III.37Directories, 1921, 1924, 1929-1930
III.41Legislative Materials, 1919-1920
III.42Legislative Materials, 1921
III.43Legislative Materials, 1921
III.44Legislative Materials, 1922-1924
III.45Legislative Materials, 1927
III.46Legislative Materials, 1928-1929
III.47Legislative Materials, 1930, undated
III.48Legislative Materials
III.51Clippings, 1923-1929
III.52News Cut Blocks, undated
III.53Clippings, 1926-1928
III.54Newspapers, 1927
III.55Materials, 1919-1922
III.62Speeches, 1922-1927
III.63Speeches, 1927
III.64Speeches by others, 1923-1929
III.66Speeches, 1928-1930
III.151Speaker - Legislation Lists, circa 1927
III.152Comparative Tax Figures, 1927
III.153Georgia General Assembly Directories, 1927-1928
III.154Legislative Manual, 1927-1928
III.155Correspondence, 1927
B. Personal
1. Correspondence
III.71Correspondence, June-Dec., 1918
III.72Correspondence, Jan.-June, 1919
III.73Correspondence, Jul.-Dec., 1919
III.74Correspondence, Parents, Oct.-Nov., 1918-1919
III.75Correspondence, Family, 1919-1920
III.76Correspondence, Relatives, 1918, 1920-1927
III.77Correspondence, Jan.-April, 1920
III.78Correspondence, May-Sep., 1920
III.79Correspondence, Oct.-Dec., 1920
III.710Correspondence, Parents, 1922-1930
III.81Correspondence, June-May 1921
III.82Correspondence, June-Dec., 1921
III.83Correspondence, Jan.,-April 1921
III.84Correspondence, Jan.,-April, 1923
III.85Correspondence, May-Dec. 1922
III.86Correspondence, May-Sep., 1923
III.87Correspondence, 1924
III.88Correspondence, 1925
III.89Correspondence, 1926
III.91Correspondence, 1927
III.92Correspondence, 1928
III.93Correspondence, 1929
III.94Correspondence, 1929
III.96Invitations, 1926-1929
III.97Invitations, 1919-1923
III.101Christmas Cards, 1920-1924
III.102Christmas Cards, 1927-1928
III.103Correspondence, 1929
III.104Correspondence, Christmas, 1929
III.105Christmas Cards, 1929
2. Subject Files

IV. Georgia Gubernatorial Years

Extent: 6.0 boxes
Extent: (3 linear feet)
Scope and Contents note: This series complements Subgroup B. Georgia Gubernatorial Papers and completes the record of Russell's governorship. The official records are at the Georgia Department of Archives and History. The series is divided into 1930 campaign files and general files of correspondence, subjects, clippings, and speech. Topics include government reorganization, budget, judicial system, cotton situation, and state politics.
A. 1930 Campaign
IV.11Addresses-Miscellaneous, Clippings and Handouts, 1930
IV.12Addresses-Miscellaneous, 1930
IV.13Addresses-Miscellaneous, Correspondence, Jan-May, 1930
IV.14Correspondence, June-Aug., 1930
IV.15Correspondence, Sept.-Oct., 1930
IV.16George H. Carswell, 1930
IV.17John N. Holder, 1928-1930
IV.18Meetings, 1930
IV.19Memos, 1930
IV.110Memo and Handbills, 1930
IV.111Miscellaneous, 1930
IV.21Correspondence, Miscellaneous Politics, 1930
IV.22Platform-Pictures, Miscellaneous, April-Sept. 1930
IV.23Publicity Clippings and Handbills, 1928-1930
IV.24Publicity-Speeches, May-Oct., 1930
IV.25Publicity- Miscellaneous, 1930
IV.26Publicity-Speeches, 1930
IV.27E. D. Rivers, March-Sept. 1930
IV.28Speeches and Handouts, 1930
IV.29Speeches and Press Releases by Others, Oct. 1929-Oct. 1930
IV.31Speeches by Richard by Russell, Jr., undated
IV.32Speeches by Richard B. Russell, Jr., undated
IV.33Speeches and Press Releases by Russell, Jr., Sept.-Oct. 1930
IV.34Voting, 1930
IV.35Vote tallies, 1930
IV.36Speeches, 1930-1932
IV.37Financial Statement, 1930
IV.38Speeches, Press Releases, 1930
IV.39Personal Correspondence, 1930-1932
IV.310Personal Material, 1931
B. General
IV.41Correspondence and Subject Files, Budget, 1931
IV.42Correspondence and Subject Files, Nov. 1931
IV.43Correspondence and Subject Files, Cotton, Jan. 1932
IV.44Correspondence and Subject Files, Cotton, 1931
IV.45Correspondence and Subject Files, Cotton, Jan. 1932
IV.46Correspondence and Subject Files, Cotton, Feb.-Dec. 1932
IV.47Correspondence and Subject Files, Correspondence, 1931-1932
IV.48Correspondence and Subject Files, Governor-elect Correspondence, Oct. 1930-June 1931
IV.49Correspondence and Subject Files, Miscellaneous, 1931
IV.410Correspondence and Subject Files, Miscellaneous, undated
IV.411Correspondence and Subject Files, World Court, 1931-1932
IV.412Correspondence and Subject Files, Yearbook, 1931
IV.51Clippings, Russell, Jr. Scrapbook Clippings, 1930
IV.52Clippings, June 1931
IV.53Clippings, February 1931
IV.54Clippings, March 1931
IV.55Clippings, March 1931
IV.56Clippings, April 1931
IV.57Clippings, April 1931
IV.58Clippings, April 1931
IV.61Clippings, May 1931
IV.62Clippings, May 1931
IV.63Clippings, May 1931
IV.64Clippings, June 1931
IV.65Clippings, June 1931
IV.66clippings, July 1932 (1928)
IV.67Speech-Address before Reorganization Committee, April 28, 1931
IV.68Speech-Judicial system Address
IV.69Speech - Message to General Assembly, Jan. 10, 1933
IV.610Speeches by Others, 1931
IV.611Clippings, 1931-1932
IV.612Correspondence, 1930
IV.613Event: Druid Hills Baptist Church, 1931 August 2

V. United States Senatorial Years

Extent: 106.0 boxes
Extent: (51.75 linear feet)
Scope and Contents note: The Senatorial Years series comprises files maintained by Senator Russell and his staff in his district office in Winder and at his home; the files parallel those in Subgroup C. United States Senatorial Papers. The series also includes some files which were sent directly to Winder from Washington after Russell's death. The papers are divided into eleven subseries: intra-office, speech/media, early office, personal, political, political patronage, official, legislative, civil rights, general, and international. Of special interest are files related to Russell's 1932 senatorial campaign against Charles Crisp, his 1936 senatorial campaign against Eugene Talmadge and his 1952 presidential campaign. The series should be used in conjunction with use of Subgroup C. for research.
