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4-H clubs--Georgia. (5)
AFL-CIO. Committee on Political Education. (2)
AIDS (Disease) Government policy United States. (5)
Abortion--Law and legislation. (6)
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (4)
Abscam Bribery Scandal, 1980. (2)
Administrative agencies--Georgia--Reorganization. (5)
Adult education of women. (1)
Advertising, Political (7)
Advertising, Political Georgia. (13)
Africa--Description and travel--1901-1950. (1)
Africa--Description and travel--1951-1976. (1)
African American politicians--Georgia (1)
African American women. (3)
African Americans--Civil rights--Georgia. (17)
African Americans--Civil rights--United States. (10)
African Americans--Civil rights. (14)
African Americans--Crimes against--Georgia--Walton County. (1)
African Americans--Georgia--Atlanta. (2)
African-American prisoners. (1)
Agricultural Industries--Mississippi (1)
Agricultural economics extension information series (1)
Agricultural industries--Georgia. (14)
Agricultural laws and legislation--United States. (2)
Agricultural laws and legislation--United States. (23)
Agricultural laws and legislation. (3)
Agricultural pests--Control. (1)
Agriculture, Cooperative Georgia. (3)
Agriculture, United States--International cooperation. (4)
Agriculture--Economic aspects. (2)
Agriculture--Georgia--Societies, etc. (1)
Agriculture--Georgia--Statistics. (1)
Agriculture--Georgia. (18)
Agriculture--Mississippi (1)
Agriculture--United States--Finance. (1)
Agriculture--United States--States. (2)
Agriculture--United States--Statistics. (1)
Air Force One (Presidential Aircraft) (1)
Airplanes, Military. (1)
Alcovy River Watershed (Ga.) (2)
Alien property--Law and legislation--United States. (1)
Ambassadors--United States--20th Century. (5)
Ambassadors--United States. (3)
Ambassadors. (3)
American Disabled for Accessible Public Transportation (2)
American Legion. (2)
American Red Cross. (2)
American Society of Dentistry for Children. (1)
American Turpentine Farmers Association Cooperative. (2)
Americanism. (1)
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (United States) (1)
Animal welfare. (1)
Anti-Catholicism--United States. (1)
Appalachian Region--History. (1)
Appellate procedures--Georgia. (1)
Apportionment (Election laws)--Georgia. (23)
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Alaska) (2)
Armistice Day--United States. (1)
Armour v. Nix (1)
Arms control--International cooperation (1)
Artillery, Coast--United States. (1)
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Organization) (1)
Assassination--Investigation--United States. (13)
Assassination. (1)
Associated Industries of Georgia. (1)
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (1)
Athens--Clarke County (GA)--Politics and Government. (6)
Athens-Clarke County (Ga.)--History. (4)
Athens-Clarke County (Ga.)--Politics and government. (6)
Athens-Clarke County (Ga.). Charter Commission--Public records. (2)
Athens-Clarke County Unification Commission (5)
Atlanta (Ga.)--Politics and government--1951- (2)
Atlanta (Ga.)--Politics and government--20th century. (13)
Atlanta (Ga.)--Politics and government--Caricatures and cartoons--1865-1950. (1)
Atlanta (Ga.)--Politics and government--Caricatures and cartoons--1951- (2)
Atlanta (Ga.)--Politics and government. (4)
Atlanta (Georgia)--History. (1)
Atlanta Board of Aldermen. (4)
Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. (1)
Atlanta Public School System. (1)
Atlanta journal-constitution. (12)
Attorneys General--United States--Georgia. (6)
Audiovisual. (5)
Augusta (Ga.) (2)
Augusta (Ga.)--Newspapers. (1)
Augusta (Ga.)--Politics and government--1951- (1)
Autism (1)
Aviation--Air Force--History. (2)
Bainbridge (Ga.)--Photographs. (1)
Banking law--United States. (3)
Baptists--Georgia. (1)
Bar associations--Georgia. (1)
Barrier-free design--United States. (1)
Basketball (1)
Battery D, 214th CA (AA). (1)
Beach renourishment (1)
Bell, Griffin Boyette, 1918- (1)
Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany, 1961-1989. (2)
Bilingual education--United States. (3)
Biographers--United States. (3)
Biographers. (1)
Biography. (1)
Birds (1)
Birth control. (1)
Blue Ridge (Ga.) (2)
Bowden, Richard (1)
Braniff Airways. (1)
Brewton-Parker Junior College and High School, Montgomery County, Ga. (1)
Briefs--Georgia. (2)
Buckhead Coalition (1)
Budget deficits--United States. (1)
Budget--Georgia. (13)
Budget. (2)
Buford Dam (Ga.) (2)
Burma. (2)
Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946- (1)
Busing for school integration--Georgia. (11)
Busing for school integration--Law and legislation--United States. (6)
Cabinet officers--United States. (1)
Cabinet officers--United States. Congress. House. (1)
Campaign insignia. (1)
Campaign literature--Democratic--Georgia. (9)
Campaign literature--Republican--Georgia. (1)
Campaign management--United States. (9)
Campaign paraphernalia--Georgia. (15)
Campaign paraphernalia--United States. (3)
Capital punishment. (3)
Caribbean Basin Initiative, 1983- (1)
Carl Vinson (Ship) (1)
Carl Vinson Institute of Government. (4)
Cartoonists--Georgia. (5)
Cartoonists--South Carolina. (1)
Center for American Women and Politics (Eagleton Institute of Politics) (1)
Center for Applied Linguistics. (2)
Central State Hospital (Milledgeville, Ga.) (3)
Certified Literate Community Program (1)
Child welfare--Georgia. (6)
Children's rights. (1)
Chilkat Indians. (1)
Christian Coalition. (2)
Church and state. (1)
Cities and Towns--Growth. (1)
Citizen (Jackson, Miss.) (1)
Citizens’ associations--United States. (1)
City planning. (4)
Civic improvement. (2)
Civil Aeronautics Board (U.S.) (1)
Civil rights --United States (2)
Civil rights demonstrations--Georgia. (11)
Civil rights demonstrations--United States. (9)
Civil rights movements--Georgia. (20)
Civil rights movements--United States. (19)
Civil rights--Georgia--20th century. (1)
Civil rights--Georgia. (34)
Civil rights--Southern States. (4)
Civil rights--United States--History. (2)
Civil rights--United States. (34)
Civil rights. (8)
Clarke County (Ga.) (1)
Clarke County (Ga.)--Politics and government--1951- (1)
Clarke County (Ga.)--Politics and government. (1)
Cloture. (13)
Coal--Georgia. (2)
Cobb County (Ga.)--Politics and government (1)
Coffee County (Ga.) (1)
Cold War--Diplomatic history. (2)
Cold War. (4)
College integration--Georgia--Athens--History. (14)
College teachers--Georgia. (3)
Columbus (Ga.) (2)
Commerce (Ga.) (13)
Committee for Sandy Springs. (3)
Community development. (1)
Comparative government. (1)
Congressional Sunbelt Caucus. (5)
Congressional records. (40)
Congressional secretaries. (1)
Conscientious Objection (1)
Conscription, Military (1)
Conservatism--United States. (1)
Conservatism. (1)
