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Collection Title:  Richard B. Russell Library Oral History Documentary Collection, OHD 014 John Ehrlichman and J. Stanley Pottinger interviewed by William Stueck 
Creator:  Ehrlichman, John, 1925-1999
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Abstract:  In this critical oral history, William Stueck interviews John Ehrlichman and J. Stanley Pottinger about the Nixon Administration's approach to Civil Rights. Other panelists include Professor Robert Cohen, Professor [Jonathan Houghton?], and graduate student Chris [Schutz?], all of the History Department. Part 1: John Ehrlichman recalls the process of nominating a successor for Justice Abe Fortas of the Supreme Court. He discusses the failed nominations of Clement Haynesworth and G. Harold Carswell. Ehrlichman comments on the role of Leon Panetta in the Office for Civil Rights and Nixon's compliance with desegregation. J. Stanley Pottinger additionally reflects on the effect of Hubert Humphry's unsuccessful presidential campaign on the enforcement of school desegregation. Part 2: Panelists discuss outside criticisms of Nixon's Civil Rights activism, bussing and the Kent State Shooting. They comment on the controversy of the Scranton Commission and the Nixon Administration's reaction to the shooting. Part 3: Panelists comment on a plan to consolidate all intelligence agencies to prevent domestic terrorism. They comment on the increased wiretapping and efforts to find people planning to hurt Americans. Panelists take questions from the audience regarding public opinion polls, Judge Rehnquist, and the identity of Deep Throat.