A. Intra-Office
V.11Daybook, 1954
V.12Daybook, 1953
V.13Daybook, 1952
V.14Daybook, 1951
V.15Daybook, 1950
V.16Daybook, 1949
V.17Daybook, 1945
V.18Daybook, 1943
V.19Daybook, 1942
V.110Daybook, 1939
V.21Calendars, 1947, 1946
V.22Calendars, 1941, 1942
V.23Calendars, 1943, 1944
V.24Calendar; and Daybook, 1970,1942
V.31Daybook, 1964
V.32Daybook, 1965
V.33Daybook, 1966
V.34Daybook, 1967
V.41Daybook, 1968
V.42Daybook, 1969
V.43Telephone Directories
V.44Appointment Book
V.52Pocket Datebooks
V.53Calendar, 1960
V.54Calendar, 1961
V.55Calendar, 1962
V.61Calendar, 1963
V.62Daybook, 1970
V.63Daybook, 1969
V.64Daybook, 1962
V.65Daybook, 1961
V.66Daybook, 1959
V.67Daybook, 1958
V.68Daybook, 1957
V.69Daybook, 1956
V.610Daybook, 1955
V.71Memorandum, 1970
V.72Memorandum, 1969
V.73Memorandum, 1959-1969
V.74Memorandum, 1968
V.75Memorandum, July-Dec. 1967
V.76Memorandum, Jan-July 1967
V.77Memorandum, 1965-1966
V.78Memorandum, 1962, 1963
V.79Memorandum, 1960
V.710Memorandum, 1955-1959
V.711Memorandum, 1956
V.712Memorandum, 1954
V.713Memorandum, 1953
V.991-5File Inventory to Storage, 1966-1971
V.996D.C. Office - Order of Files, 1965 May
V.997-8File Inventory to Storage, 1960-1964
V.999To Be Filed in Storage Files, 1969
B. Speech/Media
1. Speech
V.81Speech by Russell, Jr., Russell Agricultural Research Center Dedication, April 24, 1954
V.82Speech by Russell, Jr., Stone Mountain Speech, April 24, 1954
V.83Speech, Old Warhorse Lawyers Club, April 24, 1954
V.84Speech by Russell, Jr., Senate Activity, perhaps notes for a 1970 press conference?, circa 1970
V.85Speech by Russell, Jr., Metropolitan Area Council of Chambers of Commerce, April 24, 1954
V.86Speech by Russell, Jr., Georgia Association Soil Conservation District Supper, Macon, Nov. 4, 1962
V.87Speech by Russell, Jr., Alumni Society, 1967
V.88Speech, Citadel, June 2, 1962
V.89Speech by Russell, Jr., Oconee River Soil Conservation, Dec. 16, 1960
V.810Speech, Talmadge Unveiling, Nov. 11, 1960
V.811Speech by Russell, Jr., Joint Civic Clubs, Gray, GA, Oct. 28, 1959
V.812Speech, DAR, April 24, 1954
V.813Speech, University of Georgia Law Day, April 24, 1954
V.814Speech, Passing of Clyde Roark Hoey, April 24, 1954
V.815Speeches by Russell, Jr., 1935
V.816Speech by Russell, Jr., Bicentennial Midway Church Speech, April 24, 1954
V.817Speech, Stevenson-Eisenhower Race for Presidency, Oct. 21, 1952
V.818Speech, Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner Raleigh, N.C., Feb. 28, 1953
V.819Speech, Gwinnett Memorial Park, April 24, 1954
V.820Speech, Winder Chamber of Commerce, Dec. 20, 1951
V.821Speech by Russell, Jr. [Foreign Policy], circa 1951
V.822Speech, Rural Ministers, Emory University, circa 1947
V.823-24 Speech, End of European War, Georgia State College for Women Convocation 55th Year, Sep. 24, 1945
V.825Speech, Gordon Homecoming, Oct. 9, 1936
V.826Speech, Sigma Delta Kappa, April 24, 1954
V.827Speech, Georgia Bicentennial, circa 1933
V.828Speech, Armistice Day
V.829Speech, Baptist BYPN
V.830Speech, C-5A Contingency Funds
V.831Speech by Russell, Jr., Church Speech Winder
V.832Speech by Russell, Jr., NRA, 1935
V.833Speech, Civil Rights
V.834Speech, Crawford W. Long Stamp
V.835Speech by Russell, Jr., REA [rural electrification administration] Dedication, Barnesville
V.836Speech by Russell, Jr., Eighteen-year-old vote
V.837Speech, Hogansville
V.838Speech by Russell, Jr., Independent Lawyer
V.839Speech, Mountbatten (Legionnaires)
V.840Postwar Conditions and Help for Europe
V.841Speech by Russell, Jr., Senate Speeches, 1960s
V.842Speech, National Guard
V.843Speech, West Point
V.844Speech by Russell, Jr., unidentified
V.91Speech, Others, Smith, Charles L., April 24, 1954
V.92Speech, Others, Byrnes, James F., Dec. 8, 1938
V.93Speech, Others, Congressman Speech, 1934
V.94Speech, Others, Anderson Speech, 1934
V.95Speech, Others, Crozier, Alfred Owen, April 24, 1954
V.96Speech, Marvin Griffin’s Introduction, Russell, Jr., Jefferson/Jackson Day, April 24, 1954
V.97Speech, Material, Dawson Peanut Speech, 1935
V.98Speech, Material
V.9910Speech Regarding U.S. Constitution to Georgia American Bar Association
V.9911Senate Speech - NSDAR [National Society Daughters of the American Revolution] - 65th Continental Congress, 1957 April 4
V.9912Notes, circa 1950
V.9913Ceremonies to Honor Carl Vinson, 1964 November 17
V.9914Appreciation Dinner, Cobb County Chamber of Commerce, 1964 November 17
2. Media
V.99Press, Correspondence, 1933-1934
V.910Press, Clippings, 1956
V.911Press, Magazine and news about Russell, Jr.