Constitutional conventions--Georgia. (1)
Cooperative Extension System (U.S.) (1)
Coosa Valley Area Planning and Development Commission. (1)
Correspondence. (14)
Cotton Producers Association (2)
Cotton States Mutual Insurance Co. (2)
Cotton trade, United States. (5)
Cotton trade--Georgia--Commerce. (1)
Cotton--Prices--United States. (2)
Council of State Governments. Southern Legislative Conference. (1)
County government records. (2)
County unit system (1)
Courts Southern States. (1)
Courts--United States. (2)
Creationism--Georgia. (1)
Crime Georgia. (1)
Criminal justice, Administration of. (2)
Cuba--Foreign relations--United State (1)
Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962. (4)
Cumberland Island (Ga.) (6)
Dairy products industry. (1)
Dams--Georgia (7)
Daughters of the American Revolution (4)
Dawson Peanut Laboratory (Ga.) (1)
DeKalb County (Ga.)--Politics and government. (3)
Delphian Society (1)
Democratic Leadership Council (U.S.) (1)
Democratic National Committee (U.S.) (3)
Democratic National Convention (2)
Democratic National Convention (1952 : Chicago, Ill.) (1)
Democratic National Convention (1968 : Chicago, Ill.) (2)
Democratic National Convention (1976 : New York, N.Y.) (1)
Democratic National Convention (1980 : New York, N.Y.) (1)
Democratic National Convention (1984 : San Francisco, Calif.) (1)
Democratic National Convention (1988 : Atlanta, Ga.) (8)
Democratic National Convention (1992 : New York, N.Y.) (2)
Democratic National Convention (2008 : Denver, Colo.) (1)
Democratic Party (Ga.) (67)
Democratic Party (Pa.) (1)
Democratic Party (U.S.) (22)
Democratic Party. (1)
Democratic party (Georgia) state executive committee. (3)
Developmental disabilities--Georgia (1)
Developmental therapy (1)
Dillon, Read & Company. (1)
Diplomatic and consular service --United States. (1)
Diplomatic and consular service, American--Germany. (2)
Disabilities--Law and legislation. (7)
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (1)
Discrimination in housing. (1)
Dobbins Air Force Base (Ga.) (3)
Documentary films. (2)
Documentary photography--Georgia. (1)
Documentary television programs--Georgia. (2)
Dominican Republic--History--Revolution, 1965. (3)
Douglas (Ga.) (1)
Douglas County (Ga.) (1)
Douglass Theatre (Macon, Ga.) (1)
Droughts. (1)
Due process of law. (1)
Economic development--Georgia. (8)
Editorial cartoons. (4)
Editors--Georgia. (3)
Education--Georgia. (48)
Educational law and legislation. (11)
Elbert County (Ga.) (2)
Election law--Georgia. (8)
Electioneering--Georgia. (2)
Elections--Atlanta. (1)
Elections--Georgia--History--20th century. (4)
Elections--Georgia. (14)
Elections--Southern States. (2)
Elections--United States. (4)
Electoral college--United States. (2)
Electric power. (4)
Electric utilities -- Georgia (1)
Emigration and immigration law. (2)
Emory University. (18)
Emory University. Carter Center. (4)
Employees’ Retirement System of Georgia. (1)
Endowments--Georgia. (1)
Endowments--New York (State) (1)
Energy development--Law and legislation--Southern States. (3)
Energy policy--United States. (4)
English language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers. (2)
Environmental law. (7)
Environmental policy--Georgia. (7)
Environmental policy--United States. (11)
Environmental protection (3)
Environmental quality (1)
European Union. (1)
Evolution (Biology)--Religious aspects--Christianity. (1)
Farmers' markets. (1)
Farms--Georgia. (2)
Festivals. (1)
Finance--Law and legislation--United States. (8)
Financial records. (1)
Fitzgerald (Ga.) (1)
Food safety and technology. (1)
Ford, Gerald R., 1913-2006 (1)
Foreign trade promotion United States (2)
Forestry law and legislation--United States. (3)
Fort Worth (Tex.) (1)
Freedom of religion--United States. (2)
Freedom of speech. (2)
Freedom of the press. (2)
Freemasonry--Georgia. (2)
Freemasons (1)
Frierson, Joseph C., Jr. (1)
Fuller, Millard Dean, 1935- (1)
Fulton County (Ga.) (4)
Gambling--Law and legislation--United States. (1)
Garden Club of Georgia. (4)
Gardening--Georgia--Societies, etc. (2)
Gay military personnel--Government policy--United States (2)
Gay rights. (1)
George Peabody College for Teachers. (1)
Georgia Business and Industry Association. (1)
Georgia Chamber of Commerce. (3)
Georgia Cities Foundation. (1)
Georgia Commission on Hispanic Affairs. (2)
Georgia Democratic Party Forum. (2)
Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. (4)
Georgia Federation of Democratic Women. (2)
Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs. (1)
Georgia Industries. (2)
Georgia Public Policy Foundation--Issue analysis. (2)
Georgia Railroad. (1)
Georgia State Agricultural Society. (1)
Georgia State Capitol (Atlanta, Ga.) (4)
Georgia State College for Women. (1)
Georgia State Prison. (1)
Georgia Student Finance Commission. (1)
Georgia World Congress Center (Atlanta, Ga.) (2)
Georgia's HOPE Scholarship Program. (22)
Georgia--Appropriations and expenditures. (9)
Georgia--Church history. (1)
Georgia--Commission for a New Georgia. (1)
Georgia--Commission on Economy and Reorganization. (1)
Georgia--Constitution. (4)
Georgia--Economic conditions. (6)
Georgia--Emigration and immigration. (6)
Georgia--Executive departments. (3)
Georgia--General Assembly--House of Representatives. (39)
Georgia--General Assembly--Senate. (28)
Georgia--General Assembly. (7)
Georgia--Governor's Commission on the Status of Women (1)
Georgia--Governors. (17)
Georgia--History, Local. (5)
Georgia--Legislature. (6)
Georgia--Music. (12)
Georgia--Photographs. (1)
Georgia--Politics and government--1865-1910. (1)
Georgia--Politics and government--1865-1950. (35)
Georgia--Politics and government--1951- (89)
Georgia--Politics and government--1957-1958. (1)
Georgia--Politics and government--1961- (1)
Georgia--Politics and government--1964- (1)
Georgia--Politics and government--1970-1980. (3)
Georgia--Politics and government--20th century. (8)
Georgia--Politics and government--Caricatures and cartoons--1951- (1)
Georgia--Politics and government. (16)
Georgia--Population. (1)
Georgia--Race relations. (6)
Georgia--Social life and customs--1865-1950. (1)
Georgia--Social life and customs--1951- (1)
Georgia--Social life and customs--20th century. (2)
Georgia--Social life and customs--Photographs. (2)
Georgia--Social policy. (1)
Georgia--State Board of Education. (2)
Georgia--State Highway Board. (5)
Georgia--Superior Court. (4)
Georgia--Supreme Court. (3)
Georgia. Constitution (1945) (1)
Georgia. Constitution (1983) (1)
Georgia. Court of Appeals. (3)
Georgia. Dept. of Education. (3)
Georgia. Dept. of Juvenile Justice. (1)
Georgia. Forestry Commission--Officials and employees. (2)
Georgia. General Assembly--Appropriations and expenditures. (9)
Georgia. General Assembly--Committees--Handbooks, manuals, etc. (1)
