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Creator:  Early, Mary Frances, 1936-
Collection Title:  Mary Frances Early Papers 
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Abstract:  This collection documents Mary Frances Early, the first African American to graduate from the University of Georgia. Ms. Early’s transcripts, grades, financial aid documents, photographs, diaries, and notebooks illustrate her student life. After graduating from the University of Georgia in 1962, with her master’s in music education, she worked for the Atlanta Public Schools and was involved in local, state and national educational organizations. Ms. Early’s involvement with organizations such as Georgia Music Educators Association, National Endowment for the Arts, and Music Educators National Conference is illustrated by correspondence, photographs, and speeches. Also included are materials regarding her education at Clark Atlanta University (1957) and honors received from the University of Georgia Alumni Association and College of Education. The collection contains correspondence, photographs, programs and event files, official documents from the University of Georgia, diaries, and notebooks.
Creator:  Ebersole, W. Daniel.
Collection Title:  Reflections on Georgia Politics Oral History Collection, ROGP 101 Dan Ebersole 
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Abstract:  W. Daniel Ebersole moved to Atlanta in 1974 to work as a volunteer aide to Atlanta city council member Charles Helms. He worked on Zell Miller’s campaigns for lieutenant governor and U.S. Senate against Senator Herman Talmadge in 1980. From 1980-1990 he was a policy analyst and director of the Georgia Senate Research Office. In the 1990’s he was deputy director of the Office of Planning and Budget and Senior Executive Assistant to Governor Zell Miller. Ebersole has also been the commissioner of the Georgia Merit System. From 1997-2010 he was the director of the Georgia Office of Treasury and Fiscal Services. Ebersole discusses his friendship with Zell Miller, his time working for state government, and party politics in Georgia.
Creator:  Edwards, John
Collection Title:  World War II Exhibit and Conference Series Records 
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Abstract:  The World War II Exhibit and Conference Series Records documents an exhibit and conference series sponsored by the University of Georgia Libraries in 1993 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the war. The records include exhibit captions, slides of the exhibit, research files, and correspondence.
Creator:  Governor’s Commission for Efficiency and Improvement in Government
Collection Title:  Ed Jackson's Files on the Governor’s Commission for Efficiency and Improvement in Government 
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Abstract:  The Commission’s papers span the dates of 1955–1973 and represent agency reports collected by the Commission as well as studies of the Commission’s findings.
Creator:  Ehrlichman, John, 1925-1999
Collection Title:  Richard B. Russell Library Oral History Documentary Collection, OHD 014 John Ehrlichman and J. Stanley Pottinger interviewed by William Stueck 
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Abstract:  In this critical oral history, William Stueck interviews John Ehrlichman and J. Stanley Pottinger about the Nixon Administration's approach to Civil Rights. Other panelists include Professor Robert Cohen, Professor [Jonathan Houghton?], and graduate student Chris [Schutz?], all of the History Department. Part 1: John Ehrlichman recalls the process of nominating a successor for Justice Abe Fortas of the Supreme Court. He discusses the failed nominations of Clement Haynesworth and G. Harold Carswell. Ehrlichman comments on the role of Leon Panetta in the Office for Civil Rights and Nixon's compliance with desegregation. J. Stanley Pottinger additionally reflects on the effect of Hubert Humphry's unsuccessful presidential campaign on the enforcement of school desegregation. Part 2: Panelists discuss outside criticisms of Nixon's Civil Rights activism, bussing and the Kent State Shooting. They comment on the controversy of the Scranton Commission and the Nixon Administration's reaction to the shooting. Part 3: Panelists comment on a plan to consolidate all intelligence agencies to prevent domestic terrorism. They comment on the increased wiretapping and efforts to find people planning to hurt Americans. Panelists take questions from the audience regarding public opinion polls, Judge Rehnquist, and the identity of Deep Throat.
Creator:  Ellard, Glenn W.
Collection Title:  Glenn W. (Jack) Ellard Papers 
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Abstract:  Glenn W. (Jack) Ellard (1912-2001) served as Clerk of the Georgia House of Representatives (1959-1991). His papers document his career, World War II service, and family, and includes correspondence, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, awards, and militaria.
Creator:  Ellett, Ashton
Collection Title:  Two-Party Georgia Oral History Project 
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Abstract:  none
Creator:  English, Beth
Collection Title:  Beth English Collection of Disability History Materials 
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Abstract:  Beth English is the executive director of Easter Seals Southern Georgia. Her collection documents her work on the Commissioner’s Oversight Committee, which oversaw the closure of the Brook Run Center in 1997, her work as executive director of Easter Seals Southern Georgia, advocacy initiatives, and Central State Hospital, in Milledgeville, Georgia.
Creator:  English, John W.
Collection Title:  John English File on Dean Rusk 
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Abstract:  The John English File on Dean Rusk contains newspaper clippings covering Rusk's time at the University of Georgia and his commentary on foreign policy throughout the 1970s. The material includes a few memos from Rusk to English.
Creator:  Ennis, Charles W.
Collection Title:  Charles W. Ennis File of Battery “D”, 214th Coast Artillery Anti-Aircraft 
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Abstract:  In 1939, Battery “D” of the 214th Coast Artillery Anti-Aircraft Regiment was organized in Milledgeville, Georgia and led by Commander Jere N. Moore. From 1942 to 1943, the unit served in the South Pacific and participated in the Battle of Guadalcanal. This file consists of clippings, a brief history of Battery “D”, unit rosters, a poem regarding a bottle of brandy presented to the 214th Regimental Association CA (AA), correspondence about the Regimental Association’s reunions, and an excerpt from the diary of Marvin B. Grimes describing the action on Guadalcanal and Russell Island.
Creator:  Etheridge, Jack.
Collection Title:  Reflections on Georgia Politics Oral History Collection, ROGP 114 Jack Etheridge 
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Abstract:  Jack Etheridge served as a law clerk for a State Superior Court Judge and Federal District Court Judge. He became an associate with Smith, Kilpatrick, Cody, Rogers & McClatchy (now Kilpatrick & Stockton) and later spent ten years as partner with Huie, Etheridge, and Harland. Etheridge served as a State Representative in the General Assembly from 1992 through 1996 and served as the Chairman of the Fulton County Delegation. In 1966 Etheridge became a Superior Court Judge until 1977, when he assumed position as Senior Judge of Georgia State Superior Courts. Etheridge discusses his time in the legislature, his work as a judge, and his passion for mediation.
Creator:  Evans, Aubrey.
Collection Title:  Aubrey Evans Collection on Richard B. Russell, Jr. 
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Abstract:  The collection contains 20 letters and one 7-page speech transcript. The correspondence is primarily between Aubrey Evans and Richard B. Russell, Jr. They span nearly forty years and follow the developing careers of Aubrey Evans and Senator Russell. The correspondence begins with a 1932 letter from Russell to Honorable Philip Weltner, recommending Evans for college financial aid. In following letters, Evans and Senator Russell express gratitude for each other’s support, as well as congratulations and interest in the other’s career progress.