V.912Press, Clippings,, 1957
V.913News Releases
V.9915Suit, Hal (WSB-TV), circa 1969
C. Early Office
1. General
V.101Material, 1933-1934
V.102Material, Feb. 1933-June 1934
2. Subject Files
V.103Agriculture, 1931-1936
V.104Anderson, Leeman, 1933
V.105Anderson, Leeman, 1934
V.106Anonymous Letters, March 1933
V.107Appointments, Feb.- March 1934
V.108Appointments, Jan. 1934
V.109Appointments, April-June 1934, 1937
V.111Appointments, 1933
V.112Appropriations, March 1934
V.113Bankhead Act, Jan. 1934
V.114Banking Situation, Nov. 1932-Jan. 1937
V.115Civil Works Admin., Dec. 1933-April 1934
V.116Civilian Conservation Corp., Jan.-April 1934
V.117Committees, April 1933-April 1934
V.118Civilian Conservation Corp., May-June 1934
V.119Civilian Conservation Corp., Nov.-Dec. 1933
V.1110Cotton, March 1933-Jan. 1934
V.1111Etowah River Basin, April-May 1933
V.1112Federal Aid for School, Jan. 1934
V.1113Form Letters, 1934
V.1114Highways, Dec.1933-April 1934
V.1115Home Owner’s Loan Corp., April-June 1934
V.121Labor, June 1-10, 1934
V.122Labor, June 11-21, 1934
V.123Labor, April 1-11, 1934
V.124Labor, April 12-30, 1934
V.125Labor, May 1934
V.126Labor, March 27-30, 1934
V.131Labor, Oct. 1933-March 21, 1934
V.132Huey Long, 1934
V.133Loans, 1934
V.134Miscellaneous, Jan.-June 1934
V.135Miscellaneous Legislation, Jan-March 1934
V.136Labor, March 22-26, 1934
V.137Miscellaneous Legislation, Apr. 1934-1935
V.138Miscellaneous, May 1933-Dec. 1933
V.139Miscellaneous Legislation, Oct.-Dec. 1933
V.1310Miscellaneous Legislation, Jan.-Sept. 1933
V.1311National Recovery Act, July 1933
V.1312Negro File, Dec. 1933-Feb. 1934
V.141Paycut, May 10-June, 1934
V.142Paycut, May 1-8, 1934
V.143Paycut, April 1934
V.144Paycut, March 1934
V.145Paycut, Feb. 1934
V.146Paycut, Jan. 1934
V.147Dec. 1933 - June 1934
V.148Post Office-Miscellaneous, Feb. 1933 - April 1934
V.151Public Works Admin., Jan. - April 1934
V.152Public Works Admin., May - June 1934
V.153Public Works Admin., Nov.-Dec. 1933, undated
V.154Radio Bill, April 1934
V.155Radio Bill, March 11-30, 1934
V.156Radio Bill, March 1-10, 1934
V.157Radio Bill, Jan.-February 1934
V.158Railroads, June 1934
V.159Railroads, May 1934
V.1510Railroads, July 1933- April 1934
V.161Recommendations, 1934
V.162Relief Department, Nov. 1933-June 1934
V.163Requests, Jan.-June 1934
V.164Reconstruction Finance Corp., 1935-1938
V.165Seed Loan Bill, Jan. 1934
V.166Correspondence with Senators, Jan. 1927, Feb. 1933-June 1933
V.167St. Lawrence Waterway, Jan.-March 1934
V.168Silver, Jan.-May 1934
V.169Social Security, Jan.-June 1934
V.1610Social Security (Old Age Pension), Nov. 15-22, 1933
V.1611Social Security (Old Age Pension), August 7-November 14, 1933
V.171Tax Legislation, April 1933-March 1934
V.172Tariff, July 1933
V.173Treasury Dept., Nov. 1933-April 1934
V.174Tennessee Valley Authority, Jan.-June 1934
V.175Veteran’s, March-June 1934
V.176Veteran’s, Nov. 1933- February 1934
V.177Veterans-Spanish War, Sept. 1933-Jan. 1934
V.178Veterans-World War, Feb. 1933-Jan. 1934
V.179War Department, March 1933
V.1710War Debts, Sept. 1932-June 1933
V.1711White House, April 1933-Jan.1934
V.1712Works Progress Admin., 1936-1938
D. Personal
1. Family
V.181Family, 1933
V.182Family, 1934
V.183Family, 1935
V.184Family, 1936
V.185Family, 1937
V.186Family, 1938
V.187Family, 1939
V.191Family, 1940
V.192Family, January-March 1941
V.193Family, May-June 1941
V.194Family, July-November 1941
V.195Family, 15311
V.196Family, January-February 1942
V.197Family, 15401
V.198Family, April-August 1942
V.199Family, Sept.-Dec. 1942
V.1910Family, January-March 1943
V.1911Family, April-December 1943
V.1912Family, 1944
V.1913Family, 1947-48
V.201Family Correspondence-Parents, before 1932
V.202Family, Parents, 1932
V.203Family, Parents, 1933
V.204Family, Parents, 1934
V.205Family, Parents, 1935
V.206Family, Parents, 1936
V.207Family, Parents, 1937
V.208Family, Parents, 1938
V.209Family, Parents, 1939
V.2010Family, Parents, 1940
V.211Family, 1953-1954
V.212Family, 1954-1959
V.213Family, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1962
V.214Family, 1963, 1965
V.215Family, 1967-1968
V.216Family, 1969
V.217Family, 1970
V.218Family Cards on Illness, 1970
V.219Family, 1971
V.2110Family (funeral), 1971
V.2111Richard B. Russell, Jr.'s Will, undated
V.2112Robert L. Russell, Material, 1955
V.2113Family Material
V.2114Family Russell, Lewis C.
V.2116Personal [Q. Miscellaneous]
V.221Family, Parents, Richard B. Russell, Sr.