Georgia. General Assembly. (1)
Georgia. General Assembly. Committee on Schools. (1)
Georgia. General Assembly. House of Representatives. (41)
Georgia. General Assembly. Senate. (33)
Georgia. Governor (1927-1931: Hardman) (10)
Georgia. Governor (1931-1933 : Russell) (14)
Georgia. Governor (1947-1948: Thompson) (1)
Georgia. Governor (1955-1959 : Griffin) (4)
Georgia. Governor (1959-1963 : Vandiver) (8)
Georgia. Governor (1963-1967 : Sanders) (11)
Georgia. Governor (1967-1971 : Maddox) (11)
Georgia. Governor (1971-1975 : Carter) (8)
Georgia. Office of the Governor. (29)
Georgia. Office of the Lieutenant Governor. (27)
Georgia. Prison Commission. (2)
Georgia. Secretary of State (8)
Georgia. State Commission on Indian Affairs. (1)
Georgia. Supreme Court. (3)
Georgia. Treasury Dept. (1)
Georgia:2000 (Project) (1)
Germany (West). (1)
Globalization--Latin America (1)
Glynn Environmental Coalition (1)
Gold Kist Inc. (2)
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. (2)
Governmental investigations--United States. (22)
Governors--Biography--Sources (1)
Governors--Georgia--Biography. (1)
Governors--Georgia--Election--1930. (1)
Governors--Georgia--Election--1940 (1)
Governors--Georgia--Election--1946. (7)
Governors--Georgia--Election--History--20th century. (10)
Governors--Georgia--Election--History. (2)
Governors--Georgia--Election. (16)
Governors--Georgia--Photographs. (2)
Governors--Georgia. (41)
Governors--Messages. (1)
Grants-in-aid--Georgia. (4)
Great Depression. (2)
Griffin, S. Marvin, 1907-1982. (1)
Gun control--United States--Public opinion (2)
Gun control--United States. (3)
Haiti--History. (1)
Harbors--California. (1)
Harbors--Georgia. (2)
Harbors--Texas. (1)
Hazardous wastes--United States (1)
Health care reform--United States. (9)
Highway planning--Law and legislation--United States. (1)
Highway planning--Law and legislation--United States. (1)
Hispanic American children--Education. (3)
Hispanic Americans (9)
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945). (1)
Homlessness--Government policy--United States. (1)
House Democratic Caucus (U.S.) (1)
Housing--Finance. (1)
Housing--Georgia. (6)
Hungary. (1)
Hydroelectric power plants--Georgia. (3)
Immigrants--Employment--United States--1900-1950. (1)
Impeachments--United States. (2)
Income tax--Georgia. (2)
Indians of North America--Georgia--Macon Region--Antiquities. (1)
Indians of North America--Southern States. (1)
Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis. (1)
Insurance, Cooperative Georgia. (2)
International Dairy Queen, Inc. (2)
International Relations. (1)
International economic relations. (5)
Interracial marriage--United States--History. (1)
Interracial marriage--United States. (1)
Interstate 75. (2)
Interstate Highway System. (2)
Interviews. (7)
Iowa Tests of Basic Skills--Statistics. (2)
Iran-Contra Affair, 1985-1990. (7)
Iraq War, 2003- (7)
Iraq-Kuwait Crisis, 1990-1991. (2)
Item veto--United States. (2)
Jackson County (Ga.) (1)
Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (Jefferson, Ga.). (1)
Jails--Georgia. (1)
Jails--Overcrowding. (1)
Jekyll Island (Ga.) (3)
Jews--Georgia--Societies, etc. (3)
John F. Kennedy School of Government. (1)
Journalism--United States--Georgia. (7)
Journalism--United States. (2)
Journalism. (10)
Journalists--Georgia. (10)
Journals. (1)
Judges--Georgia--Election. (3)
Judges--Georgia. (19)
Judges--Selection and appointment--United States. (10)
Judicial records. (2)
Junior colleges. (1)
Juvenile justice, Administration of. (1)
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963--Assassination. (16)
Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968--Assassination. (16)
Kent State Shootings, Kent, Ohio, 1970 (1)
Kindergarten (1)
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968--Assassination. (4)
Kiwanis International. (1)
Korean War, 1950-1953--United States. (18)
Korean War, 1950-1953. (5)
Ku Klux Klan (1915- )--Georgia--Walton County. (1)
Labor market--United States. (1)
Labor policy. (1)
Labor unions--Law and legislation--United States. (3)
Lakes--Georgia. (2)
Land tenure--Law and legislation--Georgia (1)
Land use, Rural (1)
Law schools--Georgia. (4)
Lawyers--Georgia. (24)
League of Women Voters (U.S.) (1)
League of Women Voters of Athens, Georgia. (2)
League of Women Voters of Georgia. (3)
Legislation--Georgia. (5)
Legislative hearings--United States. (18)
Legislative records. (18)
Legislators--Georgia--Biography. (2)
Legislators--Georgia--Clarke County. (2)
Legislators--Georgia--Correspondence. (9)
Legislators--Georgia. (74)
Legislators--United States (2)
Legislators--United States--Biography. (1)
Legislators--United States. (134)
Letters. (4)
Literacy tests (Election law)--United States. (13)
Literacy--Georgia. (10)
Little White House (Warm Springs, Ga.) (3)
Lobbyists--Georgia. (4)
Lockheed Corporation. (8)
Look magazine. (1)
Lotteries--Georgia. (6)
Lottery proceeds. (2)
Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904 : Saint Louis, Mo.) (1)
Lynching--Georgia--Walton County. (1)
Mableton (Ga.) (1)
Macon (Cruiser). (1)
Macon (Ga.)--Economic conditions. (1)
Macon (Ga.)--Politics and government. (3)
Macon, Dublin, and Savannah Railroad. (1)
Macon, Ga. (2)
Madison, Georgia. (4)
Mania (1)
Manuscripts. (3)
Maps, Military. (2)
Maps, history. (1)
Maps, tourists. (1)
Maps--Reproduction. (1)
Maps--United States. (1)
Maps. (3)
Marietta (Ga.) (3)
Mass media--Law and legislation--Southern States. (4)
Mayors--Georgia--Atlanta--Election. (6)
Mayors--Georgia. (11)
Medicaid. (3)
Medical College of Georgia. (1)
Medical care--Law and legislation--United States. (10)
Medical care--Law and legislation. (2)
Medical laws and legislation. (2)
Medical policy--United States (2)
Medicare. (2)
Medicine--Practice--Georgia. (11)
Men--Georgia--Societies and clubs. (2)
Mental health policy--United States. (1)
Mental health promotion--United States. (1)
Mental health--Georgia. (3)
Mental health--Prevention. (1)
Mental health. (5)
Mentally ill--Civil rights. (1)
Methodist Episcopal Church. (1)
Methodists--Georgia. (2)
Metric system--Law and legislation. (2)
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. (10)
Middle Georgia College. (1)
Middle age (1)
Militarism. (1)
Military bases--Georgia. (19)
Military bases--United States. (1)
Military conscription. (2)
Military decorations--Germany--1940-1950. (1)
Milledgeville (Ga.) (3)
Mills College. (1)
Minutes. (2)
Money--Law and legislation--United States. (4)
Montgomery County (Ga.) (1)
Montgomery County (Ga.) Newspapers. (1)
Morgan County (Ga.) (4)
Motion pictures. (2)
Municipal government--Records and correspondence. (1)
Municipal officials and employees--Georgia--Atlanta. (1)
Music education. (3)
Narcotics, Control of--United States. (2)
