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Collection Title:  First Person Project 
Creator:  Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies.
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Abstract:  The First Person Project collects personal narratives and oral histories documenting life in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Interviews are usually between two friends or family members and typically focus on personal stories such as relationships and family histories. Interviews also touch on larger historical and cultural themes such as racial identity, religion, gay rights, the death penalty, and life in Athens and in Georgia.
Collection Title:  Foot Soldier for Equal Justice: Horace T. Ward and the Desegregation of the University of Georgia Collection 
Creator:  Daniels, Maurice
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Abstract:  Horace T. Ward: Desegregation of the University of Georgia, Civil Rights Advocacy, and Jurisprudence documents Horace Ward, the first African American to sue for admission to an all-white college or university in Georgia. The papers are mainly photocopies of transcripts from court cases, clippings, and correspondence from former University of Georgia law professor James J. Lenoir and Red and Black student editor Walter Lundy, both of whom resigned positions at the university due to the school’s resistance to desegregation. Specific court cases documented include Ward v. Regents of the University System of Georgia and Holmes v. Danner.
Collection Title:  Francis H. Herrick Materials Related to Dean Rusk 
Creator:  Herrick, Francis H.
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Abstract:  The Francis H. Herrick Materials Related to Dean Rusk consist of reports, conference materials, and newspaper clippings related to Dean Rusk that were collected by Francis H. Herrick between 1946 and 1994. Herrick was a colleague of Rusk's at Mills College, Oakland, California, in the 1930s and 1940s and a longtime friend.
Collection Title:  Frank H. Chandley Olympics Collection 
Creator:  Chandley, Frank
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Abstract:  This collection consists of commemorative memorabilia from the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.
Collection Title:  Frank O. Walsh III Collection of Massie Family Georgia Political Letters 
Creator:  Walsh, Frank O., III
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Abstract:  Ten typed, signed letters to constituent, Mrs. Gerald T. (Elizabeth) Massie of Tucker, Georgia, from Georgia politicians: Senator Richard B. Russell, Senator Herman E. Talmadge, and Governor Carl Sanders. Content of the letters includes several topics, such as: desegregation, the 1964 Presidential Election, and the "Great Society."
Collection Title:  Frederick C. Marland Papers 
Creator:  Marland, Frederick C. , 1933-
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Abstract:  Frederick C. Marland is a retired professor from the University of Georgia Marine Science Institute located in Sapelo Island, Georgia. He worked closely with Reid Harris and other Georgia legislators to write the technical portions of the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act of 1970, and later the Shore Act of 1979. These papers consist of his collected ecological research, material on marine development, promotional information about coastal areas, and a large collection of annotated maps.
Collection Title:  Freedom on Film Oral History Collection 
Creator:  Digital Library of Georgia
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Abstract:  Freedom on Film Oral History Collection includes three miniDV videocassettes containing interviews from 2007 with Mary Roberts-Bailey, Pete McCommons, and Joe Willie Wyms, who discuss their experiences in the desegregation of Georgia.