V.222Family (Ina Dillard Russell), 1941
V.223Family (RBR Jr. to Ina Dillard Russell), 1943
V.224Family-Parents, 1948
V.225Family (RBR Jr. to Ina Dillard Russell), 1942
V.226Family-Parents, 1944
V.227Family-Parents, 1945
V.228Family-Parents, 1946
V.229Family-Parents, 1947
V.2210Family-Parents, 1949
V.2211Family-Parents, 1950
V.2212Family-Parents, 1951-53
V.2213Family-Parents, Ina D. Russell Epitaph, 1953
V.2214Family RBR Sr. Georgia Legislative Journals, undated
V.231Condolences, 1938
V.232Family Condolences, A, Aug-Sept. 1953
V.233Family Condolence, B, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.234Family-Condolences, C, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.235Family-Condolence, D, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.236Family-Condolence, E, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.237Family-Condolence, F, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.238Family-Condolences, G, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.239Family.-Condolences, H, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.241Family-Condolence, I-J, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.242Family-Condolences, K, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.243Family-Condolences, L, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.244Family-Con., M, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.245Family-Condolence, M, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.246Family-Condolence, N, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.247Personal, Family-Condolences, O, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.248Personal, Family-Condolences, P-Q, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.251Family Condolences, R, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.252Family Condolences, S, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.253Family Condolences, T, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.254Family Condolences, U-V, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.255Family Condolences, W, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.256Family Condolences, X-Z, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.257Family Condolences, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.258Family Condolences, Aug.-Sept. 1953
V.261Family Genealogy, Russell
V.262Family Genealogy, Russell, James Newton
V.263Family Genealogy, Russell, John
V.264Family Genealogy, Russell-Way
V.265Family Genealogy, Sweetwater Creek, Factory Shoals
V.266Family Genealogy, Russell Ancestral Bed
V.267Family Genealogy, Duplicates
V.268Family Genealogy, Duplicates
V.271Family Genealogy, Arnold, James
V.272Family Genealogy, Brevard
V.273Genealogy, Brevard-McWhorter
V.274Family Genealogy, Brumby
V.275Family Genealogy, Davidson
V.276Glover, Annie Brumby
V.277Family Genealogy, Dillard and Chaffin
V.278Family Genealogy, Letters, Davidson
V.279Family Genealogy, Letters-Dillard
V.2710Family Genealogy, Letter, Gaston
V.2711Family Genealogy, Letters, Russell, Harriett Brumby
V.2712Family Genealogy, Miscellaneous
V.9916-23Ina Dillard Russell Estate, 1949-1962
V.9924-27Russell Memorial Park, 1959-1968
V.9928Russell Cemetery, 1964, 1966
V.9929Cemetery Lot, 1954-1962
V.9930Museum, 1964
V.9931Cottage and Records House, 1964
V.9932Genealogy, 1927, 1943, 1958
V.9933Family, 1960, 1962, 1969
V.9934Genealogical, 1964, 1970
V.9935Robert L. Russell Tribute, 1955 October 3
V.9936Ina D. Russell to Richard B. Russell Regarding Inauguration As Governor, 1931 June
V.9937Richard B. Russell Sr., 1963
V.9938S. Ernest Vandiver, Governor, 1959
V.9939Photographs - Unidentified, undated
V.9940Photographs - Lewis C. Russell, Ina D. Russell, and Friends, circa 1935
V.9941Photographs - Richard B. Russell Jr., Ina D. Russell, Neal Bishop, Lucille Donovan, Emma Lubin at Ina's Cabin in Virginia, 1937
V.9942Photographs - Apartment and Records House, 1964- 1965
V.9943Photographs - Dedication of Russell Memorial Park, 1967 June 24
V.9944Russell Memorial Park by Fielding D. Russell, Ph.D., 1967 June
V.9945Obelisk in Russell Cemetery, 1969
V.9946Aerial Views of Russell Home and Property, circa 1970
2. Gifts
V.28 1Personal, Gifts
3. Greetings [and Correspondence]
V.28 2Greetings, 1933
V.28 3Greetings, 1938
V.28 4Greetings, 1941
V.28 5Greetings, 1944-1946, undated
V.28 6Greeting, 1947
V.28 7Greetings, 1949
V.28 8Greetings, 1950s
V.1001Correspondence and Photographs - Prudence Melton to Richard B. Russell, Jr., 1937
V.1002Mary Lumley, Mark Dunahoo, Richard B. Russell, 1935-1939
V.1003Russell Correspondence and Notes, circa 1934
V.1004Calls and Notes, 1937-1938
V.1005Correspondence - Dorothy Moncure to Richard B. Russell, 1937 June - 1940 December
V.1006Patricia Collins to Richard B. Russell Jr., 1938-1939
V.1007-11Correspondence - Friends, 1936-1942
V.10012Friends, circa 1920-1966
V.10013-14Tapes from Robert Troutman, 1964
4. History
V.29 1History, Material
5. Illness
V.29 2Illness, 1945-1955
V.29 3Illness, 1958, 1960, 1961
V.29 4Illness, 1965
V.29 5Illness, 1967
V.29 6Illness-Tentative Resignation, 1967
V.29 7Illness, 1968
V.29 8Illness, 1969-70
V.29 9Illness (Get Well Cards), 1970
V.29 10Illness
V.29 11Illness, Materials
V.10015Medical Records, 1959-1968
6. Invitations, 1933-1970
V.301Invitations, Jan.-Aug. 1933
V.302Invitations, Sept.-Dec. 1933
V.303Invitations, Jan.-June 1934
V.304Invitations, 1936, 1939
V.305Invitations, 1940-1943
V.306Invitations, 1946-1947
V.307Invitations, 1948
V.308Truman Inaugural Dinner, 1949
7. Miscellaneous
V.309Miscellaneous, Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, 1950
V.3010Invitations, 1953
V.3011Invitations, 1959-1970
V.311Miscellaneous, 1933
V.312Miscellaneous, Jan.-May 1934
V.313Miscellaneous, June-Dec. 1934
V.314Miscellaneous, 1935
V.315Miscellaneous, 1936
V.316Miscellaneous, 1937
V.317Miscellaneous, Jan.-Apr. 1938
V.318Miscellaneous, June-Dec. 1938
V.319Miscellaneous, 1939
V.3110Miscellaneous, 1940
V.3111Miscellaneous, 1930-1940s
V.321Miscellaneous, Material, 1935
V.322Miscellaneous, Material, 1939
V.323Miscellaneous, Material, 1940
V.324Miscellaneous, Materials, 1944-1946
V.325Miscellaneous, Material, 1947
V.326Miscellaneous, Material, 1948-1949
V.327Miscellaneous, 1951
V.328Miscellaneous, Material, 1951
V.329Miscellaneous, 1953-1954
V.3210Miscellaneous, Material, 1954-1955
V.3211Miscellaneous, 1957
V.3212Miscellaneous, Material, 1962
V.3213Miscellaneous, Material, 1964
V.3214Miscellaneous, Material, 1965
V.3215Miscellaneous, Material, 1968
V.3216Miscellaneous, Material, 1969-1970
V.331Miscellaneous, 1970
V.332Miscellaneous, 1960-68
V.333Miscellaneous, 1955-1956
V.334Miscellaneous, 1951-1954
V.335Miscellaneous, 1949
V.336Miscellaneous, 1948
V.337Miscellaneous, 1947
V.338Miscellaneous, 1944-1945
V.339Miscellaneous, 1943
V.3310Miscellaneous, 1942
V.3311Miscellaneous, 1941
V.341Membership Cards, Passes, etc.