National Commission to Prevent Infant Mortality (U.S.) (5)
National Conference of State Legislatures. (1)
National Easter Seal Society (U.S.) (1)
National Federation of Independent Business. (1)
National Order of Women Legislators (U.S.) (2)
National Organization for Women. (2)
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. (1)
National Science Foundation. (2)
National Security--United States. (2)
National States Rights Party (U.S.) (2)
National health insurance--Law and legislation--United States (2)
National parks and reserves--Law and legislation. (2)
National school lunch program. (2)
Natural history--Georgia--Photographs. (1)
Natural history--Okefenokee Swamp (Ga. and Fla.) (1)
Naval stores industry--Georgia. (2)
Naval stores industry. (1)
Neuropsychology--Case Studies (1)
New Deal, 1933-1939. (15)
Newspapers (9)
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994 (3)
Nonprofit organizations. (1)
North American Free Trade Agreement (1992 December 17) (1)
North Atlantic Council. (1)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. (10)
Nuclear arms control--United States (3)
Nuclear energy (1)
Nuclear weapons. (1)
Obituaries. (1)
Oglethorpe County (Ga.) (1)
Okefenokee Swamp (Ga. and Fla.) (3)
Older people--Services for. (1)
Olympic Games (26th : 1996 : Atlanta, Ga.) (11)
Olympics. (8)
Operation Ivy, 1952. (2)
Oral histories. (214)
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (1)
Organizational change--Georgia. (1)
Pacifists--United States (1)
Palestine--Politics and government--1948- (1)
Panama Canal Treaties (1977) (5)
Panama Canal. (3)
Paralympic Games (1)
Parent-teacher associations. (2)
Parks Georgia. (2)
Patronage, Political--Georgia. (1)
Patronage, Political--United States. (16)
Peace Corps (U.S.)--Dominican Republic. (1)
Peace movements--United States. (1)
Pennsylvania--Politics and government--1865-1950. (1)
Pennsylvania--Politics and government--1951- (1)
People with disabilities--Care--Planning. (3)
People with disabilities--Care--United States. (4)
People with disabilities--Civil rights--United States (1)
People with disabilities--Civil rights. (6)
People with disabilities--Deinstitutionalization--United States--History. (6)
People with disabilities--Education. (4)
People with disabilities--Georgia. (17)
People with disabilities--Government policy. (7)
People with disabilities--History. (4)
People with disabilities--Housing--United States. (3)
People with disabilities--Legal status, laws, etc. (3)
People with disabilities--Services for. (7)
People with disabilities--Social conditions. (6)
Peterson, Hugh Jr. (1)
Petroleum conservation--United States. (1)
Phi Kappa Phi. (1)
Phi Mu Fraternity. (1)
Photographers--Georgia. (1)
Photographers. (1)
Photographs. (1)
Physicians--Georgia. (10)
Plains (Ga.) (2)
Planned Parenthood Federation of America. (1)
Plantations--Georgia. (1)
Political campaigns--1970-1980. (8)
Political campaigns--Georgia. (95)
Political campaigns--Law and legislation. (1)
Political campaigns--Pennsylvania. (1)
Political campaigns--United States--Georgia. (42)
Political campaigns--United States. (20)
Political campaigns. (17)
Political cartoons. (4)
Political consultants--United States. (2)
Political conventions--Georgia. (5)
Political conventions--United States. (2)
Political corruption--United States. (5)
Political participation--Georgia. (4)
Political parties--Georgia. (11)
Politicians--Georgia. (54)
Politicians--United States. (2)
Politics and government--1940-1950. (2)
Poll tax--United States. (13)
Poor People's Campaign. (5)
Portrait (1)
Postal service--Georgia (1)
Potsdam Conference (1945) (1)
Poultry industry. (2)
Prayer in the public schools--United States. (12)
Presidential candidates--United States--19th century. (1)
Presidential candidates--United States--History--20th century. (4)
Presidential candidates--United States. (19)
Presidential elections--1970-1980. (4)
Presidential libraries United States. (1)
Presidents--America (3)
Presidents--Election (1)
Presidents--Election. (3)
Presidents--Transportation. (1)
Presidents--United States--Election--1960. (2)
Presidents--United States--Election--1912. (1)
Presidents--United States--Election--1948. (1)
Presidents--United States--Election--1952. (2)
Presidents--United States--Election--1960. (3)
Presidents--United States--Election--1964. (1)
Presidents--United States--Election--1968. (5)
Presidents--United States--Election--1972. (1)
Presidents--United States--Election--1976. (3)
Presidents--United States--Election--1980. (1)
Presidents--United States--Election--1984. (1)
Presidents--United States--Election--1988. (3)
Presidents--United States--Election--1992. (1)
Presidents--United States--History--20th century. (3)
Presidents--United States. (2)
Press and politics (2)
Press and politics--Georgia. (2)
Press releases. (18)
Prison administration--Georgia. (4)
Prison administration--United States. (1)
Prisoners of war. (1)
Prisoners--Civil rights. (1)
Prisoners--Georgia. (1)
Prisons and race relations--Georgia. (1)
Prisons--Law and legislation--Georgia. (2)
Prisons--Law and legislation--United States. (1)
Privacy, Right of. (1)
Pro-life movement. (1)
Proceedings. (7)
Prohibition--United States (1)
Protest movements. (4)
Public administration--Georgia. (1)
Public lands--Georgia. (9)
Public policy. (3)
Public schools. (2)
Public welfare--Georgia. (2)
Public welfare--United States. (1)
Public works--Laws and legislation. (1)
Public works--United States. (1)
Quadripartite Agreement on Berlin (1971). (1)
Race discrimination. (3)
Race relations--United States. (1)
Racism--Georgia. (6)
Radio talk shows--United States. (3)
Railroads--Accidents. (1)
Railroads--Freight. (1)
Railroads--Georgia--Employees. (1)
Railroads--Georgia. (3)
Reagan, Ronald (1)
Red and Black (Athens, Ga.) (6)
Regional planning--Georgia. (2)
Reidsville (Ga.) (1)
Report cards. (1)
Reports. (2)
Republican Party (Ga.) (27)
Republican Party (Pa.) (1)
Republican Party (U.S. : 1854-) (1)
Republican Party (U.S. : 1954-) (6)
Restaurant management (1)
Rhodesia Army. (1)
Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation. (2)
Rhodesia and Nyasaland--Photographs. (1)
Rhodesia, Southern. Army--Chaplains. (2)
Rhodesia. (1)
Richard B. Russell Dam (Ga. and S.C.) (5)
Richard B. Russell Foundation (5)
Richard B. Russell Lake (Ga. and S.C.) (3)
Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies (1)
Richard B. Russell Memorial Library. (10)
Richard Russell: Georgia giant (Television program) (2)
Right to Life Party (1)
Right to die--Moral and ethical aspects. (1)
Rivers--Georgia. (7)
Roads--Georgia. (4)
Roads--Inter American Highway System. (1)
Roads--Pan American Highway System. (1)
Robert E. Lee Institute. (1)
Rockefeller Foundation. (3)
Rome Chamber of Commerce (1)
Royal Viking Line (San Francisco, Calf.) (1)