V.342Russell, Jr. notes
V.343Miscellaneous - Shrine Yaarub Temple, 1964
V.344Miscellaneous,Travel Brochures and Maps
V.10016Senator Russell Appreciation Day, 1957
V.10017Miscellaneous, 1937-1966
8. Trips
V.351Trips, 1933
V.352Trips, 1933
V.353Trips, 1933
V.354Trips, 1933
V.355Trips, American Legion, 1934
V.356Trips, American Legion, 1935
V.357Trips, American Legion, 1936
V.358Trips, American Legion, 1937
V.361Trips, Battle Monuments Commission, 1937
V.362Trips, Battle Monuments Commission, 1937
V.363Trips, Battle Monuments Commission, 1937
V.364Trips, Battle Monuments Commission, 1937
V.365Trips, 1938
V.366Trips, 1939
V.367Trips, 1940
V.371Trips, 1943
V.372Trips, 1943
V.373Trips, 1943
V.374Trips, 1943
V.375Trips, 1943
V.381Trips, 1945
V.382Trips, 1945
V.383Trips, 1945
V.384Trips, 1945
V.385Trips, 1947
V.391Trips, 1955
V.392Trips, 1948
V.393Trips, 1951
V.394Trips, 1952
V.395Trips, 1955
V.396Trips, 1955
V.397Trips, 1964
V.398Trips, 1956
V.399Trips, 1966
V.3910Trips, 1968
V.10018Trip on U.S.S. President Harding - Deauville, France, 1937
V.102Trip on U.S.S. President Harding - Deauville, France - European Coins, 1937
V.10019Azalea Festival, Charleston, South Carolina, 1938 May
V.10020Richard B. Russell Visits United States Naval Station Roosevelt Roads - Vieques, Puerto Rico, 1961, November 3
9. Finance/Business
V.40 1Taxes, 1933, 1935-1944
V.40 2Taxes, 1945-1948
V.40 3Taxes, 1949-1951
V.40 4Taxes, 1952
V.40 5Taxes, 1953
V.40 6Taxes, 1954
V.40 7Taxes, 1955
V.40 8Taxes, 1956
V.40 9Taxes, 1957
V.40 10Taxes, 1958
V.40 11Taxes, 1959
V.40 12Taxes, 1960
V.411Taxes, 1961
V.412Taxes, 1962
V.413Taxes, 1963
V.414Taxes, 1964
V.415Taxes, 1965
V.416Taxes, 1966
V.417Taxes, 1967
V.418Taxes, 1968
V.421Bills and Receipts, 1933-1939
V.422Bills, Receipts, Financial/Business, 1962-1970
V.423Finance/Business, 1940-1957
V.424Finance/Business, Miscellaneous, undated
V.425Financial, Check Stubs, 1933, 1945, 1950, 1959-1966
V.426Financial, Check Stubs, 1965-1967
V.427Financial, Check Stubs, 1961-1964
V.10021Early Wills, 1929, 1938
V.10022-26Personal Business, 1953-1959
V.10027Business - R.W. Courts, 1946, September 24
V.10028Library and Similar, 1984
V.10029Regarding Exhibit B, 1995
V.10030Copies and Letters from Richard B. Russell Sr., 1933
V.10031Personal, 1970-1971
V.10032Estate File - Copy of GSA [General Services Administration] Inventory
V.10033Death Benefits U.S.S. [United States Senator], 1971
V.10034Estate - Wills, Death Certificate, Other, 1971
V.10035Estate - Lottery Number 2
V.104Estate - Photographs of Senator Russell's D.C. Office and Personal Memorabilia, 1971
V.10036Copyright in File Biography, 1984
V.10037Minors, 1991-2000
V.10038D.C. Staff, 1971
V.10039Planning Funeral, 1971 January
V.10040Letters of Acknowledgment and Appreciation, 1971
V.10041Condolences, 1971
V.10042National Register of Historic Places - Russell Homeplace
V.10043Dedication and Unveiling of the Richard B. Russell, Jr. Memorial Statue, 1996 January 24
V.10044Russell Commemorative Stamp Committee, circa 1973
V.10045Georgia General Assembly Resolution HR 103, 1971 January 22
V.105Land and Real Estate for Property in Winder and Surrounding Area, 1920s-1970s
E. Political
1. Personal
V.431Subjects, General, January 1934
V.432Subjects, Appointments, 1933-1965
V.433Subjects, Democratic Party, 1942-1969
V.434Subjects, Georgia Democratic Party
V.435Subjects, Surveys/Polls
V.436Subjects, General, 1932
2. General
V.437Political, General, 1933
V.438Political, General, Feb. 1934
V.439Political, General, Mar-34
V.4310Political, General, Apr-34
V.4311Political, General, May-34
V.4312Political, General, 1935, 1937
V.4313Political, General, 1938
V.4314Political, General, Material, 1954-1970
V.1011Inauguration Package - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933 March 4
V.1012-3The Johnson Administration Record: First Sessions of the 89th Congress, 1965
3. Special Name
V.441Allen, Marion, 1936, 1941
V.442Bloch, Charles, 1936
V.443Farrell, Leo, 1934
V.444Cohen, John S., 1933-1934
V.445Johnson, Lyndon B.
V.446Russell, Robert L., 1933-1938
V.447Upshaw, Willie D.
V.448Roosevelt, Franklin
V.449Spalding, Hughes, 1933-1934
V.4410Special Names A-Z, 1933
V.4411Special Names, Cravey, Zack, [1963-1965]
V.4412Madame Chiang Kai-shek, 1969
4. Senatorial Campaigns
V.4413Campaigns, 1942, 1947
V.4414Campaign, Finances, 1966
V.451Subject Files, Anti-Russell, 1936
V.452Subject Files, Advertising, 1936
V.453Subject Files, Ballots and Vote Tallies, 1936
V.454Subject Files, Card Mailouts, 1936
V.455Subject Files, Cartoons, 1936
V.456Subject Files, Cogdell, Alton letters, 1936
V.457Subject Files, Confidential, August 20-31, 1936
V.458Subject Files, Confidential, September 1936
V.459Subject Files, Confidential, August 4-19, 1936
V.4510Subject Files, Contributions, September 1936
V.4511Subject Files, Contributions, July 1936
V.4512Subject Files, Contributions, August 20-31, 1936
V.4513Subject Files, Contributions, July 3-August 18, 1936
V.4514Subject Files, Contributions, 1936
V.461Subject Files, Correspondence, September-October 1936
V.462Subject Files, Correspondence, August 1936
V.463Subject Files, Correspondence, June-July 1936
V.464Subject Files, Correspondence, Purdom, T. Taylor Letters, 1936
V.465Subject Files, Correspondence, Letters by Frank Scarlett, 1936
V.466Subject Files, Correspondence, Letters by Dick Stanley, 1936
V.467Subject Files, Cuts, Handbills and Releases, 1936
V.468Subject Files, Democratic Executive Committee Lists, 1936
V.469Subject Files, Editorial, 1936
V.4610Subject Files, Democratic Executive Committee Lists, 1936
V.471Subject Files, Form Letters, 1936
V.472Subject Files, Form Letters, 1936
V.473Subject Files, Form Letters, 1936
V.474Subject Files, Highway Controversy, 1936
V.475Subject Files, Labor, 1936
V.476Subject Files, Literature, 1936
V.477Subject Files, Literature, 1936
V.478Subject Files, Miscellaneous, 1936
V.479Subject Files, Old Age Assistance, 1936
V.4710Subject Files, Resolutions, 1936
V.481Subject Files, Speech Material, 1936
V.482Subject Files, Sound Truck etc., 1936
V.483Subject Files, Speeches by Others, 1936
V.484Subject Files, Speech/Media, Speech Suggestions, 1936
V.485Subject Files, Speaking Engagement Requests, 1936
V.486Subject Files, Russell Notes, 1936
V.487Subject Files, Itinerary, 1936
V.491Subject Files, Statistics, 1936
V.492Subject Files, Suspense, 1936
V.493Subject Files, Talmadge, 1936
V.494Subject Files, Talmadge Speeches, 1936
V.495Subject Files, Anti-Talmadge, 1936
V.496Subject, List of Veterans, 1936
V.497Subject Files, Victory Dinner-Atlanta, September 1936
V.498Subject Files, Visitors lists, 1936
V.499Subject Files, Vote Count, 1936
V.4910Subject Files, Women’s Clubs, 1936
V.4911Subject Files, Yea & Nay Votes of Russell, Jr., 1936
V.501Speech/Media, Buying Votes, 1936
V.502Farmers (Various Speeches), 1936
V.503Defense of Russell, Sr., 1936
V.504Fourth of July Speech on Talmadge, 1936
V.505Government Spending, 1936
V.506Heard County, 1936
V.507Liberty League and License, 1936
V.508For Dick-Macon Speech, 1936
V.509Moultrie Speech, 1936
V.5010The Negro Question, 1936
V.5011Powerful Speech Interests, 1936
V.5012Questions for Talmadge, 1936
V.5013Radio Endorsement Plea, 1936
V.5014Record and Achievement of Russell, Jr. in Senate (3 Speeches), 1936
V.5015Roosevelt/Landon (Various Speeches), 1936
V.5016State Employees, 1936
V.5017Sylvania, 1936
V.5018On Talmadge Campaign, 1936
V.5019Tennessee Valley Authority, 1936
V.5020Veteran Bonus, 1936
V.5021Voter Intimidation, 1936
V.5022Warm Springs, 1936
V.5023Waycross Speech, 1936
V.5024World Court and Jute, 1936
V.511Magazine clippings, 1936
V.512clippings, 1936
V.513clippings, 1936
V.514clippings, 1936
V.515Clippings – “Cong. Corey”, 1936
V.521Newscut, 1936
V.522News articles on Talmadge [missing - 2010], 1936
V.523News articles on Talmadge, 1936
V.524Newspaper, 1936
V.525Statesman, April-August 1936
V.526Statesman, 1933-January 1936
V.527Statesman, February-March 1936
V.531Registration Lists, #6, 1936
V.532Registration Lists, #7, 1936
V.533Registration Lists, #8, 1936
V.541Registration Lists, #1, 1936
V.542Registration Lists, #2, 1936
V.543Registration Lists, #3, 1936
V.544Registration Lists, #4, 1936
V.545Registration Lists, #5, 1936
V.55Appling, 1936
V.55Baldwin, 1936
V.553Barrow-Berrien, 1936
V.554Bobb, 1936
V.55Bleckley to Bryan, 1936
V.55Bullock, 1936
V.557Burke-Butts, 1936
V.558Calhoun-Camden, 1936
V.559Carroll, 1936
V.5510Catoosa and Charlton, 1936
V.5511Chatham, 1936
V.55Chattooga and Cherokee, 1936
V.55Clark, 1936
V.5514Cobb, 1936
V.55Colquitt, Columbia, Cook, 1936
V.55Coweta and Crawford, 1936
V.55Crisp and Dawson, 1936
V.55Decatur and Dekalb, 1936
V.5519Dodge and Dougherty, 1936
V.55Early, Effingham, Elbert, and Emanuel, 1936
V.55Fannin, Floyd, Franklin, 1936
V.55Fulton, 1936
V.55Gillmer and Gynn, 1936
V.55Gillmer, Gynn Gordon, Grady, Greene, Gwinett, 1936
V.55Habersham, Hall, 1936
V.5526Hancock, Haralson, 1936
V.561Harris, Hart and Heard, 1936
V.56Henry, Houston and Irwin, 1936
V.56Jackson and Jasper, 1936
V.56Jeff Davis, Jefferson, and Jenkins, 1936
V.565Johnson and Jones, 1936
V.566Lamar and Lanier, 1936
V.56Laurens and Liberty, 1936
V.56Lowndes and Lumpkin, 1936
V.56McDuffie and McIntosh, 1936
V.5610Macon, Madison, and Marion, 1936
V.5611Meriwether, Miller, and Milton, 1936
V.5612Mitchell and Monroe, 1936
V.56Monroe and Montgomery, 1936
V.56Morgan and Murray, 1936
V.56Muscogee, 1936
V.56Newton, 1936
V.56Oconee and Oglethorpe, 1936
V.56Paulding and Peach, 1936
V.56Pickens and Pierce, 1936
V.5620Polk, Pulaski and Putnam, 1936