Rural development. (1)
Rural electrification. (6)
Russell family. (4)
Russell, Richard B. (Richard Brevard), 1861-1938. (1)
Russell, Richard B., (Richard Brevard), 1897-1971 (3)
Safaris--Africa. (1)
Salt marshes (1)
Sandy Springs (Ga.) (5)
Sarepta Baptist Association. (1)
Schedules (time plans). (2)
Scholars. (1)
School integration--Arkansas--Little Rock. (12)
School integration--Georgia. (20)
School integration--Law and legislation--United States. (3)
School integration--Southern States. (3)
School integration--United States. (17)
Scrapbooks--1930-1940. (1)
Scrapbooks--1940-1950. (1)
Scrapbooks. (8)
Secret societies--Georgia (2)
Secretary of State, 1960- (2)
Segregation--Georgia. (11)
Self-help devices for people with disabilities. (1)
Selma to Montgomery Rights March (1965 : Selma, Ala.) (1)
September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001. (3)
Sex Education. (1)
Sex discrimination. (1)
Seychelles. (2)
Sheriffs--Georgia. (1)
Sidney Lanier, Lake (Ga.) (1)
Slides (Photography). (2)
Small business--Law and legislation--United States. (2)
Small business--Law and legislation--United States. (7)
Smith-Hughes National Vocational Education Act of 1917. (1)
Social security. (4)
Societies--Georgia--Athens (1)
Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi. (1)
Soil conservation--United States. (1)
Sound recordings. (6)
South Africa (1)
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization. (1)
Southern Bell Telephone Company. (2)
Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company. (1)
Southern Christian Leadership Conference. (4)
Southern Politics--Politics and government--1865-1950. (1)
Southern States--Politics and government--20th century. (1)
Southern States--Politics and government. (1)
Southern States--Race relations. (1)
Soviet Union. (3)
Speeches, addresses, etc. (6)
Speeches. (38)
St. Luke’s Hospital (New York, N.Y.) (1)
State Normal School--Georgia--Athens (1)
State government records. (1)
Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia. (2)
Statues--Washington (D.C.) (1)
Stone Mountain Memorial (Ga.)--History. (1)
Stone Mountain Memorial State Park (Ga.)--History. (1)
Strategic Arms Limitations Talks. (2)
Stream channelization. (1)
Stuckeys, Inc. (3)
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.) (4)
Student aid--Georgia. (4)
Submarines (Ships). (2)
Sunset reviews of government programs--Law and legislation. (1)
Superfund sites (1)
Supersonic transport planes. (2)
Tacna-Arica question. (1)
Tariff on jute--United States. (10)
Tariff--United States (1)
Taxation--Law and legislation--Georgia. (4)
Taxation--Law and legislation--United States. (16)
Taxation. (3)
Tea Party movement (2)
Teachers’ Retirement System of Georgia. (2)
Telephone selling--Georgia. (1)
Television news programs. (2)
Television programs, Public service. (2)
Television scripts. (5)
Tennessee Valley Authority. (1)
Territory of Alaska. (1)
Terrorism--United States--Prevention. (1)
Textile industry--Georgia. (12)
Textile industry. (3)
Thompson, M. E. (Melvin Ernest), 1903-1980. (1)
Tiananmen Square (Beijing, China) (1)
Tobacco Government policy United States. (1)
Topography. (1)
Tourism--Georgia--Atlanta--History. (1)
Tourism--Georgia. (6)
Transportation--United States--Planning. (3)
Turpentine industry and trade--Georgia. (3)
Twiggs County (Ga.) (2)
USS Richard B. Russell (SSN 687). (1)
Union County (Ga.)--History. (1)
United Mine Workers of America. (1)
United Nations. (9)
United Nations. Security Council. (2)
United Press International. (2)
United States--Agriculture. (5)
United States--Armed Forces--Appropriations and expenditures. (4)
United States--Armed Forces. (15)
United States--Congress--Elections, 1972. (2)
United States--Congress--House--Committee on Armed Services. (3)
United States--Congress--House. (17)
United States--Congress--Senate --Biography. (1)
United States--Congress--Senate. (16)
United States--Congress. (1)
United States--Defenses. (19)
United States--Dept. of State. (1)
United States--Diplomatic and consular service. (3)
United States--District Court (Georgia : Middle District) (1)
United States--Economic conditions. (3)
United States--Foreign Relations--Southeast Asia (1)
United States--Foreign policy--1933-1945. (16)
United States--Foreign policy--1945-1989. (19)
United States--Foreign relations--1933-1945. (16)
United States--Foreign relations--1945-1989. (30)
United States--Foreign relations--20th century. (5)
United States--Foreign relations--Cuba. (2)
United States--Foreign relations--Europe. (2)
United States--Foreign relations--Germany. (3)
United States--Foreign relations--Hungary. (2)
United States--Foreign relations--Law and legislation. (2)
United States--Foreign relations--Law and legislation. (6)
United States--Foreign relations--Seychelles. (2)
United States--Foreign relations--Singapore (1)
United States--Foreign relations--Vietnam. (2)
United States--Foreign relations. (4)
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865. (3)
United States--Military relations--Nicaragua. (3)
United States--National Commission on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. (5)
United States--Navy. (7)
United States--Politics and government--1945-1989. (1)
United States--Politics and government--1933-1945. (3)
United States--Politics and government--1933-1953. (2)
United States--Politics and government--1945-1969. (4)
United States--Politics and government--1945-1989. (12)
United States--Politics and government--1951- (13)
United States--Politics and government--1958-1961. (1)
United States--Politics and government--1961-1963. (1)
United States--Politics and government--1963-1969. (9)
United States--Politics and government--1969-1974. (20)
United States--Politics and government--1974-1977. (7)
United States--Politics and government--1977-1981. (1)
United States--Politics and government--1981-1989. (9)
United States--Politics and government--1989-1993. (8)
United States--Politics and government--Caricatures and cartoons--1945-1989. (1)
United States--Politics and government--Caricatures and cartoons--1974-1977. (1)
United States--Politics and government--Caricatures and cartoons--1977-1980. (1)
United States--Race relations (1)
United States--Race relations. (24)
United States--Social policy. (1)
United States. Alien Property Custodian. (1)
United States. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (2)
United States. Army Air Corps--History--World War, 1939-1945. (1)
United States. Army. Air Corps--Medals, badges, decorations, etc. (1)
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. (2)
United States. Central Intelligence Agency--History. (2)
United States. Civil Rights Act of 1957. (7)
United States. Civil Rights Act of 1964. (7)
United States. Civil Rights Act of 1966. (6)
United States. Congress--Elections, 1953. (2)
United States. Congress--Elections, 1932. (1)
United States. Congress--Elections, 1953. (4)
United States. Congress. (2)
United States. Congress. House. (49)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Agriculture. (4)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. (4)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Banking and Currency. (14)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ethics. (2)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments. (1)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. (2)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Housing and Domestic Finance. (9)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. (5)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. (1)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science and Astronautics. (3)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Veterans Affairs. (1)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Ways and Means. Subcommittee on Trade. (3)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Budget. (1)
United States. Congress. House. Committee on the District of Columbia. Subcommittee on Ways and Means. (3)
United States. Congress. House. Elections, 1932. (1)
United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Committees. (5)
United States. Congress. Joint Economic Committee. (9)
United States. Congress. Senate--Cloture. (15)
United States. Congress. Senate--Election, 1920 (1)
United States. Congress. Senate. (56)
United States. Congress. Senate. Historical Office. (1)
United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Ethics. (1)
United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities. (3)
United States. Congress. Senate. Special Committee Investigating the National Defense Program. (14)
United States. Court of Appeals (11th Circuit)--History. (1)
United States. Court of Appeals (5th Circuit)--History. (1)
United States. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare. (8)
United States. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. (8)
United States. Dept. of State. (15)
United States. Dept. of the Army. (1)
United States. Diplomatic Service (2)
United States. Executive Office of the President. Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (4)
United States. Extension Service (2)
United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation. (1)
United States. Federal Communications Commission. (8)
United States. Federal Housing Administration. (1)
United States. Federal Trade Commission. (4)
United States. Foreign Service (1)
United States. Labor Management Relations Act. (2)
United States. Marine Corps. (6)
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. (3)
United States. Navy History World War, 1939-1945. (3)
United States. Post Office Dept. (8)
United States. President (1945-1953 : Truman) (2)
United States. President (1961-1963 : Kennedy) (2)
United States. President (1963-1969 : Johnson) (2)
United States. Senate. (2)
United States. Supreme Court--Officials and employees--Selection and appointment. (2)
United States. Supreme Court. (2)
United States. Veterans Administration. (6)
United States. Voting Rights Act of 1965. (13)
United States. Warren Commission. (19)
United States. White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs. (2)
United States.Congress. House. Committee on Public Works. (1)
Universidad de Monterrey. (2)
Universities and colleges--Georgia--Faculty. (7)
Universities and colleges--Georgia. (3)
University System of Georgia. Board of Regents. (10)
University of Georgia--Football--History. (1)
University of Georgia--Students--History--20th century. (3)
University of Georgia--Students--History. (4)
University of Georgia. (29)
University of Georgia. Board of Trustees. (1)
University of Georgia. Cooperative Extension Service. (4)
University of Georgia. Office of the Vice President for Services (1)
University of Georgia. School of Law. (16)
University of Oxford. (2)
Urban development. (2)
Urban renewal--Georgia--Atlanta. (1)
Valdosta (Ga.) (8)
Veterans Administration. (3)
Veterans--Education--United States (1)
Veterans--Societies, etc. (1)
Veterans--United States. (8)
Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Missing in action--United States. (1)
Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Protest movements. (2)
Vietnam War, 1961-1975--United States. (7)
Vietnam War, 1961-1975. (37)
Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975--Prisoners and prisons. (3)
Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975. (1)
Visual material. (1)
Vocational education--United States--History. (2)
Voting Rights Act of 1965 (United States) (1)
Voting. (8)
WDUN Radio (Gainesville, GA). (1)
Walton County (Ga.)--Race relations. (1)
War Finance Corporation (U.S.) (1)
War on drugs. (1)
Water Fluoridation. (1)
Water quality management--Georgia. (9)
Water resources development--Georgia. (26)
Water--Law and legislation--Georgia. (6)
Water--Law and legislation. (2)
Watergate Affair, 1972-1974. (22)
Watershed management--Georgia. (7)
Wetland conservation--Georgia. (3)
Wetlands--Law and legislation. (3)
Wildlife--Georgia--Photographs. (1)
Winder (Ga.) (1)
Winterville Marigold Festival. (1)
Women and peace--United States. (1)
Women legislators--United States--Correspondence. (1)
Women legislators. (7)
Women mayors. (6)
Women politicians. (1)
Women's Missionary Union. (1)
Women's rights. (3)
Women--Education. (3)
Women--Georgia--Diaries. (2)
Women--Georgia--Societies and clubs. (5)
Women--Legal status, laws, etc. (3)
Women--Political Activity--Georgia. (8)
Women--Scholarships, fellowships, etc. (1)
Women--Suffrage--United States. (4)
Women. (15)
Women’s rights. (3)
World War II, 1939-1945--Germany. (1)
World War, 1914-1918--Finance--United States. (1)
World War, 1914-1918--Georgia. (5)
World War, 1914-1918--Protest movements (1)
World War, 1914-1918--United States. (2)
World War, 1939-1945 -- Food supply -- United States. (1)
World War, 1939-1945--East Asia. (1)
World War, 1939-1945--France--Paris. (1)
World War, 1939-1945--Germany--Berlin. (1)
World War, 1939-1945--India. (1)
World War, 1939-1945--Protest movements. (1)
World War, 1939-1945--South Pacific Ocean--Photographs. (1)
World War, 1939-1945--United States. (29)
World War, 1939-1945. (2)
World maps. (1)
World politics--Caricatures and cartoons. (1)
World politics. (1)
Write-In Georgia (Organization) (2)
Yalta Conference (1945) (1)
Young Harris College. (12)
ZANU-PF (Organization : Zimbabwe) (1)
Zimbabwe--History--Chimurenga War, 1966-1980. (2)
Zimbabwe. (1)
Zoning--Georgia. (3)
Collection Title:  Russell Family Collection, Audiovisual Materials 
Creator:  Russell family.