V.56Rabun, Randolph, and Richmond, 1936
V.56Screven and Seminole, 1936
V.56Seminole and Spaulding, 1936
V.56Stephens and Sumter, 1936
V.56Taliaferro and Talbot, 1936
V.5626Telfair, 1936
V.5627Terrell and Thomas, 1936
V.5628Tift and Treutten, 1936
V.56Troup and Turner, 1936
V.56Union and Upson, 1936
V.56Walton, Warren, and Ware, 1936
V.5632Washington and Wayne, 1936
V.5633White, Whitfield, Wilcox, 1936
V.5634Wilkes, Wilkinson, Worth, 1936
V.571Correspondence, 1932
V.572Speech-Media, 1932
V.573Correspondence, 1932
V.574Speech-Media, 1932
V.575Speeches, 1932
V.576Campaign Speech, 1932
V.577Voter Lists, 1932
V.578Endorsements of John Cohen, 1932
V.581Attacks on Russell, 1932
V.582Charles R. Crisp, 1932
V.583Georgia Power, 1932
V.584Congressional Record, 1932
V.585Miscellaneous, 1932
V.586Newspapers (unrelated), 1932
V.587Scrapbook Clippings, 1932
V.591Appling, 1932
V.592Atkinson, 1932
V.593Bacon, 1932
V.594Baker, 1932
V.595Baldwin, 1932
V.596Banks, 1932
V.597Barrow, 1932
V.601Barton, 1932
V.602Ben Hill, 1932
V.603Berrien, 1932
V.604Bibb A-L, 1932
V.605Bibb M-Z, 1932
V.606Bleckley, 1932
V.607Brantley, 1932
V.611Brooks, 1932
V.612Bryan, 1932
V.613Bulloch A-K, 1932
V.614Bulloch L-Z, 1932
V.615Burke, 1932
V.616Butts, 1932
V.621Calhoun, 1932
V.622Camden, 1932
V.623Candler, 1932
V.624Carroll, 1932
V.625Catoosa, 1932
V.626Charlton, 1932
V.627Chatham A-H, 1932
V.628Chatham J-Z, 1932
V.631Chattahoochee, 1932
V.632Chattooga, 1932
V.633Cherokee, 1932
V.634Clarke A-L, 1932
V.635Clarke M-Z, 1932
V.636Clay, 1932
V.637Clayton, 1932
V.638Clinch, 1932
V.641Cobb A-J, 1932
V.642Cobb K-Z, 1932
V.643Coffee A-L, 1932
V.644Coffee M-Z, 1932
V.645Colquitt, 1932
V.646Columbia, 1932
V.651Cook, 1932
V.652Coweta A-H, 1932
V.653Coweta J-Z, 1932
V.654Crawford, 1932
V.655Crisp, 1932
V.656Dade, 1932
V.657Dawson, 1932
V.658Decatur, 1932
V.659Dekalb, 1932
V.6510Dodge, 1932
V.661Early, 1932
V.662Echols, 1932
V.663Effingham, 1932
V.664Elbert, 1932
V.665Emanuel, 1932
V.666Evans, 1932
V.671Fannin, 1932
V.672Fayette, 1932
V.673Floyd, 1932
V.674Forsyth, 1932
V.675Franklin, 1932
V.681Fulton A-B, 1932
V.682Fulton C, 1932
V.683Fulton D-G, 1932
V.684Fulton H-L, 1932
V.691Fulton M-O, 1932
V.692Fulton P-S, 1932
V.693Fulton T-Z, 1932
V.694Gilmer, 1932
V.695Glascock, 1932
V.696Glynn, 1932
V.701Gordon, 1932
V.702Grady, 1932
V.703Greene, 1932
V.704Gwinnett, 1932
V.705Habersham, 1932
V.706Hall, 1932
V.711Hancock, 1932
V.712Haralson, 1932
V.713Harris, 1932
V.714Hart, 1932
V.715Heard, 1932
V.716Henry, 1932
V.717Houston, 1932
V.721Irwin, 1932
V.722Jackson, 1932
V.723Jasper, 1932
V.724Jeff Davis, 1932
V.725Jefferson, 1932
V.731Jenkins, 1932
V.732Johnson, 1932
V.733Jones, 1932
V.734Lamar, 1932
V.735Lanier, 1932
V.736Laurens, 1932
V.737Lee, 1932
V.738Liberty, 1932
V.739Lincoln, 1932
V.741Long, 1932
V.742Lowndes, 1932
V.743Lumpkin, 1932
V.744Macon, 1932
V.745Madison, 1932
V.746Marion, 1932
V.747McDuffie, 1932
V.751McIntosh, 1932
V.752Meriwether, 1932
V.753Miller, 1932
V.754Milton (New Fulton), 1932
V.755Mitchell, 1932
V.756Monroe, 1932
V.757Montgomery, 1932
V.758Troup, 1932
V.761Newton, 1932
V.762Oconee, 1932
V.763Oglethorpe, 1932
V.764Out-of-State, 1932
V.765Paulding, 1932
V.766Peach, 1932
V.767Pickens, 1932
V.768Pierce, 1932
V.771Pike, 1932
V.772Polk, 1932
V.773Pulaski, 1932
V.774Putnam, 1932
V.775Quitman, 1932
V.776Rabun, 1932
V.781Randolph, 1932
V.782Richmond, 1932
V.783Rockdale, 1932
V.784Schley, 1932
V.785Screven, 1932
V.786Seminole, 1932
V.791Spalding, 1932
V.792Stephens, 1932
V.793Stewart, 1932
V.794Sumter A-G, 1932
V.795Sumter G-Z, 1932
V.796Talbot, 1932
V.801Taliaferro, 1932
V.802Tattnall, 1932
V.803Taylor, 1932
V.804Telfair, 1932
V.805Terrell, 1932
V.811Thomas, 1932
V.812Tift, 1932
V.813Toombs, 1932
V.814Towns, 1932
V.815Treutlen, 1932
V.816Troup, 1932
V.817Turner, 1932
V.818Twiggs, 1932
V.821Union, 1932
V.822Upson, 1932
V.823Walker, 1932
V.824Ware, 1932
V.825Warren, 1932
V.826Washington, 1932
V.831Wayne, 1932
V.832Webster, 1932
V.833Wheeler, 1932
V.834Worth, 1932
V.835Form Letter, Carroll, 1932
V.836Form Letter, Spalding, 1932
V.837Campaign, Materials, 1932
V.841Headquarters of Homefolks - Winder, 1932
V.842Form Letters A-B, 1932
V.843Counties C, 1932
V.844Counties D-E, 1932
V.845Counties F-G, 1932
V.846Counties H, 1932
V.847Counties I-L, 1932
V.851Counties M-N, 1932
V.85Counties O-Q, 1932
V.85Counties R-S, 1932
V.854Counties T-U, 1932
V.855Counties W, 1932
V.85Response to Letters, 1932
V.85Miscellaneous, 1932
V.858Campaign Literature and Petitions, 1932
V.10141936 Campaign - Publicity, 1936
V.1015Winder Girls Corps - 1936 Campaign, 1936
V.1016U.S. Senate Campaign, 1936
V.1017Richard B. Russell Political Fund Act
V.1018Campaign Fund, 1967-1971
V.1019Political Campaign Returns, 1971-1973
V.1031932 U.S. Senate Campaign: Posters and Publicity, 1932
5. 1952 Presidential Campaign
V.862Campaign Materials
V.863Bulloch County for Russell
V.865Delegates by State
V.866George Walter Nominating Speech
V.868Factual Campaign Information
V.869Invitations Tickets
V.8610Hill, Lister, Radio Speech
V.871Charney, David
V.872News Releases, July 15-19, 1952
V.873Speech Drafts
V.874Stevenson, Adlai, and Russell, Jr. Memo
V.875Truman, Harry, Memo
V.10110Financial, 1952
V.10111Contributions, 1952
V.10112Publicity, 1952
F. Political Patronage
1. Early Appointments
V.881Collector of Internal Revenue, 1933
2. Presidential
V.882Presidential Appointees, 1954
3. Northern District
V.883Judgeship, Norman, Robert C.
V.884Davis, John H., 1930
V.885DeLoach, J. W., 1933
V.886Denny, R. A., 1933
V.887Dickey, B. Y., 1933
V.888Etheridge, Paul, 1933
V.889Fortson, Lovick, G., 1933
V.8810Hollingsworth, W. B., 1933
V.8811Hyatt, Harold, 1933
V.8812Jackson, Emmett G., 1933
V.8813Lanham, Henderson, 1933
V.8814Mason, C. Mortimer, 1933
V.8815Matthews, Walter, 1933
V.8816McCallum, John, 1933
V.8817Meyerhardt, David, 1933
V.8818Moore, James L., 1933
V.8819Mooty, M. U., 1933
V.8820Mundy, J. Ellis, 1933
V.8821Newsom, R. O., 1933
V.8822Ray, Clark, 1933
V.8823Thurmond, Tom, 1933
V.8824Tysinger, Harvey, 1933
V.8825Vaughn,C. R., 1933
V.8826Wiggins, Ralph L., 1933
V.8827Whipple, L. A., 1933
V.892Heck, John, 1933
V.894J-K, Nov. 1933
V.896M (Except Millsaps)
V.897Marshal, Millsaps, John
V.901N, 1933
V.903Peacock, Julian
4. Middle District
V.912M-W, 1933
V.913E-M, 1933
V.914O-W, 1933
5. Southern District
V.915Daniel, J. Saxton, 1933
V.916E-W, 1933
V.917B-M, 1933
V.918N-Y, 1933
6. Postmasters, 1932-1934
V.921A, April 1933-Jan. 1934
V.922A, Dec. 1932-Mar. 1933
V.923B-C, Nov. 1933-Feb. 1934
V.924D-F, Nov. 1932-Feb. 1934
V.925H-L, 1932-Feb. 1934
V.926M, Dec. 1933-Jan. 1934
V.927N-Q, Feb. 1933-Jan. 1934
V.928R, Jan. 1934
V.931S, April 1933-Jan. 1934
V.932S, Nov. 1932-March 1933
V.933T, April 1933-Feb. 1934
V.934T, Sept. 1932-March 1933
V.935U, Jan. 1932-May 1933
V.936V, 1932-1934
V.937W, Oct. 1932-Jan. 1934
V.938Y-Z, Sept. 1932-May 1933
V.939Out of State, 1933
V.9310Out of State, Attorneys, 1933
G. Official
1. Georgia Counties, Appling-Wayne, 1934
V.941Appling, July-Dec. 1933
V.942Bacon-Butts, Feb. 1933-June 1934
V.943Camden-Coweta, 1934
V.944Dawson-Douglas, 1934
V.945Early-Floyd, 1934
V.946Fulton, 1934
V.947Gilmer-Green, 1934
V.948Habersham-Irwin, 1934
V.949Jackson-Jenkins, 1934
V.9410Laurens-Lowndes, Nov. 1933-Feb. 1934
V.9411Macon-Muscogee, 1934
V.9412Newton-Quitman, 1934
V.9413Rabun-Rockdale, 1934
V.9414Screven-Sumter, Aug. 1933-May 1934
V.9415Taliaferro-Twiggs, 1934
V.9416Walker-Wayne, May 1933-Jun. 1934
2. Out of State, 1934
V.9417Feb.-Jun. 1934, 1936
H. Legislative, 1933-1970
1. Agriculture and Forestry
V.951Correspondence, 1955-1970
2. Appropriations
V.952General Correspondence, 1969-1970
V.953Agriculture, 1954
V.954Defense, 1969-1970
V.955Misc., 1958, 1963, 1970
V.956Defense, 1964-1968
V.106Agriculture: Facility Needs - Soil and Water Conservation Research, 1959
3. Armed Services
V.957Miscellaneous, 1968-1970
V.958Military Construction, 1963
V.959Miscellaneous, 1960-1961
V.9510Material, 1959
V.9511Korea, 1952
V.9512Naval Affairs, 1933, 1945
V.9513Miscellaneous, 1955-1967
V.9514Miscellaneous, 1952-1954
V.10113Four-Ocean Challenge, 1963 September 18
4. Commerce
V.961Kerr, Bill, 1952
V.962Mann Act, 1946
5. Finance
V.963Correspondence, 1954
6. Foreign Relations
V.964Material, 1969-1970
V.965Material, 1939
8. Judiciary
V.966General Correspondence, 1954-1970
9. Public Works
10. Senate Business
V.968Statements Filed With President Pro Tempore, 1968-1969
V.969Miscellaneous, 1934, 1937, 1954
V.9610General Correspondence, 1970
V.9611Committee Appointments and Votes, Various Dates
11. Democratic Policy Committee Minutes
V.9612Minutes, 1969-1970
12. Joint Commission on Atomic Energy
V.9613Material, 1964
I. Civil Rights
V.971General Correspondence, 1950s-1960s
V.972General Material, 1938-1958
V.973General Material, 1960-1967
V.974Bills and Votes, 1953-1965
V.975Filibuster, 1956-1964, undated
V.976Little Rock, 1957
V.977Little Rock, Material, 1957
V.978Negro-Relocation, 1944, 1953
J. General
V.981A.C., [America’s Welfare], 1954
V.982A.Q., [Commerce Department], 1960
V.983A.Y., [18-Year-Old Vote], 1954
V.984B.M., [Georgia], 1945
V.985C.S., [Office Matters – Staff], 1941-1951
V.986C.S., [Office Matters – Staff], 1960-1966
V.987C.S., [Office Matters – Staff], 1967-70
V.988C.S., [Office Matters – General, Forms], undated
V.989C.S., [Office Matters – General], 1954-1959
V.9810C.S., [Office Matters – Old Letters from Leeman Anderson’s Desk], 1943-1968
EE. Red Line File
V.9811Letters to Save, 1965-1970
V.9812Special Presidential File, 1941-1967
K. International
V.9813General Correspondence, 1954, 1970
V.9814General Material
V.9815Subject Material, Yugoslavia