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Abstract:  Russell Family Collection, Audiovisual Materials document birthdays and family reunions of the Russell Family in Winder, Georgia. Also included is a copy of the short version of Richard Russell: A Georgia Giant on 16mm film.
Collection Title:  Albert Sidney Camp Papers 
Creator:  Camp, Albert Sidney, 1892-1954
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Abstract:  The collection consists of the papers of Albert S. Camp from 1892 to 1954. It includes personal and business correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, telegrams regarding Camp’s death, and clippings. The bulk of the collection contains letters from Camp to his wife Sarah and their children while other materials document his activities as a member of the United States House of Representatives, his World War I military service, and his work with the American Legion.
Collection Title:  Aubrey R. Morris Collection of Richard B. Russell, Jr. Materials 
Creator:  Morris, Aubrey R., 1922-2010.
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Abstract:  The collection consists of three photographs of Richard B. Russell, Jr. and one of Aubrey R. Morris in addition to an article from the Atlanta Journal concerning Senator Russell's battle with lung cancer.
Collection Title:  William Armstrong Smith Papers 
Creator:  Smith, William Armstrong, 1914-1996.
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Abstract:  William Armstrong Smith was a Georgia state senator from the 34th District (Fulton County), from 1966 to 1974. During this time, Smith introduced various bills, served on and/or chaired numerous senate committees, and actively supported the development of the Republican Party in Georgia. The collection documents his career and to a lesser degree his campaigns as well as his continued interest in legislative matters after his senate career ended (1975-1978). The majority of the collection consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, financial records, and legislative bills. There are approximately six linear feet of publication materials produced by various sources covering subjects such as education, insurance, transportation, and planning. Another important aspect of the collection is correspondence Smith created after his senate career with Georgia politicians. Correspondents include: Howard "Bo" Callaway, John J. Flynt, Jr., Wyche Fowler, Zell Miller, Sam Nunn, as well as United States Presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon.
Collection Title:  Clifford H. (Baldy) Baldowski Editorial Cartoons 
Creator:  Baldowski, Clifford H. (Baldy), 1917-1999
Requires cookie*
Abstract:  This collection consists of editorial cartoons drawn by Clifford "Baldy" Baldowski during his career at the Augusta Chronicle and the Atlanta Constitution. Subject content relates to international, national, state and local (Augusta and Atlanta-Fulton County) politics and to society in general, and features such topics as individual politicians, world leaders, the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam conflict, and the Cold War. Over 2,500 cartoons are available through the Digital Library of Georgia.
Collection Title:  Gene Basset Editorial Cartoons 
Creator:  Basset, Gene, 1927-
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Abstract:  The collection consists of ink drawings, pencil sketches, negatives, and plates of editorial cartoons by Gene Basset from 1984 to 1992. Subject content relates to state and local (Atlanta-Fulton County) politics and feature such topics as public transportation, pension padding, and political corruption. There are also drawings relating to the Atlanta-based Falcon football team, the University of Georgia Bulldogs, the Atlanta Zoo, women's rights, Turner Broadcasting, and the Mercer University vs. Baptist Church controversy.
Collection Title:  Ben Blackburn Congressional Papers 
Creator:  Blackburn, Benjamin Bentley, 1927-
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Abstract:  The collection consists of papers of Benjamin B. Blackburn from 1969 to 1974. The papers include correspondence, both incoming constituent letters and copies (green forms) of Blackburn's outgoing correspondence; clippings; speeches; reports; press releases; printed materials; photographs; and maps. The materials document Blackburn's activities in the United States House of Representatives including his tenure on the Banking and Currency Committee, the Joint Economic Committee, and the Housing and Domestic Finance Committee. The correspondence mainly pertains to concerns of Blackburn's constituents and contains information on the 1974 Watergate investigation and Richard M. Nixon, the Vietnamese conflict and prisoners of war, the United Nations, foreign policy and trade, health care, taxation, and environmental issues.
Collection Title:  William Tapley Bennett, Jr. Papers, Series VII: Audiovisual Materials 
Creator:  Bennett, W. Tapley, 1917-1994.
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Abstract:  William Tapley Bennett, Jr. Papers, Series VII: Audiovisual, includes moving images of Haiti and the Dominican Republic from the 1960s, as well as other audiovisual resources documenting Bennett's career.
Collection Title:  Iris F. Blitch Papers 
Creator:  Blitch, Iris Faircloth, 1912-1993.
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Abstract:  The Iris F. Blitch Papers document her two terms representing Georgia's Eighth District in the United States Congress from 1955 to 1963, and, to a lesser extent her campaigns and personal life. The majority of the collection consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, legislative bills, research and campaign materials, scrapbooks and photographs. Well-documented throughout the entire collection, particularly in the Legislative and Subject Series, are the issues that were important to Blitch and to the twenty counties that composed the Eighth District, including agriculture and environmental issues. Bills sponsored or supported by Blitch include: Okefenokee Conservation Bill (secured funding for water conservation and fire protection in and around the swamp); Small-Watershed Bill (allowed the building of small watershed projects with government grants and loans to conserve water for farmers, municipalities, industry, recreation and the conservation of fish and wildlife); Water Pollution Bill; forestry development; anti-subversive activities; improved drug laws; livestock sales; and benefits to beekeepers, among others. Additionally, the papers provide insight into the political climate for women in the second half of the 1950s and the early 1960s as well as into social mores regarding their participation. Blitch's personal beliefs and opinions regarding women's roles and responsibilities in government and politics are evident in the speeches and interviews she gave throughout her career. To a lesser extent, and primarily through correspondence found in the Personal Series, is information relating to her immediate and extended family as well as her fragile health, which ultimately forced her retirement in 1963. Correspondents include the following prominent Georgians: D. W. Brooks, Phil Campbell, John Flynt, Jr., E. L. Forrester, Ed Friend, Henderson Lanham, Herman Talmadge, John Pilcher, Prince Preston, and Richard B. Russell, Jr.
Collection Title:  Walt Lardner Collection of Jimmy Carter Editorial Cartoons 
Creator:  Lardner, Walt, 1931-
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Abstract:  The collection consists of original ink drawn, editorial cartoons by Walt Lardner from 1976 to 1980. Created for a South Carolina newspaper, the cartoons depict issues surrounding Jimmy Carter and his term as President including the energy crises, welfare reform and Carter’s relationship with Congress. Other personalities depicted by the cartoons include Burt Lance, Herman Talmadge, and Israeli Prime Minister Begin.
Collection Title:  Bryant T. Castellow Papers 
Creator:  Castellow, Bryant T. (Bryant Thomas), 1876-1962.
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Abstract:  The Bryant T. Castellow Papers span the dates from 1932 to 1967, with the bulk of the papers representing Castellow's tenure in the House of Representatives for the Third District of Georgia from 1932 to 1936. Also included in this collection are posthumous letters of sympathy and tribute.
Collection Title:  Commission to Revise the Constitution of Georgia Records 
Creator:  Commission to Revise the Constitution of Georgia
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Abstract:  In March of 1943, the Georgia General Assembly passed a resolution sponsored by Governor Ellis Arnall, for a commission of twenty-three members to revise the state’s constitution. The new constitution was submitted to the Georgia General Assembly in January of 1945 and approved by the people of Georgia in a special election on 7 August 1945. This collection consists of records of the Georgia State Commission to revise the Constitution from 1943 to 1945. Included are typescript proceedings that illustrate revisions of the 1877 Georgia Constitution. These were edited by Dr. Albert Berry Saye, a professor at the University of Georgia and a leading authority on state and federal constitutional law. Also included are brief biographical sketches of the twenty-three members of the commission.
Collection Title:  Ed Jackson's Files on the Governor’s Commission for Efficiency and Improvement in Government 
Creator:  Governor’s Commission for Efficiency and Improvement in Government
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Abstract:  The Commission’s papers span the dates of 1955–1973 and represent agency reports collected by the Commission as well as studies of the Commission’s findings.
Collection Title:  Robert E. Argo, Jr. Papers 
Creator:  Argo, Robert E., 1923-
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Abstract:  The Robert E. Argo, Jr. Papers consist of files of a Georgia legislator from the Clarke County District. He served in the General Assembly from 1977 to 1986. This collection contains campaign finance reports, legislative correspondence, copies of bills and resolutions, Southern Legislative Conference and Southern State Energy Board (SSEB) meeting files, National Conference of State Legislatures correspondence and meeting files, and appropriation committee files. Topics include the University System of Georgia and University of Georgia, education, teachers retirement, Travel Industry Study Committee, computerized telephone solicitation, local legislation for Athens and Clarke County, and energy.
Collection Title:  S. Fletcher Thompson Papers 
Creator:  Thompson, Standish Fletcher, 1925-
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Abstract:  S. Fletcher Thompson served as a U.S. Representative (1967-1973) and as a Georgia State Senator (1965-1967). His papers document his congressional career, including material related to the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Era, and Republican Party politics.
Collection Title:  Thomas Gresham Collection of Lester Maddox Speech/Press Files 
Creator:  Gresham, Thomas Talmadge, 1922-1990.
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Abstract:  The collection consists primarily of speeches and press releases written by members of Governor Lester Maddox’s press department. Thomas Talmadge Gresham drafted over 200 speeches during his tenure as a speechwriter for the Governor from 1968 to 1970. Also included are research files maintained by Gresham and various other press department office files, including schedules and assignments. There are also seven photographs and a few pieces of memorabilia from Maddox’s gubernatorial years.
Collection Title:  Alvan S. Arnall Collection of Ellis G. Arnall Materials 
Creator:  Arnall, Alvan S., 1938-2012
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Abstract:  The materials in this collection have been gathered by Alvan S. Arnall, son of Governor Ellis G. Arnall. Ellis Gibbs Arnall was Attorney General of Georgia from 1939 to 1941 and was governor of Georgia from 1943 to 1947. The majority of this collection includes research materials used for Arnall’s biography, The Politics of Change in Georgia: A Political Biography of Ellis Arnall, written by Harold Paulk Henderson. Files include correspondence, clippings, programs, speeches, research materials, resolutions, and bills. Materials are a mix of original documents and photocopies. Other papers in this collection document portions of Arnall’s legal career and his campaigns.
Collection Title:  American Turpentine Farmers Association Minute Books 
Creator:  American Turpentine Farmers Association
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Abstract:  Judge Harley Langdale of Valdosta, Georgia, along with 900 other men from the Southern turpentine industry established the American Turpentine Farmers Association (ATFA) in March of 1936. ATFA was formed to represent the interests of gum naval stores factors, producers, and dealers in the United States "turpentine belt" (Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas). Activities of ATFA document the interconnection of land use and environmental stewardship to the broader issues and policies of modern Georgia's rural development. The American Turpentine Farmers Association Minute Books provide the administrative record of the organization. The minute books are available online at
Collection Title:  Annie Beth Abney Collection of Nathaniel E. Harris Research Files 
Creator:  Abney, Annie Beth
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Abstract:  The Annie Beth Abney Collection of Nathaniel E. Harris Research Files consists of photographs and correspondence gathered by Abney while writing a master's thesis at the University of Georgia on Nathaniel Harris who served as Governor of Georgia from 1915 to 1917. Prior to his term as governor he also served in the Georgia House of Representatives and Senate, and as a judge in the Superior Court of the Macon Circuit. Harris was an attorney by profession. The photographs document Harris family gravesites and Governor Harris's affiliation with the Mulberry Street Methodist Church (Macon, GA) where he was an active member for fifty years. Correspondence in the collection includes letters written by Governor Harris; Warren Roberts, a fellow church member; and Governor Harris's son, Walter Harris. The subject matter of the letters centers on Harris's church activities and personal family matters dated 1866 (copy) and 1957.
Collection Title:  Athens League of Women Voters Records 
Creator:  Athens League of Women Voters
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Abstract:  The Athens League of Women Voters (ALWV) Records consist of meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence, clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and membership information documenting league activities from 1940 to 2006. Other files in this collection include publications such as annual political directories listing public officials and municipal services in the Athens-Clarke County area. The collection also has materials studied by the league regarding local, state, and national issues, including action studies, political studies, documents related to pending legislation, as well ass voter education information and candidate questionnaires. Also included are files from the League of Women Voters of Georgia, the National League, and other regional leagues.
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